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June 30, 2006


They abound.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Leetie, I hate that crap. I may be a Conservative *she dared to say out loud* but I loathe the USA Patriot Act with every bone in my Libertarian body. It's absolutely invasive and unConstitutional. *sigh*

His stupidity is astounding.

The story. His wife doesn't look too happy.

It's the hypocrisy. When he was Atty. General of New York, he prosecuted these kinds of rings, and said they filled him with revulsion.

The Feds have always been allowed to use wiretaps in RICO investigations. This has nothing to do with the Patriot Act..

Posted by: Eleanor | March 10, 2008 at 05:36 PM


... suave...

Ah. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't read that far with it.

More like RICO... stumbled...

Dayum. didn't post the link

Take two:

RICO.... suave.

Jeff, the farthest I have driven in one day is 800 miles (14 +/- hours), from here to my mother's house in Miami. We did that with 3 younguns a couple of trips, then we started stopping half-way, for the night.


Leetie...*pantpant*...THANK YOU for the best laugh I've had all day. I had completely forgotten how BAD the hair and fashion of the late 80s/early 90s was. And to think I once owned that cassette. *giggles uncontrollably*

You marvel in his awesomeness, don't you?

Rico...you gotta lotta 'splainin' to do.

A caption for the photos of Spitzer with his wife at the press conference.

"I'll stay and answer all of your questions as long as you like. (to himself...because when I get home, I'm gonna be in TRUHHHHHHH-BLE!)"

What a putz. And like so many politicians, unfortunately, what a hypocrite.

I don't see how he can stay in office. Jackie keeps saying: "the man is a zillionaire. Are you telling me he couldn't get a woman without paying a prostitute?"

Leetie, thanks for that album pic, which is as worthy as any of the others in the Joyce group.

And in other political news: David Gregory is replacing Tucker Carlson on MSNBC, which has to be a good move.

Is he just the most adorable thing ever? Yes. I was hoping for Menudo and Ricky Martin, but he may even be cuter. :)

aye, carrrrrrrrrrrrrumba!!!!!!!!!

He used a friend's name, but his own address when he registered at the hotel!!

Are you kidding?! BWAHAHAHA! That's a special kinda stupid.

How to lose a wife and a friend in one stupid move.

Obviously the little head was in charge of thinking that day.

What's the problem with that? I usually use Sly's name with Lab's address when I register for things. This way I don't get the blame or the bills.

Err.... maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud. Oh look, something shiny! ------->

Oh, real--where?! Ooh, pretty....

I think the shiny is a REALLY BIG MARGARITA.

I'm not a lush, folks. I just play one on the puter.

hey neo, how's school going?

And you'd think he'd have an inside scoop on identity theft to avoid leaving trails....that's how I get away with it.

*wonders if the Wench has noticed my name linked with Lab's address*

*wonders if she'll believe that Neo did it*

Sly's up early!

The early bird gets the worm, I guess.
Then again, the second mouse gets the cheese. ;)

*wonders what the third moatette gets*

A Gerardo earworm! So I don't have to have it anymore!

*bangs head*

*dons bandana and terrycloth wrist band*
*props boombox on shoulder*
*hits play on the cassette deck*

I don't drink or smoke, ain't into dope
won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope
My only addiction has to do with the female species
I eatem raw like SUSHI

*drowns self in the giant moatarita*


So, the Eliot Spitzer Political Death Watch goes on.

Well, that's good, because those "experts" gotta eat too - hopefully not Naked Sushi.

Leetie, that Rico thing was amazing. You can't make it up.

At least not without a lot of drugs first.

Seems Meanie's world was rocked by yesterday's news. Meanie, check in please!



Taco! Grrrrrande!

hot cha cha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a hot cha cha like a hot schoom schoom?

That was great, Trillian!

Um, sure.

I speak the kind of Spanish that is spoken in

...this Second Semester Spanish Spanish Love Song.


(If I've posted this before, forgive me. I've slept since then. And have forgetten how to link since then.)

My "um, sure" was translating "Hot cha cha" to Hot Shoom shoom.

LOVED the Tacos in Trillian's link!

*zips in*

I have to say I preferred Rico Suave to Taco Grande. I'd like to bring Rico Suave home with me and make him my house boy!
There! I've said it and I'm not ashamed.

Leetie, it's Schadenfreude Central over this. After 3 terms of Republican dominance in the governor's office and a 40-year Republican dominance of the state legislature (which was poised to be overturned), the political consequences of this scandal will be significant for the state and its various arms of government and agencies (including mine).

But what's striking me is the utter glee being displayed at many levels, and though I'm a liberal democrat, I find myself not at all sympathetic. The man rode in on a white horse vowing to change entrenched corruption, built his career on practically extorting financial firms into huge settlements (not that they didn't deserve some pressure to reform) as the state attorney general, declared himself quote "a f-ing steamroller", and relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked his political opponents. He didn't care what bodies were left in his wake, and was even proud to point at the piles of victims with bluster and bravado.

The fact that he's been exposed as an utter hypocrite by dint of prosecutorial wiretap methods is merely delicious irony to his many targets and political enemies. If anyone was ever in a position to need friends in high places to help him out, it's now him, but he's actively and deliberately purged any possibility of that by his brute force tactics.

Whether he's said so or not, get the butter, cuz the man is TOAST.

And we won't be wasting any blog butter (thm thingie) on him!

*googles "hot schoom schoom"*

Guess all the MOATettes had hot schoom schoom dreams last night....

They said something on the news this morning about how he may very well be psychotic.

*snork* @ sly's vid. I haven't seen that one before either.


hI GUYS :)
Im on facebook right now...adding y'all from pete's list...like real time...

Um..at least i was trying to...
('upoma haq' and im on the bangladesh network)

OH MY GOODNESS! BANGI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hugz Leetie*

*grabs hold of the rope and ties it to the cabana*

Dont you go anywhere!

Bangi! Give us an update! It's been too long.

It's a good day in the neighborhood when we get a visit from our beloved Bangi. How are you, sweetheart?

You are always missed. :)

Hmm..I'm still working at Standard Chartered Bank-we've just bought American Express. I'm also visiting the US in April. Touch down in NY on 3rd but flying to Richmond. This is if I don't get lost and end up in, say Adis Ababa.

I've missed the MOAT.

Hi Bangi!


pssst! Tried sms'ing you a couple times. Get them?

:) *smooches everyone*
Kibby-No..but I've got a new number tho. I'll email u the number.

Bangi! Hi!!!

*Interrupts ToastWatch™ for a wave to the Sizzling One*

I heard sizzling!!!!!!!!


*head spins*

pssst, Meanie; Watched toast never burns

On second thought..... never mind.

This one's going up like a Dave Barry Pop-T@rt, Sly.

My money is on 3pm today.

Eastern time, Blue?

I'm going to zip over to the NYPost and see what they have to say today. I'm sure Rupert Murdoch is just wetting himself over this turn of events.

NYPost. I couldn't figure out how to just show the Spitzer headline.

Blue, this article from the Post says it was an irregularity in a back acct that turned out to be Spitzer's that triggered the whole investigation. Whoa.


Too tired to do linky thing.

Also, that would be bank acct.

BANGI!!!!! Dang it all...Weasel and I will be flying out of Richmond just before you get there. Crappy timing! Have a safe and fun trip!!



*runs to Facebook to make sure she's on Pete's list*

I'm so glad I stopped by this morning.

*wonders if the Wench has noticed my name linked with Lab's address*

Posted by: slyeyes | 05:45 AM on March 11, 2008

Well, Sly, I gave that a lot of thought and decided that was a risk I was willing to take.

I loved the links. But now I'm going to have to go out for Mexican. And by "Mexican", I mean (of course) Tac0 J0hn.


That's how excited I am.

Meanie, Michael Daly (in the NY Daily News) said what I was thinking - he doens't even want to think about what Spitzer's "special requests" might be but speculated he wanted to be told "you're a steamroller!"

I was thinking something along the lines of:

Hold me!
I've been a bad bad boy and should be punished!

Blue, it's almost 3:30 where you are. Is it toast yet?

Still waiting.

He hasn't pulled out yet?

Toast is done, it just won't pop up.

*SNORK!*@ Leetie


Isn't that always the problem...

No toast...but a huge pile of chicken tenders...and apparently a whole red velvet cake.

Anyone hungry?

(I swear. If Fatz doesn't quit sending food over...we're all gonna explode. It is goooooooooood.)

I have a Facebook account...I just never sign in.

(yes, I know I'm shouting)
My computer was killed again and I didn't do it. J was using an unknown wireless connection, unbeknownst to me.
There's bad shit out there in the WildWildWest!

I'm heinzing but I had to say something about this as I read it:

I use mixed case. And punctuation. And spell everything out.

Lab, I love you madly! Me too!
Keep doing that.


Holy moly.

Does this mean I have to get a facebook? I kinda sorta had one once but I didn't use it and it was all fake and then I deleted it. I don't wanna have one! What if - you know...people - find me? There's a whole world of people out there that I never want to think about again.

Then again, there's people here I actually...like.
(You didn't hear me say that. I'll deny it completely and utterly.)

People suck.
MOATies are different.

That's how I feel too, Colleen. I'm not ready to put my real self up there on the internets.

we sure are different

my first repsonse is : uhhhh, okie fu&*@!n dokie then.

secondly and bear with me, I don't have much time and I just took my alotted "play" time to check in and found the dookie stain on the underwear of the fat guy playin twister on our very own playground. IN OUR OWN BACKYARD no less! (no wonder Labs keeps such close tabs on his front yard)

so, gather round. everyone. sit, sit, I brought cookies and milk and a few fuzzy blankies.

Well kids, there once was a place called the Mother Of All Threads and indeed it was. and so were its many inceptions. It was truly THE place to be. If you were there you knew it, if you weren;t you heard about it underground and if you found yourself there, everyone treated it with the utmost respect. everyone. and everyone was groovy. and everything stayed groovin. (especially on the 'ol slip(e) and slide)

(for example: one of our notables here (whom I respect a great deal) read back every single thing everyone of us had typed since the very beginning of comments and made a helluvan effort to get to know the lay of the land, so to speak, and for that she's still at the top of my list. you know who you are star of the May Trix.

so, everything is always great here in Moat land, someone has just ALWAYS seen to it (how many years now??) we come, we go, we evolve, we live, we love, we are closest thing to an old hippie community. I guess we are a bit of an on-line commune, if you will.

until I recently read back a bit. (i wont dwell, for several reasons) I didnt read it all, but i read enough, and after thinking about it, I really think issues like that are why some of the originals aren't still around. I'm afraid. That's just one warped fishes take though. And, with the "invitation" of new people, also comes new, for lack of a better word "experiences" of which I've never been too comfortable with anyway. We seem to lose a little bit of our old ways each time it happens. *sniff sniff* ah, i dunno, the time has come for me to stop playing (which you may note I didn't choose to do today, and that was not my intent, nor will I comment further on it)

I certainly hope that was just a weird bit o' fungus in my drinking water, cuz I'll agree with Per, Collen, that was some seriously whacked out twilight zone monkey dootin jive type trip.

A total buzz kill.

someone love me some tequilla. and a paper clip.

*loves Fish*

Oh, oops, I meant *loves Fish some tequila*

I'll leave the paper clip for someone else to find.

Mi gato es muy blanco!

I have a facebook account. And MySpace. And LinkedIn.


I don't have a LinkedIn, I drive a Saturn instead.

I drive a Saturn, too.

Fishy. You. Are. A slippery. Notsolittle. Sucker.
*hugs too*

Well put, Fishie.

As for Facebook, no thankee. I'm a geezer and Homey don't play that.

And now here's the Classic Dave Barry thought for today:

If we have universal health coverage, who's going to pay for it? The employers? The individual workers? Or should the taxpayers pay? To me, the answer is obvious: Donald Trump should pay.

If the NY Times says it, it must be true, right?

Resignation Not Likely Today

Fishy it was a momentary rainy day in the basement pond. Please stay and slip on my slide. *smooches*

oh well hell, then by all means.......

let the slidin' commence !

*hoses everyone down with jello*

*rings the bell*


thank God I'm a country boy........

*beer belly flops in a forward direction*

It's like being battered by a hurricane, my sweet little fischele. We've been hit before and we'll certainly be hit again. The question is: Why do people still live in Miami?

No, wait...it's why do people stay in a place where something is sure to kick them in the nads at least once a year? It's because it's just a thing. It's not what the place is about and it's never fatal. We can rebuild, we have the technology.

I have nothing against warring around the internet. I war plenty, believe me. I'm pretty careful about what I do here, though, because I like to come back. And we're pretty clever, too: that last MOAT is still sitting there and when/if I feel like telling a couple of people a thing or two I'll go there and do it and still be happy here.

I'm pretty sure that I can go psychobitch and still be loved here. Within reason. By a couple of people at least.

I'll tell you one thing, though: anyone who takes a shot at Eleanor is not getting away from me. That Casey - who wouldn't have even blipped my radar otherwise - I'm still thinking about what to do to her. Whatever I decide I'll do it on what I have bookmarked as the 'Drama MOAT'. Or else I'll utilize the nasty retributive actions I've learned while doing the above mentioned warring.

'Cause on this here MOAT - I'm just a big ole cuddlebunny.

Can we just get on with other things? Please?
Leave all that on the other thread.

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