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May 24, 2006


There's a movement to make your toilets even more "efficient."

Meanwhile in Greenville, MS: A flaming toilet.


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If this bill passes, will it's supporters be "flush" with success?

Up next: A proposal to mandate a big hole in your bathroom floor that leads directly to a pit under your house.

Hey, I think that's how the Romans did it.

More efficient?? Have they learned nothing?

*Holds Sign and walks in a circle*

No Low Flow!! No Low Flow!! No Low Flow!!

Hey! I have an idea! Why not just eliminate 300 Olympic sized swimming pools, and make Californians drink regular ol' tap water? According to my highly scientific calculations, that will save just as much water, and still permit toilets to, er, go with the flow.

Note: The preceding opinion is, surprisingly, not endorsed by the Toilet Manufacturers Association.

You'll take my high-flush toilet when you pry it out from under my cold, dead tushie.

If you didn't have to flush them seventeen times to sink those p.diddies they might actually save water.

"believed to be a prank"?

Cold Dead Tushie(y?) - GNFARB?

A movement to make your toilets more efficient?
That's a bit like shagging for virginity, isn't it?

"Kids are being questioned," Green said. "We will get to the bottom of this."


If everyone in SoCal would merely stop watering their lawns, it'd be amazing how much water they could save ...

... 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools ... Um ... how much is that in metric?

(Takes famous Owns a 7-gallon Hi-Flow Toilet T-shirt out of luggage, to amire and gloat ...)

(Mentions breakage of AP Stylebook rules in Flaming Toilet story ...)

*snork* at dr acula!

118,800,000 gallons, or 449,064,000 liters

mudstuffin - showoff!!

...so in the final analysis the cost of drinking aquafina while swiimming in your a giant pool in the middle of your green lawn is living in a cesspit...

I guess that seems reasonable...

I haven't clicked on the links yet; I just saw the words 'movement' and 'toilet' in the same sentence and proceeded to giggle uncontrollably. Keep 'em coming Dave.

Been said, but sadly one flush won't do (or won't doo-doo). We put 'em in, and my water bill went UP! California. Plenty of wine, expensive real estate, and whiny movie stars. Wisdom? Not so much.

Aha! That would be one use for the Fireproof Toilet Seat I saw in a hardware store ad years ago!

I wouldn't consider a toilet efficient unless you could use it to flush this bill. It's the biggest load of crap I have seen today.

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