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June 30, 2006


They abound.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Top o' the mornin Moaties!

I leave you this extremely helpful tootorial to help you get in touch with your inner leprechaun.

also, anyone interested in joinin in on a NCAA men's b-ball tourn thingy, do hickie, let me know, if you haven't already. I have other Non-Bloggers invited.


Getting pinched is a bad thing?

by this afternoon it may be.

it really depends on when you start drinking.

I'll buy if you fly.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

*pinches Meanie cuz he likes it*

Erin no bra!

i forgot to wear green, too

*loads catapult with green confetti and a couple Leprecauns*



*wonders if F2 dressed up as a leprechaun*

*realizes he missed an "h" up there*

Not a problem, they don't mind.

Happy St. Patty's day everyone!!

*puts out the special St. Pat. Blog Butter (TM thingy) complete with lubricating shamrocks*

and I don't mind adding that - The Lubricating Shamrocks, WBAGNFARB.

weird Tril - I forgot to wear my green bra today too. Good thing I remember to dye my Penguin thong.


Are they self lubricating??

Time for Guinness!

Warning, NSFW, but there's no audio....

What on earth kind of audio would there be with that?

Maybe some woman screaming her brains out in pain, Susan? . o O

OK. HOW wrong is it when you read YOUR OWN POST of just seconds ago and your brain reads "screwing" for "screaming?" Gads.

Obviously Susan, there wouldn't be. But I just wanted people to know that it wasn't NSFW for that reason. :)

Uh, wow. Colorful top. Safe enough comment?

To quote Walter Matthau in A New Leaf:

"Don't let them out!"

Jeff, if she does...

We're gonna need a bigger MOAT.

its 9:30. i'm still at work. i missed out on corn beef and cabbage. *pouts*

this dilbert made me laugh... i have many colleagues like this, who would, if pressed, say i was like this (but in a much more witty and entertaining fashion).

Aw, insom. I'm sure you get all the girls. We all want men with a sense of humor!!

Men? With a sense of humo(u)r?

You've come to the wrong place. We're all twisted. WAY PAST HUMO(U)R!

(i should clarify that the 'dilbert' i linked to is not the one up there now, the one i linked to was about the soul-crushing negativity of colleagues and quite probably myself, the one up there now is about the unfortunateness of any woman dilbert chooses to date, which is not really relevant in my case as one particular woman was chosen to 'take one for the team' many years ago, and, as it were, take on all the unfortune upon herself. as for soul-crushing negativity...well, you're starting to feel it now, aren't you?)

*reaches for the xanax(™)*

here's something that will briefly illuminate the grim, soulless, darkness that is everyday life...

pictures of Kylie!

Adorable, insom.

I did see the original link. Very funny.

Kibby - Twisted is better. Eleanor told me.



Twisted? Us?


Awwwww! Kylie! *is happy*

Kylie is adorable Insom.

I'd like to have one of those. Not of my own mind you, I prefer the kind I can return.

Just too cute, insom.

We've always felt that way too, DDi.

Looks like the Midwest is getting soaked again. I hope no one here is under water.

It was a cold, raw, dreary day today but the rain hasn't quite started here yet. When it does we'll be wet (apparently) for a day and a half.

*gets water wings out*

Glum and Blahs?!

*surfaces and removes mouthpiece*

I'm using it as an opportunity to work on my negative buoyancy for next week's dives in St. Thomas.

*resumes breathing compressed air and submerges*

Kibby - you are soooo right, and I wouldn't take any of y'all any other way!! *smooch!*

insom - Kylie is perfectly snugglable!! She's absolutely precious. Makes me want to grin BIG.

sly, you look pretty darn good going down under.

Ahh ... man .... sly's going to St. Tomas for diving ...

*majorily jealous*

Sat - Bright blue skies and in the '60s (f)

Mon to Wed ---- SNOW!!!

*tries to maintain positive buoyancy*

Who's got the Nekid Twister spinner!?

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clark

sly, I see there has been 11 INCHES of rain since Monday in parts of Missouri!


Get out the wetsuit!

Here, they were off by about 12 hours as it didn't start raining until early this morning.

Thanks for the item, Kibby. Clarke's Childhood's End was a favorite book of mine.

Prague weather: snow

sly, I see there has been 11 INCHES of rain since Monday in parts of Missouri!

I'm gonna need a bigger boat.

sly, just equalize deeper!

Well, there IS the whole "Diver's do it deeper" thing

"Nitrox divers do it longer"

by the way..... I just noticed a boo boo. Please insert "neutral buoyancy" for "negative buoyancy" up there^. Hope I don't get those confused on my dive in Tortula next week.

Need a band aid (tm thingie) for your boo boo?

*hands Susan a ™*

Yes, the rain has been much, but we're seeing SUN in western MO this afternoon, darnit. I like the rain.

Mr. Fisher is temporarily at a different e-mail addy, which I don't want to print here. But he asked me to tell anyone that's in the b'ball tourney. So if you have a question for him re that, e-mail me and I'll give it to you.

We had sunshine while it snowed. Not often one gets to see snow shadows.

Kibby has a 4 day weekend (spending 2 of them with F2) followed by a week-long installation trip to Germany. SO ...

MOATing may be sparadic until April Fools Day.


And I'm hearing a bird chirping outside of my window. The temps are going to be in the high 60's, and sunny.


Kibby, can't wait to see more pics of F2.3.4.

A Fox News item that's not commonly heard.

"Is Your Vagina Depressed?"

Good morning. The rain has finally stopped and the wind is coming. We won't get back to springlike weather until next week.

Kibby, that reminds me of the last episode of the funny Aliens in America.

They were doing a community theater production of Rent and at one point they introduced a middle aged accountant or dentist and said he'd played the lead in their last 4 productions. They showed pictures of him in costume in the various Playbills, the last of which was The Vagina Monologues!

*zips in*

Have fun, kibby!

I guess what's funny to some people is just more sexist cr@p to others.

Just went out and picked up a couple dollar toys for F2. She'll be getting one of those wooden snakes which 'slithers' when you hold it by the tail.


THIS is going to be FUN!

F22's already admitted that Daddy's the corrupting/twisted influence in the family .... glad to keep the trend going!

*flings sly's scuba pants onto lab's lawn*

Sly, how many mils is your suit? I've a full body and shorty w/hood and at 5 mil; and a seperate shorty at 3 mil. I haven't gotten much use out of the 3 mil one.

Snork, Jeff!!

"I've a full body and shorty w/hood...." Kibby - is it inappropriate to laugh uproariously at that statement, or will you be offended? :D

Also re: your 7:47 am question. Yes. Aren't they all?

I have a shorty that's a 3, but won't use it. I'll probably just use a long t-shirt.

I'll be on the East coast for the next week. I'll be back around April 1 as well.

Sly- 3 isn't much, but sounds better than a long T shirt. I mean T shirts don't stay very rigid. Wait what are we talking about again?

Happy First Day of Spring everybody! Ahhhh, spring.

Somewhere or another I read that today is also sweater day, in honor of Mr. Rogers.



Good morning. It's a little chilly for tossing pants today, if sunny.

"I've a full body and shorty w/hood...."

Ok. I read that as "shorty w/wood".
And having done so I shall now depart again to the laundry. And cry over my gutter brain.

"Surf City here I come..."

Sorry, Crash, sounds like a song to me.

Nice day out but the wind was blowing Jackie's hair straight back.


That happens when the wind blows.

Everyone raise your glass in memorial to a dead band. RIP, lil' kitty.

Wha' happened?


Are you SURE it's dead?

Have you done a cat scan?

(sorry. I'm at the airport, flight delay, martinis. Need I say more?)

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Either that, or somebody else called it quits. ;)

But... but.... Cats have 9 lives! Maybe it'll recover?

*crosses fingers*

I blame the drummer.

Or maybe it's just pinin' for the fjords?

Nupe. We're done. And it's OK. It's a significant burden lifted from my shoulders. And it's a good time for Burdon-lift in my life.

*spills the wine*

bourbon lift? sounds good

*takes that girl*

I dreamed last night I was in a Hollywood movie

were you the star of the movie?

Did it really blow your mind?


I was taken to a place, the hall of the mountain kings

RIP Little Kitty, indeed.

And a Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

Same to you, Kaf. What's new with you?

Hey Kaf, we saw scenes of your home town last night - we watched Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, which was partially filmed in CHristchurch.

It's certainly an extremely picturesque place.

more picturesque than mordor?

Well, the cemetery and derelict hospital scenes would have fit right in.

Quiet weekend on the MOAT. I hope sly has made it to St. Thomas by now.

golfwidow is really funny this morning.

I'm here and as of a couple of hours ago, so is my luggage.

Obama's here, too.


Can you get a compromising picture of him?


Have a great time.

*waves at sly* I'm JEALOUS!

Boy, it's been quiet here.

Not so at work for me, though...we are finally back in the main studio...learning new stuff. The FM is operational, testing now...official sign on, next Tuesday.

Not an April Fool's joke either.

Susan - that's funny!

No time to Heinz. In Germany, cold, snowy and after werk //shudder\\ boring.

Had a GREAT time with F2! Photo's to be posted when I get a chance.

... back to the grind!

I just saw Obama on TV - in "the Caribbean" - so sly wasn't kidding!

Glad you had fun, Kibby.

What!? Sly kid!? Gaaaaa....

I'm down here in Caribbean paradise and I feel my ears burning. Since they aren't sunburned, I thought I'd better check in here and see what's going on in my absence. But I need to get going, Barack and I are diving Virgin Gorda today.

Jeffers! You should know better... Our beloved Sly would never kid about such a thing. Besides, everyone knows that the celebs, at least, those of the political variety ALWAYS wanna be where Slyeyes is!

*zips in*

Exactly, kibby. Why would anyone even think sly was kidding? :)

*wonders if secret service wear coat, tie and sunglasses over scuba gear or under it.*

kibby wears his coat, tie and sunglasses OVER the scuba gear.

*snork* at insom! The visual, either way is hilarious. :)

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