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June 30, 2006


They abound.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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That said, can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not make mention of any of that again please and thank you?

*aims hose at Colleen, but is careful to avoid the greenhouse*


You came back!

*dries tears*

*does the Fish Came Back Happy Dance*

As toby Keith says, Let's Get Drunk and Be Somebody

It's BE SOMEBODY? I always thought it was DO somebody... are you sure El?? *wink wink*




slip n slide on Lab's lawn.

That way works for me, Di! ;)

*plants a wet smoochie on Colleen*
*pushes her down onto the slip n slide with Fishy and El*

hey don't get me wong Leets, I straight up flushed that turd, yo!

also, i always wanted to bang a gong while I got it on.

any takers?

I'd like to gong a bang. Does that work for you?

*puts new batteries in crap cam*
*props crap cam back into the palm tree*
*rings bell*


I was thinking of ganging a bong, myself, but that's kinda hard to do alone. Someone *cough* take it, please.

*steps up*

I'll take a hit for a friend...

*Sliders it over to Fish*


Ok. I'll pass.


Whoa, Your Sparkleness. You weren't there when I T-Rexed the former Mr. Fisher. Go on, take two now.

No toast yet, Blue.....His attys are probably trying to work a deal; i.e., no jail for resignation.

Yeah, that's the best guess. I wonder what he's doing this evening. Night out? A video and some wine with the Mrs.?


My guess is that one of them is not at their house, or not at the same house at any rate.

Actually, NY Times is now saying his wife is urging him to stay in office. Amazing.

Did she say that while drawing a target on his back?

There's no room for any more targets.

Wait a minute. I got here in time for target practice, but I missed the bong show? My timing is WAY off.

And I see why Fisher wants to bang a gong.

*slips 'n slides by*

*hugs 'n gropes too*

No comment on the toast...for a news type person I really don't stay up to date enough on National News.

Enough going on locally.

BLESS you, sly for that Heywood Banks video! Someone I used to know loved that routine, but she never remembered the guy's name or the words of the song past the first opener. Now at least I've seen it all. *thumbs up!*

To El and Back.

Bongs across america.

Inside Mary Jane: The sticky truth

Meanie, minie, mo (please)

Parfait! and Beyond!

takin' one for the team, yeah, that's the old DD I know.

neo - one word: clam chowder.

*practices becoming a professional drummer and dissappears for an unbenounced amount of time, only to reappear periodically and force senseless ramblings on innocent victims*

has gov. spitzer gone to the mattresses? or has there been enough of that?

As always, *snork* at Insom.

And no, not yet. Apparently, he's sleeping (alone) on the couch tonight.

*slips in a Mud Puddle*

*sticks in straw n starts drinking*

insom, I think the gov took his cannoli to the mattress tonight, all by his lonesome.

*dresses up in laytex to join the fun*

And here's something to spread on the toast.

Lab, that's in your part of the world. Have you seen the Big Butter Jesus?

I guess that would be the Good Cholesterol.

*snork* at sly's cannoli comment.

They actually broke into Regis's show at 9:03 (after 2-4 hours of "news" shows) - Jackie watches the first part of it daily - to say "sometime this morning" on the resignation.

Of course they said the same last night.

And how does anyone know (other than "educated guess") that the Spitzers are sleeping in separate rooms?

And one more: a LOT of people hated him for his investigations (Wall Street, etc.) when he was Attorney General and would have loved to get dirt on him then. So how is it possible that this went on for ten years without a hint he was dipping his winky in foreign ponds, so to speak?

*waves to psychobitch*

It's almost toast...

That man has issues. Serious, serious issues. Not to mention, a severly over-inflated image of himself. He thought he was untouchable.

Gotta wonder what he's thinking now... aside from... Sh!t! Sh!t! Sh!t!

He thought he was untouchable.

Posted by: Mrs. DDi Sparkly | 11:07 AM on March 12, 2008,

kibby's Cloak of "Can't Touch This" is the only known one in existance ... Super Hero schtuff ... goes with his Toe Grip of Steel ... he's said too much ...


... drats!


*reminds himself to go easy on the use of Super Hero strengths*

Toast is done!

Aw, Blue - ya beat me to it by about 30 seconds!

Kibby, I heard it was very windy in Europe today. I just figured it was affecting your posts.

Yes, it is, Blue. My prediction:
Mrs. Spitzer will be filing for divorce shortly.

I know that if I had done what he did, my wife would have made sure I didn't have a cannoli left to take to my mattress.

Yes, I've driven past the Big Butter Jesus several times. It seems fitting to me that it happens to be near one of those huge, red-neck flea markets.

I wish Mayor Kilpatrick's toaster would pop. Seems like the lever's stuck. Kilpatrick's wife is standing by her man, apparently they have an "understanding" about his infidelities.


Breaking news: Mary Ann was arrested for partaking in extracuricularcircular type activities...

Y'all need to czech out her mug shot. She looks like someone surprised her with a birthday party.

You may now return to the toast.

VERY windy here today!

*wonders if there's a weakness to his Super Hero powers*

TOAST *clinks glass*

I wish our mayor would curl up and die, but that's just because I really don't like his politics. Or his obsequious "charms".

Since we're making fun of him, does this count as a "Toast Roast?"

For sure Diva!

Have you guys heard that there is a client #10? And that he is from the Windy city area?? Any speculation on who that might be?? Anyone???

I don't know, but I'll bet he's a blowhard.


if this had been a cocaine scandal would he be powdered toast?

French toast?

I don't know but powdered Benieghs are Yummmmy!

We just had those with dinner last night! I whipped them up, right after making some jambalaya. Delish! :)

DDi - I am so JEALOUS! I haven't had any NOLA cuisine in ages, and I love it. Gimme craycrawfish any ol' time!


*snork* at French Toast.

But he is French, so they are probably saying "c'est la vie." *hic*

Gimmie a Central Grocery Muffaletta sandwich
Some Cafe du Monde Beignets
A Pat O'Brien's Hurricane or three
And a big plate of mudbugs.
Color me happy.

I wonder if he tips well?

One Central Grocery Muffaletta sandwich
Some Cafe du Monde Beignets
A Pat O'Brien's Hurricane or three
And a big plate of mudbugs.

Order up!


Aw, Blue - ya beat me to it by about 30 seconds!

no doubt we've ALL heard that one before, eh 'ol Blue?

*simultaneously sighes though*

Can somebody please jiggle the internets? They're really slow. And my emails aren't working. :(

Aw, Leetie, phooey. :( Go have the hurricane Isaac gave ya ^ up there.

I'll jiggle for ya

Was that a sigh through fishing or a fish through sighing?

*Joins trillian's shimmies*

I'd like to declare tonight "Moatdi Gra"...

Who's in!?

*tosses beads at those doing the shimmie*

Rules for obtaining beads:

Shimmie your coconut bra.
Shake your penguin thong.
Tell a joke, a good one. And not about lawyers.
Develop a new, and ingenious use of blog butter.
Slip n slide through the cabana while holding a moatarita and not spilling a single drop.

Ready! Set! PLAY!

Rules for obtaining beads:

Shimmie your coconut bra.
Shake your penguin thong.
Tell a joke, a good one. And not about lawyers.
Develop a new, and ingenious use of blog butter.
Slip n slide through the cabana while holding a moatarita and not spilling a single drop.

Ready! Set! PLAY!

Develop a new, and ingenious use of blog butter.

Blog Butter J3sus? Inspired by the aforementioned

Big Butter J3sus.

Two tourists were driving through Wisconsin. As they approached Oconomowoc, they started arguing about how it was pronounced. The argument went on until they stopped for lunch. As they stood at the counter, one of the tourists said to the employee, "Before we order, could you please settle an argument for us? Would you please pronounce where we are ... veeeeery slowly?" The employee looked at the tourists and said, "Buurrrrr...gerrrrr...kiinnnngg."

*adds "Double Posting" to the list of rules; throws beads at DDi, drapes a feather boa around her neck*

*Oh-kahn'-uh-muh-walk SNORK* @ Leetie* I loved that town. I stayed there for two months two years ago.

I'm in! Lemme just shake my penguin thong.

Whips up a batch of glow in the dark blog butter (TM thingy) and begins to create moatie light bright using actual moaties and the pegs...

Is that creative enough Mrs. Sparkly? I'm sure Wolfie could do better, but I'm no wolfie!

ROFL! Ok, I hit post, packed up my puter and headed for our training room... little did I know what was going on. Sowwy!


Then again... I gots me some feathers out of the deal! WOOT!!!!!!

Cute joke about the WI town. I have one similar, but I'mma bad joke teller. It has to do with a town in WI called Mukwanago. Something about an Indgun who had a son named Muk. One day, he was going fishing and he turned to his son and said "hey Muk! Wanna go?"


*loads sling shot with beads*
*pulls back*


Listen to me - I werk with monkeys.
I do.

3 pans of chicken are set up for dinner.
They look the same.
They smell the same.
Just LOTS of it.

I hear someone say: What's the difference between the chickens?

*bangs head against desk*

Lewis Black on Spitzer: "He spent $4,300 for two hours with a hooker. Now that might seem like a lot to you. Hell, for $4,300 you can buy a used Honda and f#*( it."

Thanks for those images, Leetie. I was wearing my Cafe du Monde "Got Beignets?" t-shirt yesterday. And we will be there in 7 weeks or so for Jazzfest. Can't wait.

Today we went to the city as Jackie was determined to see the adaptation of The 39 Steps before it closes this month. We were able to get "obstructed view" side seats (for half price) that were NOT obstructed, other than cutting off the corner of the stage where no action took place.

And the show is a hoot! Four actors place all the parts, with two guys doing most of them. Very funny.

Sorry - "play" all the parts

Hey Jeff, you and the wifester should come and sit in the corner at my office... talk about a show...

*shimmies her coconut bra*

Yikes. I think I need some blog butter for that.

if a bunch of us girls lined up in our coconut bras, and the one on the left end shimmied, would the one on the right end's coconuts clack, like one of those Newton desktop thingies?

*likes clacking coconut bras*

Newton, while he may have been a genius, was still dumb enough to work with apples instead of coconut bras. Physics would have advanced far more rapidly if he had just applied this basic approach to his work. Motion, acceleration, inertia and drool would have been exhaustively defined in less than a month.

Great image, Trillian! I suppose it would depend on such things as the size of ...um... uh, maybe I better not go there.

On this day in history, William Herschel discovered Uranus. Also, L. Ron Hubbard and Neil Sedaka were born.

Happy Birthday Uranus!


.... just needed saying - that's all.

Did anyone else read that as uterus?
*rubs eyes*

Gee, thanks Trillian. Somehow that image triggered an earworm.

What's in store for Brett Favre?

That's sad!

*zips in*

That's funny!

*snorts a line of vodka to get goin this morning*

sheesh, I can hardly keep up with the kids trends these days.

also, I'd like to make a small correction in Leeties post if I may, I believe it was Willy Hershey that was involved in the discovery of Uranus.

*patiently waiting for uranus jokes*

Actually, I bought my brother a telescope one year for Christmas and before I gave it to him I had to make a 'test sighting'. You'd never guess what, on my FIRST! try, I zoomed (as apposed to zipped) into?


... well, it wasn't parked too far away ... NO! REALLY! I picked out a bright spot in the middle of darkness, focused, and saw rings! What's the chances?

For DDi

That's very cool, Kibby. I saw Saturn once with my telescope. Amazing.

Jupiter is easy to see too. With several of its moons.

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