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June 23, 2006


That neighborhood needs to bring in this fun couple.

(Thanks to Doug Boeringer)


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I think Lewis would take care of this problem in about 30 seconds!

Petaluma? more like Petapalooza!

...hoping for a FIRST...Rats!

Anyone interested in adopting a rat can reach Petaluma Animal Services at 707-778-4396.

Um. Think I'll pass, thanks.

Please excause while I go curl up in the fetal posistion on the nearest table.

"They're not that popular," she said. "But they're nice pets, believe it or not. They're very social, they like to ride on their owner's shoulder and rip our their jugular vein.

It mentioned he bought rat food but not cat food for his 7 cats. What do you suppose the cats ate?

Incidentally, my mother, who has clearly lost her mind, killed a mouse in the house, then discovered the mouse's baby and decided a kind gesture would be to raise the baby mouse buying it lots of toys, food, medication etc. They had that stupid rodent spawn for 1 1/2 years until it went to the Big Cheese.

If the input is 250 pounds of rat food per week, the output would be...

rat shat

wait, you have to feed them?

Speedy Gonsalez got his own food, last time I checked!


and 'Roger Dier' = 'grodier-er'

Neighbors described Dier as a quiet man who sometimes worked a computer-related job at night.....

yeah. arent they all. and might i add:


thank you.

That cat just looks pissed..

"Petaluma animal control workers have experience dealing with hoarders. In 2001, they found 196 cats living inside a Petaluma home owned by a San Francisco resident, Marilyn Barletta."
If only the two had met.

"I could smell the piss from the cats"

now that's somethin' you don't read in the paper every day!

only song that comes to mind...

("Ben" - Michael Jackson)

Roger Dier has given up his rats
He'll still keep his (very nervous) cats!
Though his motives seem kinda vague
He's immune to the plague
His neighbors will soon be free
Of the smell of rodent pee!

Some thought his choice of pets uncouth, unwise
Others just wanted a chance to euthanize!
He'll start hoarding once again
There's no lack of furry friends
Even when they gnaw down to the bone
When you're with rats you're not alone!

Ever notice how people get all bent out of shape over deer hunters, but rats? Let the cats kill 'em!

Ben, the movie

"..ambush the Avon cosmetics lady as she got out of her car on her neighborhood rounds."

That cat is a hero. Maybe it should be fed a steady diet of Avon ladies, since rats are less intrusive.

What rats - every time I try to access it I get the story about Lewis again!!

On a related note "Dier Roger's Korean Garden" restaurant stopped serving it's popular Bulgogi dish, citing a sharp increase in meat prices..

Sean. There are 2 stories.

Link 2) this fun couple

Link 2 is the cat link about Lewis

Sorry Sean. I meant CandyT.

These stories read like the " Tails of Two Cities"..OK, I got nuthin'..

Surely I can'[t be the only one thinking

Hey come on, babe
Follow me
I'm the Pied Piper
Follow me
I'm the Pied Piper
And I'll show you where it's at


I know: don't call you Shirley.

"Also, he gives out mixed signals," Kettman continued. "He would sidle against you and purr. You bend down to pet him and he'd attack you."

Psycho Kitty, Quest que cest?

"I never thought it would come to this," she said. "It's been an absolute nightmare. It's ruined my life."

Oh. My. Gosh. You moron. If you really think it's that bad, GET RID OF THE CAT! Or else keep it on the meds anyway. Being sleepy never hurt a cat (if it did, the three who live where I work would be dead), and it'll certainly spare everyone else. Idiocy. Get a grip.

*rolls eyes*

Actually, rats do make pretty good pets. They're clean and a lot smarter than rabbits (but then, most kinds of lint are smarter than rabbits) and as long as you keep them away from the electric cords it's all good.
A thousand of them is probably overdoing it a bit, though. No sensible person would ever keep more than four hundred at a time.

Ernest Hemingway's cats all had 6 toes. Maybe lewis is a literary giant in disguise.

Maybe Lewis is really Steven KIng, in disguise.

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