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June 30, 2006


They abound.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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melons of all kinds make the inside of my mouth feel funny...watermelons the least because of the large amount of water... (and yes, i'll beat the rumor mill to it "insomniac doesn't like to put melons in his mouth").

Yup, it's the talk of New York, now that the All Star Game is over, insom.

Jackie likes watermelon - and "melon" in general - while I'm with Susan in prefering peaches, especially in pies or ice cream.

I like watermelon. other melons are a little too sweet for me. I prefer nectarines over peaches - no fuzz. food oughtn't be fuzzy.

And now we enter the bi-weekly Moat exercise entitled "Food Likes and Dislikes". This edition of FLAD seems to be fruit-oriented. Bob, do you think they will stick that theme or do you think they will eventually venture into vegetables where someone is liable to mention the evil brussel sprouts.

Thanks, Jim. Yes, they will eventually venture into vegetables and evil brussel sprouts will be mentioned. This group is predictable that way.

Sure, Trillian, remind me that I need to clean the fridge.

I hope there's nothing fuzzy in there, beyond the peaches.

Food that isn't supposed to be fuzzy, but that has become fuzzy, scares me a little.

the all-star game is over? say it ain't so, jeff!

I'll take Food That Isn't Supposed to be Fuzzy for $200, Alex.

whatcha need to do is: trim the Brussels sprouts, slice them in half and toss them in some olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper. then lay them out on a baking sheet and roast them at 400 F for about 35 minutes, shaking pan every 5 to 7 minutes for even browning. right when you take them out of the oven, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and immediately deposit in your waste receptacle, cuz, man, sprouts is nasty.

ouch. snorking made my head hurt
*crawls into bed*



melons of all kinds make the inside of my mouth feel funny...


*still likes those little lettuces of the devel*

... actually, kibby has a different ... nevermind

Funny, Trillian.

Speaking of funny, my nephew CJ (turned 8 on SUnday) is a real character. He takes after his mother in that he's always quoting and referencing movies, Calvin & Hobbes, etc.

According to my sister he was paraphrasing Toy Story yesterday when he told the doctor, "I draw the line at blood pressure!"

FF Update.

Well, not really - more of an open question. We have expanded out to 12 teams, to ensure that Bismuth gets a slot. However, that leaves ONE slot open for the next lucky MOATie that wants to play FF this year. Please have slightly more than a passing interest in football (i.e. knowing it's not golf is sufficient) and if you want to join, send your friendly Commish (well, me) an email. Thanks and I'll catsup .... well, never, really....

so i can't draft Tiger Woods to my FF team? damn!
oh well, hasn't he blown out his knee anyway?

True, Trillian, but he's still available.

What, for the reminder to someone who can't remember, does having a FF team involve? I've never had one, but don't know how time consuming it is.

And I think I know the difference between golf and football...golf is people hitting a little round ball with a stick...and football isn't, right?

lets see, theres the draft, where you pick the guys you want for your team. then once the season starts, once a week you need to decide which of your guys you want to play that week. you got quarter backs and nickel backs and tight rears and a bunch of other big brutes. also, you have to come up with clever trash talk against the team you're up against that week. I didn't find it to be time consuming, mostly because i don't have any knowledge of the game and just went with who ever had the best ranking. Fantasy baseball, on the other hand, needs to be checked everyday to adjust the line up, and I actually know a bit about the players. I finally had to drop Brandon Inge. I hated to do it, but I really needed more relief pitching.

*shakes head at Higgy's post*

I knew there was gonna be trouble....now what?

And *snork* at Trillian! Very funny post!


I think that leaves me out...unless things get desperate.

Cause I'm certainly no good at trash talk.


i saw the v.h1 salute to the who tonight. when pete and roger were doing 'who are you?', kylie came in the room and started dancing.

the torch has been passed.

i can die now in peace.


Rock on, Kylie!

*checks forecast - 95 and humid - tosses pants, shirt, shoes...*

*sets up the sprinkler*

*runs through the sprinkler - ahhh!*

Thanks, Susan!

We went for a walk and it isn't too bad yet, though it is very humid and lacking in the fresh air we seemed to have yesterday.

St@rbucks came out with the list of all 600 stores to be closed and as we predicted, the most recently opened (the 4th) in our neighborhood made the list. The people running it always seem clueless and generally disinterested and really, three is more than enough.

This isn't midtown Manhattan where the law says there has to be one on every other block, after all.


*set up Slip(e) 'n Slide*

*adds jello*

Higgy we could make a losing team for the last slot. You know set the team to auto draft all the lowest ranking players and then never change the bench players out. If noone else wants the spot Weasel and I will make 2 teams instead of one.

I'd rather have a competitive situation than an auto-lose/win scenario - although we might have enough of those as it is this year! I appreciate you and Weasel being willing to run your own teams though! We'll keep that in the backup plan before the draft. If anyone is interested, however, we're more than happy to have another MOATie join the fun!

I think Aunt Nancy is into football, maybe she'd like to play?
yall remember Aunt Nancy?


djtonyb has been seen on more than one thread on the MB.

*wanders in and waves*

*tosses pants and runs through sprinkler*

Well, I'm pretty well ketched up, and everyone seems to be doin' ok!

*sends (((hugs))) to blogchik* Hang in there! I too have been a checkout clerk several times in my varied employment history, and it ain't fun!

*makes note to swing by the Y! and check out F2's photo, and post one of my new nephew, Joseph Anthony Bastarache*

I've been busy with work and such, but have been blurking when possible.

Took a trip last month up to Massachusetts to see the new rugrat and all my relatives that haven't seen me since I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, and had a drunk old time with them!

< long medical update >

I also went to the doctor for a full physical, which I have not done in a veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy long time... nothing too scary or unexpected... need to lose weight, quit smoking, get some exercise... but I also got a sleep study done (Yes, Lab, I finally did it!) and got diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, which is not really a surprise, have known I had it for years. What I didn't know is how bad it really is. When I looked at the graphs I was amazed at how much sleep I am not getting when I am supposedly "sleeping". To sum it up without getting boring with the technical details, I "wake up" (of course, I'm not aware of it) many times an hour to restart my breathing, and my blood oxygen level plummets to dangerous levels. I get very little REM sleep, and therefore I'm always ready to nod off during the day if things get the least bit boring. Like at stoplights...

The good thing is, it's very treatable with a device that blows air up your nose and/or mouth to keep the airway open while you sleep.

The bad thing is, you have to wear this mask/hose thing strapped to you that makes you look like an alien has attached itself to your head, and it kinda makes you sound like Darth Vader. Veeerrry Sexy!

Anyhoo, the sleep doc wrote the prescription for the machine today, so hopefully I'll be sleeping right soon, and will have some extra time to do things like visit the blog on my days off instead of sleeping like the dead. Or perhaps getting another job to pay off all the crap that isn't covered by my medical insurance :P

< /long medical update >

*wanders into the basement and closes himself in his casket*

*pops lid open*

damned laundry buzzer!

Btw, whatever happened to our night shift? Have we been downsized?

*creaks lid shut again*


Yeah, the night shift doesn't come in all that often anymore, though Peri does make the occasional late night stealth attack visit.

Good luck with the apnea. I have several friends in the mystery field who have it (as well as one of Jackie's sisters) and the breathing thingy (it's a technical term) really does seem to help.

Please have slightly more than a passing interest in football

*looks at Kibby's post*
*looks at Kaf*

Tony, check into the Nasal Aire. Very comfortable. And hell, at our age, not being dead is about as sexy as we can hope for.

I meant to add: Kibby, we could think outside the box (i.e. non-MOAT people playing FF).


DDi wants to play, and no I didn't twist her arm and yes she is a football fan.

I will e-mail you, Higgy with this info and her e-mail addy. YAY!

Lab - I did a lot of research, and I'm going to try the Nasal Aire if my first choice doesn't work out... from what I've heard the Comfort Curve is great if you can get it to seal. I also made the doc write the script for an auto-pap with c-flex, not just a straight cpap, to avoid getting the cheapest machine the insurance would cover.

Hopefully they'll contact me this week about getting the machine!

*waves sleepily at Jeff and El*

Of course, working rotating shifts isn't doing much for good sleeping either...

*wonders who Lab is talking to up there where he mentions Kibby*

Did you mean HIGGY?

I swear, I'm going to make people start putting nickels in jars every time that happens!

Anyway - DDi has the info and should be registering any minute now!

YAY for a full FF league!
YAY for djtonyb showing up! My best friend Eric wears one of those c-paps, and he does indeed sound like Darth Vader! Scared the absolute crap out of me when I saw him in it!

*sneaks up behind Higgy, taps him on the shoulder*



*goes to change his underwear*

See Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

/end unsolicited testimonial

Di has registered DiZ JohnZ and is ready to rumble!

*hopes that is appropriate trash talk for fantasy football*


d'oh! Almost forgot!

A shout out to my hottie chicklet, El! Thank you for tossing me the name, because as you know, the first one left a whole lot to be desired... :) If'n we win, I'll buy ya a cocktail. *giggling some more*

And hell, at our age, not being dead is about as sexy as we can hope for.

being noticed after not checking in for years months is the most that i can hope for, but i gotta say, that made me *snork!*


good to see ya!

and if i knew anything about fantasy football, i would have been willing to sign up

however, i'm a saints fan, which means i know nothing about football

djtony!!!! Nice to see you again! I'm glad you've Taken Steps to treat the sleep apnea. It's always good to Take Steps.

Jeff--if they didn't have a Starbucks every block or so in midtown Manhattan, whereever would people go to the bathroom? They're performing a public service, IMHO...

Glad you liked my poem, El. :)

In Target News, the gang of idiots running the joint overhired cashiers. Which means all the cashiers are getting their hours cut. Which means that my job's gone from fulltime to halftime--22.5 hours next week, 21 the week after.

In a way, I'm glad my hours are being cut, because cashiering at Target is a job of Maximum Suck. The only bathroom breaks I get are the legally required minimum breaks (two 15-minute ones and one unpaid half hour one). And since your first two weeks are on the ill-named 'training schedule' and not the regular schedule, none of the managers knew I was there til I arrived. Every day I've worked I've had to ask, when was I getting my break? So comforting to be the afterthought...

But the worst thing is that they time you at the register. If the computer likes how long you took, you get a G, for Green. If it thinks you took too long (if, for instance, the customer counts out exact change, or has 600 dollars worth of crap to get rung up), you get an R, for Red. At the end of every transaction you get a G or an R. And a score, which represents your percentage of G versus R. You're supposed to get 88% G. I'll get to 88 percent, and then somebody will count their pennies, I'll get an R, and the next thing I know I'm down to 84. The timer doesn't care whether the person wants to buy a pack of gum and a soda, or 600 dollars worth of clothes and assorted crap. It times you the same.

There are ways around the almighty timer, like the 'suspend' button. It takes the transaction off the clock. Or if somebody has multiple forms of payment. But woe betide me if I don't hit suspend fast enough, I get another R. Also, when you get suspend, you get a little sort of receipt with a barcode on it that you can scan. If the printer is messed up and it won't scan, then you're SOL. But all management cares about is if you've gotten your 88%.

I still think Target has some pretty neat merchandise (I keep seeing customers bringing up stuff I like), but they treat their employees like crap.

Oh well, one more month and I'm back at school and my life can start moving forward again...

*HUGS* to all!

southerngirl! Talk about popping up from nowhere. We're having your type weather this week - HHH. Hey, the Saints aren't that bad.

Blogchik, that sucks. Talk about Big Brother watching you!

Oh, meant to mention yesterday: it's no surprise that The Dark Knight is setting box office records. When we went to see Hellboy every showing of the Batman movie was sold out and people were lined up outside in the 96 degree heat to get in a dn get their seats.

I think we'll wait a couple of weeks.

*zips in*

*waves hi to s'girl* LTNS - here,that is.:)

Blogchik, it sounds like Target treats their employees as bad as Mal-Wart does. Glad this won't last forever.:)

congrats to padraig harrington, winner of the (british) open...he was just saying 'tank you' to everyone... too bad greg norman couldn't win, but he's 53!

The Dark Knight is popular...I know it was sold out last night.

However, the one my mother and I went to was not. In fact we were the first two in.

(On a related note...we were the first two in the theater. The next two people came in a few minutes later. Out of the whole entire empty theater, where do they sit? Right smack dab behind us. Not even a couple rows back. RIGHT behind us. Why?????)

Oh...what did we see?

Mamma Mia.

perhaps they didn't want to see 'mamma mia' without some backup... i know i wouldn't!

That's funny, Susan, but not a good funny.

My friend in Texas wanted to see Mamma Mia! (one of the few men to do so, apparently) but they were sold out, so who knows?

What makes me crazy are the people who can't stop themselves from texting even in the movies. What do they think can possibly happen in that two hours that can't wait until the end of the movie, unless they know someone about to go into labor?

94 again here today. If I wanted this weather I'd move to Florida.

I enjoyed the movie...other than the songs stuck in my head...

And the noise from the neighboring theater.

I guess The Dark Knight is a very noisy movie.

And...MM did not have...

You know the one...


We've seen the show of MM several times (in London). There just didn't seem to be a way for them to cram "Fernando" into the plot.

And speaking of songs, you haven't lived until you've seen the Barry Manilow duet in Hellboy II.


*didn't know sleep apnea even existed*

F2 went to see MM on her birthday. She likes Abba ...

*also wonders who Lab's thinking aboot with the FF thingie*

Blogchik's timers suck. Wonder how you could screw with 'the system'.... *looks to evil twin*

YEA to our friends DJT and southerngirl for stopping by and I'll try to find something trashy (but sexy) to say to DDi's FF team (I hear she likes that) ;-)

*wonders how Susan's doing on ironing her undies*

kibby's a bit red this week. Seems the sun was out in force while sailing over the weekend and there MUST have been a BIG magnifying glass pointed at him.

*lobsters are jealous*

*loads the catapult*



*looks outside "the box"*


It's too hot to iron undies.

Not that I do iron them.

But if I ever did, I certainly wouldn't be now.

Not ironing anything right now.

*waves to jeff and el and kibby*

*and everyone else, too*

jeff, i don't know what the weather's like in LA right now, cuz i'm in biloxi!

kibby: sunscreen ;)

*snorks* at susan and loves her some cold lemonade*

oh, and i agree - blogchick's timer situation stinks

Wait, there's a Barry Manillow duet in Hellboy?
Now I must see this movie.
*cringes a little*

Southerngirl: being a Saints fan is still better than being a Dolphins fan!

Biloxi!? Kibby spent quite awhile at Keesler. I'm sure it's changed A LOT.

crash - so i've heard ;)

kibby, yes, it's changed a lot

they're still not back to pre-katrina, but it's getting there!

tomorrow we're heading to ship island :)

I was there in the late '70s/early '80s so it'll have a loooong way to go to get back to that "pre-katrina". Enjoy Ship Island!

Happy Birthday Southerngirl!

*zips in*

s'girl, Michael Strahan was traded to the Saints, so I think he'll help the team a lot.

*tosses marshmallows at Southerngirl*

(Hey, they're soft. I just made them.)

Happy birthday!

Correction: Shockey, not Strahan.

Carry on.


I may not be ironing my undies...but my daughter is ironing...her t-shirts! I don't believe that child has ever, ever, ever ironed anything. She did burn herself though...

One cadet has run off, two were expelled for fighting. She's still hanging in there though.

Too hot to iron.

Big weekend last weekend; family in from all over. Then on Sunday, my nephew flew home to Houston on Northwest and Meghan flew home to Buffalo on Southwest.

Go figure.

And I bought a new car. 2007 Pontiac G6 GT. Red. Cardinal red, and it's real purdy.

Cool, sly. Mazel tov.

Susan, next time tell her to take the t-shirt off before ironing it!


*oogles sly's .... err.... car*

Hey, at least Megan's plan was coming from that direction.

kibby's been trying to figure out how to market 'iron-on tattoos'.... maybe alcohol (or boot campees) is needed.

Susan, ship over some of your undies to her! ;-)

*reviewed Susan's post and almost sub'd 'wearing' for 'ironing'*

tee hee!



Yep, undies in place.

I think she burned herself because she just wasn't used to using an iron...never having used one.

Congrats, Sly, on the car!

My mother mentioned earlier she used to have to iron her father's underwear. Boxers. He was a farmer.

She also had to iron his socks.

Sheets and towels were ironed too.


I said towels.

I can understand towels... but socks?

Towels are easy...or so it appears.


if you iron a towel, won't that flatten out the nap?
and why would anyone want ironed underwear? or ironed anything really? i can see taking the wrinkles out of sunday go to meeting clothes, but everyday stuff?
homemaking confuses me

oh! and yay car! that G6 is sharp looking

thanks for the b'day wishes, guys!

(and the marshmallows, susan)

kibby, please don't remind me that i reminded you about sunscreen, as i look and feel like a boiled crawfish right now


el...go saints! ;)

*wants to see pics of sly's purdy new car*

*adds, for the record, that she irons nothing*

I've got a few sheets that the top hem has gotten severely creased...but I'm not going to iron it. The only towels I can see are the fancy linen type towels, maybe...if they are for display.

Clothing I almost never iron. A few dress shirts if I have to.

I guess I should do something with that basket of clean clothes I have...

(I did clean the fridge last week...)

AFter G0d invented the dryer, I figured he meant for us to send the irons to the dumpster.

I am not going to mention that I iron just about everything. From clothes to sheets and just about everything in between. Nope, not mentioning it.

But...you can use the irons to make those little suncatchers of crayon shavings between wax paper.

And also for heating up a grilled cheese sandwich.

*hides her iron*

NOOOO! Dont use Steamy for such savage practices! Nooooooo!


The Czech Republic gets an average of 20 hours of sunshine a year, slightly higher than England, so taking advantage of it is necessary.

... I haven't figured out how to capture it in a mason jar yet, but I'm still trying!

Oh, lightening bugs are gone and have been replaced by millions of little flies - which the ducks and fish like because the little flies seem to be attracted to water ... and a poor swimmers.

So Kibby, you look like all those English lobster people?

*passes Kibby the aloe*

Kibby, I use sunscreen.

When I remember.

I had debated going to the beach for a day or two when my mother goes north...that may not happen. I will splurge on a hotel room for the night in Columbia when I take my daughter back to school though...Labor day Monday we may go to Emerald Pointe on her last day home...(with lots and lots of sunscreen!)...then my mother flies out of Florence Tuesay. At 5:45am. I think we'll have to leave at 3am. Bleh. Then I go home, and turn around for a drive to Columbia in the evening. I'm staying there that night, preferably somewhere with a pool.

*zips in*

Also, sly, that's why G0d invented dry cleaners, if you have something that you'd prefer not to be wrinkled.

And I'm sure kibby is way better looking than English lobster people.

*knew he liked Eleanor the BESTEST*

Susan, Reunion's near Pickens, S.C. From what I can see that's at the same height as you, but what, 3 hrs west?

Actually I tan quite well.

*sees crowd with drawn butter turning around*

Kibby, it's about 200 miles. Time varies. (using a map program, some of the shorter routes take the longest time.)

So what's three hours...I'm driving 2 hours, at least, just to drop my dear child at school.

Said child apparently scored 12 grade, 9th month on the tests Monday.

Yet she was failing 10th grade.

She just wouldn't listen to me that class grades and homework matter...not just test grades.

I never use sunscreen.
My skin is going to mutate into a separate entity from myself and will become a supervillian.

Actually, I have gotten a lot less sun than I used to.
My driver's license picture shows me as this bronzed goddess, like Jessica Alba color, but darker. People don't think I'm that same person. Since I'm now Paul Ruebens' color.
I have to say: "I'm fifteen in that picture! I got to go outside, ever!"

Also Susan: attending class and homework don't matter...
I didn't go! I have a college degree!

Of course, I am still unemployed...

Other than not being employed, how are you liking Chicago, Crash?

(of course, crash forgot to add , "except for math class, where showing up and homeowrk were essential, though it was no problem at all, more of a joy, really...)

some pictures of nowthree year old kylie yes she's in pink...

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