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June 30, 2006


They abound.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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*reminds self that preview is my friend!*

*snork @ Colleen!*

if a cabin has a hot tub and d!rect TV can it still be classified as "rustic"?

I drove a little over 600 miles yesterday and my legs are achy. We started off with snow, then sun, then rain, then more sun; a bit of everything.

Why don't cannibals eat divorced women?
They are bitter.

Yay for Colleen's J.

WB Jeff.

Got the kitchen ordered, 3 weeks for cabinets then 3 more for counter tops (can't measure for counter tops until everything else is installed since the house ain't "square"). Will be eating a lot of microwave and take out dinners I suppose.

I drove a little over 600 miles yesterday and my legs are achy.

I'd get rid of that Flintstone car.

Trillian, it depends on the type of "hot tub". If it's a big horse trough set over a campfire, then it's rustic.

BigD, sore legs after a long drive can be a symptom of something serious. Are members of your family prone to DVT?

Oh, crap. I promised to be only fun and nice. Can I amend that to add "helpful"? Courteous, kind and forgiving? Obsequious, purple, and clarvoyant?

My plans for the day:
2) Repeat as necessary.

Lab, go into a closet and suck eggs.


Where's my post sending Lab some honey with tea????

It must be in the closet with boom boom.

No, no history of DVT. I did stop and have a smoke walk around every hour or so, just sore from sitting in one position for approximately 11 hours.

Susan, I waved at you when I hit the I-77/I-40 Interchange about 3:30 yesterday. Did you see me?

Beebs, I was planning on doing just that, but unfortunately I find that I'm just a tad bit too oblong. And I've had my knees removed.

In that case, put a live chicken in your underwear. My grandmother says it'll make you forget all about that knee thing.

Who needs knees anyway?

Try saying "needs knees" 3 times in a row, fast. :)

*sigh* Beebs, WHY? Why would you say such a thing?! Now I have all these chicken comments running through my head. And none of them are funny.

BigD: we did that one year in coming back from Florida (the long drive). We hoped to beat a threatened storm so drove 638 miles from Orlando to Rocky Mount, NC before giving up for the night. Generally we stop after 8 hours driving in a day.

The longest drive I can remember doing was from Portland, OR to south of San Francisco - over 650 miles.

Jeff, you put a chicken in your underwear?


Neo, it's ok to criticize things you don't know about;)

i' m dull and boring and omnipresent...

insom, you're anything but omnipresent.

boom boom, if insom's not omnipresent, where is he?

ooh, presents?



yes, I was shouting...

You'rrrrre wish is my command!

After this weekend, I'm mainlining my margarita. Only it's a martini.

El, obviously he lives in a swamp and is three dimensional.

I just read that using CAPS in texting is also considered SHOUTING, and that upsets me because it's easier to text in CAPS; i.e., R U HOME just looks better than r u home, which looks like a limp something or other. ;)

I could use that too, sly.

I could use a beer. Oh wait...*AHHHHHHHHHHHH* Now that's the good stuff! *URP*

Isaac, I love you.

El, all caps is shouting online, too. :D

*waves @ Rayne* Caps seem to be the universal method of yelling in any text situation that I'm familiar with but I don't like texting in lower case only much either. Thus, I don't text.

I don't text much, either; it's too much of a hassle. :)

I use mixed case. And punctuation. And spell everything out. I know, I know. None of you are surprised.

Whew. Thanks for the link, Beebs; it's good to know that all this time I've been doing the right thing by criticizing things I know nothing about.

And I'm glad to see that the weird comments made "sense." I thought I'd lost my mind missed the set up for the punch lines. Oh wait, I did.

*craves a 'rita*
(And a drink would be nice, too.)

Good to see you, Rick.

Speaking of 'rita's -- Where's Rita?? She's been MIA for a l-o-o-o-n-g time.

Well, I'm sorry that now the fun people are here I have to leave, but the season finale of Celebrity Rehab is coming up soon and I have stuff to do first.

*zips out*

Sure. You're all so smart. Imagine where would you be without this.

El. *whines* I've lost my vid mojo, buried under work...wahhh...

Awww, Miss RRRRayne, this is what I am here for!

Lab, I'm right there with you in caps and punctuation. Unless, of course, I'm responding to either mudstuffin or crossgirl, in which case (lower), I just can't help myself. They're infectious.

Dang it. *gets out the lysol*

*refuses to spend time at a cabin that prohibits cheeseburgers*


*wonders why he's seeing everything through rose colored glasses after looking at bb's linkie thingie*

OK! Coconut bras and grass skirts for whom!? Beanie hats and penguin thongs for which new guys!?

Welcome to the MOAT Doc Rick, Rayne and Meditrina.

Diva - nice name change. I like it.

Eleanor, there's really a Celebrity Rehab show? THAT'S COOL!

*wonders why he's seeing everything through rose colored glasses after looking at bb's linkie thingie*

Is it because you'd just been to Ireland?

Rita's around. She gots herself a blog. I vaguely recall something about her not being able to get into the MOAT from work.

sly, you're up awfully early.

I heard from Rita a while back so she's still out there.

*waves to Rita*

Oh, I forgot to mention one celebrity sighting at the Levon Helm concert for you political junkies out there (and you know who you are): Jeff Greenfield.

And Lou from the Imus show was the announcer, as Imus is a huge supporter of Helm.

One of the guests was Phoebe Snow, who did an amazing version of Bobby Lewis's "Tossin' and Turnin" and Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic."

Her voice is phenomenal.

*zips in*

Rayne, I've been wondering......:)

yes, kibby and the show got a good review in the Washington Post. It's not a phony reality show, no one gets eliminated every week, a real MD is in charge and it's at a realy rehab center in Pasadena, CA. It was fascinating. The series finale was last night but on Thursday they're having a show they shot 6 months after rehab was over to see where everyone is in their recovery. The person I think I liked the most was Brigitte Nielsen, the 6'tall blond that was married to Stallone for a while a long time ago. She was so down to earth and real, no cosmetic surgery, no make up.

Thanks, Kibby! I kinda like it m'self. Glad Lab made the suggestion. :)

My friend has been watching that celebrity rehab in order to get some ideas for helping a family member. She LOVES the show.

Hey Desk, I thought you'd dropped that part of your name, because everyone shortens people's blog names if they're too long and take too much typing.

Did I see a Meanie up there????
*waves to Meanie*

*considers shorting his name to ™ *

Can anyone tell me which network's carrying it? I'll set the DVR.

Nope, El, it's cuz I don't like "Desk." It sounds too abrupt.

Google says it's VH1 so I'll have to find it in one of my 600+ channels.

*decides against name change*

*Waves back @ Leetie*

WOW! Just found out I have Daily Edition on Demand

VH-1, Channel 71

Have I mentioned that "Preview" is my friend?!?! *sigh*

*waves at BigD* Of course I saw you wave.

My only problem after I make the long long drives, say to my sister's house, is that my sister and her husband seem to turn on the floor vibration system when I get there, and it's really annoying.

*waves at Doc Rick, Rayne and Meditrina*

Susan, we thought of you when we stopped in Florence for lunch (and gas).

Yes kibby, VH1. Glad you found it, it's very interesting.

Did someone say floor vibrations?

*tries to decide how to stradle the floor*

Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear that your lunch gave you gas. It must have been a rough ride home. ;D

*wonders where the quarter slot's located*

Diva, Jackie's the one that sufferred!

*waves back @ Susan* Good morning! What'd I miss?


Jeff had travelling gas - probably from lunch at Florance. Kibby's found out about Celeb Rehab on VH1 (he's always the last to know). Meanie the Blue's sending "friendly" photo links around. DDi's got a "thing" for vibrating floors. And something about Rayne's "vid mojo" gone missing ...

... otherwise quite boring ...

*thaws crab cakes for dinner*

OH! And Susan's still ironing her underwear.

Well then it's been a productive morning. Good to see everybody's up and motivated this morning. *heads for the coffee maker*

Susan - are you related to any Ferraras? I think you must be related to my dad's first wife. My mom said that her closet looked like the department store with all the perfectly ironed and folded cotton sheets and such.

I deny ironing any undies, mine or any one else's.

Jeff, you should have detoured to the exciting metropolis of Cheraw...many changes have been made since you were here last.

The new studio furniture is in and assembled! New lights!

Of course the rest of the building is a madhouse.

But that's nothing new. We'll never have a calm day.

*flips through cds*

Perhaps Tenacious D would not be a good choice to play next...


Susan, your iron undies rumor has lasted longer than Sly's Uncle Tino. Or was it Uncle Joyce? ;)

Thought for the Day from my Google Home Page:

Anybody caught selling macrame in public should be dyed a natural color and hung out to dry.
- Calvin Trillin

Leetie, that's because the word on the street is that she does......;)

By the way... One of the worst album covers actually resides on our property. I found this in our garage a few months ago. And I'm pretty sure that I'M not the one who purchased it IYKWIM.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.... it's also the FIRST! thing to get over on your way to rehab.

But then rehab's for quiters... STAY WITH IT SUSAN!!!



*le sigh*

*de seih.*

*runs out of language skills*

Have I mentioned to youse guys that my step-daughter's house has been broken into twice recently? But instead of stealing something, the person leaves a gnome. She found one in her kitchen, hiding in the corner. And another in her cabinet, hiding behind a can of soup.

Have I mentioned also, that both times it happened, it was just a couple of days after we had been there to visit?

And your point would be.........?

Lab's part of the GLF, Gnome Liberation Front

I'm just surprised they didn't surrender to the gnomes before they released them.

I'm thinking tacos tonight.

I feel like chicken tonight! chicken tonight!

do they still make that product?

Would it help if I flashed my melon baller, sly? ;)

Lab, are you part of the GRP? Gnome Relocation Program?

I think I had a misplaced *sigh* which may have been misinterpretted.

Private message to GLH

You won't get sent to the junkyard! The process will most likely be a liberating one for you and you may actually get sent home!!!

/end private message to GLH

Lab likes to play hide the gnome!

My friends and I had a game like that with a deck of p0rn0graphic cards. I found one in a CD case about 2 years after I moved from Hotlanta.

*welcomes everyone with a special batch of newbie blog butter (Tm thingy)*

Just keep your nut cracker in the drawer Leets.... ;)


OK, Mad - I'll bite. What's "newbie blog butter?"

OK. I'm trying to make sense of the current front page lead of the NY Times. I'd post the link, but I work for the state of NY.

OK. I'm trying to make sense of the current front page lead of the NY Times. I'd post the link, but I work for the state of NY.

Are you working a double today, Blue?

As I've heard it, NY Gov. Spitzer has been exposed as a client with a ring of fire prostitution. Is that the one?

That's the one, alright. Sheesh.

blog butter is something I make up in the lab for special occasions. The birthday blog butter has exploding confetti. The newbie blog butter will make your coconut bra more comfortable. Or penguin thong for the boys.

He resigned, Blue. Or is resigning as we speak. This is terrible. What a schmuck.

cye, Blue....

Earlier they said he was resigning. so far I think he's just apologizing.

He hires prostitutes. So what?

And his phone was tapped.
Doesn't one illegal action cancel out another?

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