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May 29, 2006


OK, here is the situation:

Jack Bauer has been captured by evil Chinese actors from a previous-season subplot and is being held prisoner on a Chinese freighter under horrible conditions. The only ray of hope is that Audrey is not on the ship.

Edgar is still dead.

Those are the main plot points. We do not expect anything to happen tonight.


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7:19 - Somewhere in the Los Angeles Forest, a bloody hand shoots out of an unmarked fresh grave.


*SNORK* @ you all. That was great.

I had a moment of silence at 9:00pm EST last night. Do you think the Chinese let Jack have a cookout for Memorial Day?

I didn't see much of '24' because of my night classes and lack of TiVo/VCR/Anything, so forgive me if this is a stupid question:

Does Audrey REALLY cry that much?

Dammit, somebody form a perimiter!!

Absolutely brilliant, gang!!!!

Hey! What was THAT all about? 24 is OVER! And I'm mostly pissed because I missed all the fun!

This is the funniest stuff I've read in I don't know how long. I tried reading it at work and just can't, I was laughing too loud. Please don't stop adding to the "filler season 5 1/2" of "24/23/25 whatever."


Jemmy: Yes, she does.

Morris update: Sascha Cohen is not the actor. He's Carlo Rota, who would be familiar to fans of the USA series La Femme Nikita.

I just stopped by to express my love for Steve. That episode summary was fantastic as always.

Thanks to the others who created their own as well! HILARIOUS!

Now that I've had a chance to read the recaps: let's fire the writers and just hire you guys, especially Steve.

Also, I heard something on the radio last night that doubles as AGNFARB and an excellent nickname for Chloe: Certified Ethical Hacker.

Steve's summary frightens me -- not only does it have good moments (like Chloe at the gas pump), but it's so darn plausible. I wasted my holiday reading through all his recaps, and passing knowledgeable references like Internet2 and Unix shell scripts made me fear for his soul.

I read online that they were going to be doing 24 reruns on friday nights. Can we blog on the reruns? You never know, something might change.

Yay, Steve! It must be easier not to have to follow those OTHER writers on the show.

Brilliant! No kidding--you guys rock, especially Steve. I was reading his recap earlier, thinking "yeah, that could happen...and that could happen...and that could happen..."


"7:49 – Chloe runs towards the front door of her house and we hear “Chloe identified”, and the doors open by themselves. Chloe yells “Chloe ID: 4 8 15 16 23 42”, and the whole wall of her living room swings around to reveal a really, really big computer."

I'm playing those numbers on this week's Lotto. What the hell, they look good...

Arrrghhhh! I was away with Deadbeat Hubbie and Spawns 1 and 2 honoring those who fought for our country by watching a parade and going to the beach, and missed all the fun!!

I'm drunk now though.

Will plan to be here next Monday at 9 to join the fun! I miss the speedblogging...and the perimeters...and the graphic content....


Oh, and thanks to the Amazing Steve for the faboo recap!

Although I've never seen "24", I feel all caught up now! Great plotlines, everyone!

Season-hiatus liveblogging! ROFLMAO! Wish I'd known about this last night...


Jack Bauer sighting! Next to us at a traffic light Memorial Day in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Yes, I'm sure it was him... I waved and he shot me in the thigh.

The following takes place between 7 am and 8 am

7:02 am – Bill gets a call. He's being replaced--again. Nobody left at Division, nobody left at Homeland Security. CTU is taken over by the Department of Agriculture.

7:02 – Super-Aaron notified that Jack is kidnapped. Looks around for ex-Presidential brother to stage rescue. Can't find him.

7:03 – Jack, very strategically, remains passed out in the middle of a dark room aboard the ship. He realizes that acting "passed out" is a really sweet gig, and he gets paid the same as if he's running and jumping. Note to self--Jack will remain passed out for several hours this series...

7:04 – Miles smarts off to paperboy, is beaten to within an inch of his weaselly life.

7:06 – Jack's hot girlfiend and her son talk about what a great guy Jack is. We viewers all wonder how the writers could abandon her and shackle us with Awwdrey.

7:10 am – SecDef wakes up from Intensive Care. "24"-brand-Super-Bandaid put on head, then he's good to go.

7:12 – IPEX commercial. Bloggus Interruptus...

7:15 – Jack fools Chinese Subplotters with the Old Exploding Fake Blood From Being Beaten Up Trick! Har!

7:17 – Chloe finds the backup to the recording that she made before Miles erased the original. Damn...she looks annoyed, says "Fine!", and slips it into her IPEX...

7:23 – CUT to Bluetooth Group Hollywood Writers. They look disturbed as an angry mob of Dave's Bloggers break in to air their greivances concerning Awwdrey. Every single one of the writers is thigh-shot twice...

Oh, how could we top that for an episode cliffhanger? See you next week when Kiefer might decide to wake up...

I'm glad I visited. All your recaps made my evening! (An evening late, but still an evening.)

Graphic content? Might be hard to manage that in a blog.


o---> ()

That's Jack shooting the Nearest Available Thigh.

" It must be easier not to have to follow those OTHER writers on the show."

I don't have to type as fast as when I'm watching, that's for sure! :-)

I can't stop snorking at Steve's summary. Way to go... no need for the *other* 24!!

This is hilarious! There are--I just counted--28 Weeks left before the Official Bleep/Blooping starts anew. So theoretically, we could have a whole Day 6 put together by then, AND still have enough time left over to take off for Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

And FWIW, already, I think OUR Random Plot Generator is better than theirs. So, Har!

Actually, the way everyone is making their own, we'll probably have about 5 day sixes.

You say that like it's a bad thing...

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