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June 18, 2006


Tonight is game 5, which begins at 9, although the actual tipoff will be more like 11:37 p.m., following the 17-minute rendition of the national anthem, the fireworks extravaganza player introductions, the indoor F-16 flyover, the ritual goat sacrifices, etc.

We wish both teams good luck, though of course we are pulling for the Heaters, led by spunky youngster Dwyane Wade, who continues to show real promise, as we can see by this actual action photograph taken during game four (thanks to alberni):



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First ?
sorry, couldnt resist.

And only perhaps ?

Someone needs to tell Dan Brown about this.

Is this implying that Dwayne Wade is the true descendent of the Mary Magdalene? (even typing that out made no sense)

Have you noticed how they are ALL LEANING AWAY FROM HIM?

Perhaps one should shower after the game and before din-din. Huh? Just a thought.

Oh, and Toga parties are soooo last Tuesday. Food Fight!

Dan Brown lives down the road from me. He's had to build a 13,000 ft high fence around his property so the Pope doesn't hire a sniper to "take him out".

Oh, and is there some kind of ball game on this evening?

Go, Heat!

Obviously a photo taken with an early pin-hole crap cam device. Turban legend has it that the three guys on the far right are bookies.

What (?)

Ssssh... I'm trying the decipher the Dwyane Vinci Code.

forgive me father for i have rimmed.

*pins medal for FUNNIEST LINE OF THE DAY on crossgirl*


Hey El....seen any good baseball today????

tee hee

Dwayne Wade truly is a king among men.

The 12 Apostles, from left to right:
1) “They told us there’d be an albino monk -this guy ain’t albino!”
2) “Maybe he’s albino but he’s wearing that fake tanning stuff as a disguise.”
3) “No, the albino’s next week – some guy named Nowitzki.”
4) “Oy, but this guy's kinda cute, no?”
5) “Where the he!! is that waiter with my mojito!”
6) “Oooh, he hurt me – foul! I’m not flopping, honest!”
7) “Pull my finger.”
8) “Hey, how’s the weather up there? Har!”
9) “Ooooh, Mr. Wade, I am like, SUCH a fan. May I wash your feet?”
10) “Mr. Hot-shot here says he ain’t pickin’ up the tab for dinner. Do you believe that?!”
11) “We could sneak out the side door before the waiter comes back with the bill.”
12) “Are you nuts? Have you seen what he’s done to Dallas lately?”

crossgirl-That line was inspired!

Annie-I'll never look at that painting the same way again. :-)

Brava Annie, BRAVA!!!!

Hey Punkin, we can't win 162. Think how bad we'd make the other teams look!!

As to the picture ... and Da Vinci commentary ... Tom Hanks wuz on Inside the Actors Studio today ... interestin' slant he put on the Da Vinci movie and its potential to sway persons away from their faith ... not likely, is sorta whut he said, and added that Dan Brown had/has similar views ...

Merely ... observin' ...

Um... i take offence to that picture of the last supper and it's obvious tampering.

Everyone knows that Jesus is in this picture:

let us pray to the NBA Gods right now!

Susy (alberni) snuck the pic out of the vatican archives


I knew when I took the Nytol with two minutes to play that it was a mistake. Now I have to slap myself upside the head at frequently intervals throughout the OT to stay conscious. NTTAWWT...happy to take one for the team:)

That was wild!



btw...that kid Wade is really playing swell....

to those Mavs fans...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ...
not that we're arrogant or anything...


It was all worth it!

...and now I can let the Nytol kick in:)

uh...Mr. Blow??? any thoughts?

Now, now - no gloating....yet.

Ok, NOW you can gloat.

Anyone interested in the real Opus Dei might like this. No, you won't be hit by lightning, but you probably have to register to read it.

So a guy walks up to the doorman at Opus Dei's red brick national headquarters in New York City, points at an upper floor and asks, "Is that where you keep the torture chamber?"

"That's ridiculous!" says the doorman. "The torture chamber's in the basement."

Also, this:
As it turns out, there is an Opus Dei member named Silas, and he frequents the New York City headquarters just like the fictional albino monk. The real Silas, however, is a cheery and happily married Nigerian stockbroker. "As you can see, I am neither a monk nor albino."


I kept a running diary of the game. Would anybody be offended if I posted it?

- Matt

Who won the game? When ther Lakers lost, I ceased to follow basketball...

So where are you, Dave? Still out celebrating with Shaq (Mr. Free Throw) and the boys?

I wish I could go out to places like Prime 112 and such after a game and hob-nob...but some of us HAVE TO WORK the next day and are dragging our asses today....

please Miami, win it tuesday...I cant go in sleepy wednesday AND friday!

that was one of the best games I have ever seen....parly because WE won! Chaz

Chaz, surely you jest. It's in the NBA contract with the networks:

7. "The Final series will go seven (7) games or the league will forfeit $2,000,000 per game and the first-born of the winning team's coach and/or owner."

Jeff - that's also known as the '11th Commandment."

Gary Payton will betray him.

In reply to Mikey with "Have you noticed how they are ALL LEANING AWAY FROM HIM?":

I think they're afraid of getting called for a foul.

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