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May 24, 2006


...and maybe you want to get something different for Dad.

(Thanks to Kaf)


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That's what my dad got me for my 8th birfday, which explains a lot, I think.

so glad i'm a vegetarian.

No wonder our boys fought so hard to take Pork Chop Hill.

Junior - stop playing with your food!!

Snork @ CoastRaven

Long pork. The other white meat.

So, um, the picture is only two hours old; the pork chop is of indeterminate age; the bidding isn't over for 34 hours; and they're going to ship it via standard flat rate?

This has GOT to be some kind of aversion therapy designed to promote lifelong celibacy...

I don't think so-- my Dad is Jewish.

Also, I'm not sure whether I should giggle with amusement or shudder with revulsion.

Where was this pork chop when Philip Roth was writing "Portnoy's Complaint"?


grown on a naked lady-shaped matrix seeded with cells from .....

instead of helping dad "pork out", why not do him a favor, and sign him up for G.I. Joe Yoga? (G.I. Joe-ga?)

When I buy my naked ladies cut into meat, I usually get the sirloin.

For some reason, though I've never seen them, the Porky's movies spring to mind.

puppytoes...hysterical site! reminds me of that furrin film of the ?70's in which two dueling dandies in 18th C. garb thrust and parry while hollering antithetical statements by various philosophers of the Enlightenment at each other.

Gives a somewhut new meanin' to the phrase Put the por ... um ... nevermind ...

So this person "butterfly-ed" a chop and got this. Do you think that is how Rorschach got started?

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