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April 26, 2006


Just what we need: grown men, playing with their hamsters.

(Thanks to Artchick)


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Then he analyzed it (probably BSing through most of it), and everyone thought he was really smart and insightful.

He was also the premiere psycho analyst of his time. Though his method was strange. He was always assuming that everything had to do with sex. The ID was far more powerful in his mind then anything else.
It got annoying reading his papers.

But rich people would pay him millions for telling them that they $%^$%^$ as a child.

The father of modern psycho analysis smoked a lot of cigars.

Sorry, being a jerk.

Booger. Tequilla. Giant Walrus!!

Many people have paid a lot of money for a lot of reasons, not all of them necessarily wise. Just sayin'. And you weren't being a jerk. Just a know-it-all. *ducks* Just teasing. ;-) We'll let you know when you're being a jerk, as you know. :-)

Aren't there any kilties besides Alfred, Sarah, cyn, Uncle O & me anymore? Blue? sharon? knbtc? clover? neo? insom? s-girl? TCK? Where are you guys? Was it something we said? Whatever it was, I'm sorry already!

*sniff, whimper*

*attempts to console self (not Self) by watching an episode of Dr. Who*


no worries, lil sistah...

people just got things to do, ya know?

(RL stinks that way, sometimes) :)

as for myself, i was gone all weekend, visiting with my parents, and experiencing a myriad of electronic problems...'puter, cell phone, camera...


but i'm back now, and everything seems to be working...

thanks, dragon bud!

so now yer stuck with me again. :)

oh, crap

hehehe...fixed it already, insom, but thanks!!!


Ok, that made me laugh uncontrollably: everything seems to be working... now yer stuck with me...
and then POOF the italics break.

*giggles some more*

{{{s-girl, neo & insom}}}

Glad to know you're still with us. But I've gotta go to bed now; g'night!

Still around, B - just busy all weekend. Goodnight!

wow, where are all of you west coasters tonight?

Naruto fest. Teaching my sister how to swing dance. Watched little brother take on Roomate in Go.

Took on a thousand men with zombie swords.

The usual Sunday stuff.

Well, I'm here now - that's good.
But, I'm at work - that's not so good.
But, they're still not wise to my blogging ways - so that's good.
But, they're bound to catch on eventually - that won't be good.
They also provided my laptop for travelling and working at home - that's good.
Even though it's ostensibly for work purposes - that's not really good.
But I am able, so far, to use it for non-work purposes too - that's really good.
And they provide all the tech support I need when things get fouled up - man, is that good!
I have to go to a meeting now - I needn't tell you whether that's good or not.

Meeting's over - GOOD!!!

The kilt lives! Unlike Alfred's brother/roommate/the men with zombie swords (not sure who won out, there).


I have a day off today, luckily. But I sympathize with you having to work. I had to work yesterday. An old lady yelled at me because we had run out of a free promotional product for which she had a coupon. Apparently she didn't read the "while supplies last" part of the coupon, since she came on the last day it was valid. I offered her a sample of the product that I drammed from a tester (same thing, different form), which I was not required to do, btw; I did it because I'm nice, and she slammed the stuff she was planning to buy down on the counter and said, "If that's the best you have to offer me, I'm not shopping here," and stormed out with her husband, b!tching about me the whole way. What is it about people that makes them think they're entitled to whatever they want whenever they happen to want it? Most of us learned as toddlers that we don't always get what we want. If you can't take what's offered to you in good grace, at least be polite about it. Or else shut the he!! up, because I don't want to listen to you gripe. I've got better things to do.

/work rant

I'll say again that I consider myself blessed for never having had to directly serve the general public. But, of course, any organization has its own share of internal @ssholes, and the trouble with that is they're around every day, usually holding meetings.

my co-worker is a nice girl, and i like her, but she's young (no offense to you younger kiltes)...and she talks my ears off!

specially on mondays, cuz i've got to get filled in on her entire weekend.


and neo, i'm glad you were amused by my troubles


southerngirl~ Well, not all young people will talk your ears off. Some of us are quite succinct, you know. We never ramble on and on and on about our lives, because that would just be boring and annoying. I myself would never bother you by talking about my weekend, which I mostly spent working, by the way. Except on Friday. I had the day off on Friday. I mostly sat around in my room and watched TV. I watched several episodes of Dr. Who. David Tennant is hot, you know. Adorable. But he talks so fast in his Brit accent that sometimes I can't understand him. But that's all right. Once I'm done with the old episodes my bro-in-law loaned me on DVD, I'll watch the rest on Tivo with captioning. I really love my Tivo; it's a Godsend. And have you quit reading this yet? Because I didn't write all this so you could read it; I was being ironic. Did I succeed? Did I? What do you think? ;-)

bumble - that's what my brother-in-law said about david tennant, that you couldn't understand his brit. accent, but when he talked in a scots accent he was more clear . since wikipedia tells me tennant is a scot (his original last name was 'macdonald' and he had to change it because there was already a 'david mcdonald', in actors equity, their version of the screen actor's guild, the 'tennant' was from neil tennant of the pet shop boys which you may or may not have heard of), this is understandable, but then why not make him a scot?. this is the same thing that happened in america to 'william h. macy' and 'david hyde pierce', i.e. having to change their names, although just slightly in these cases, to differentiate themselves (and being a calculus student, you know how painful that can be) from other actors. anyway, the local p.b.s. station has just shown the episode where eccleston metamorphosed into tennant so i don't even know if they will show the newer ones at all.

well, that was just... inspired. *feels dizzy*

a little to the left, will ya?

*Lights a cig*

mayhaps i shoulda put a *schnork* behind that? a schmiley?
*is schmuggled away* *schmummffhh!*

*schigh* mayhaps schoulda refreshed the page!


Samuel L Jackson had the L put in to keep differentiated. I think its because he beat the L out of everyone else.

My roommate and Brother Tied. Which was amazing, my little brother is really good.

Naruto has 230 episodes to go.

The Men with zombie swords are still around. But they won't be at my door any time soon.-I realize this is a perfect time for a Mormon joke. But I declare that I have already made it-.

In Brittain, they put up subtitles for just about everyone. This inculdes other Brits. The reason for this is simple. Not all Brits can understand each others accent. So they need some help.

Feel sorry for Craig Ferguson. He played a British Jerk. He is from Scottland and feels that way about most of them.

insom~ Yeah, the scot accent, being his native one, is much clearer. They're currently showing the third of the new seasons (second w/ Tennant) on the sci-fi channel I get with my cable package, but I have the second and third seasons on DVDs my bro-in-law made bought for me so I can fill in the blanks of stuff the marathon I tivoed of second season left out. I haven't seen any of the Eccleston episodes, but they're starting to run them, so I might pick them up and watch them. Big sis tells me that Eccleston is hot and a good doc and she was sad when they replaced him with Tennant... until she'd watched Tennant a while and been consoled. I haven't watched Eccleston, as I said, so I've yet to make a decision about him. We'll see. :-)

*Waits for conversation to turn to something that I have any kind of grasp on*

Could be a long wait....

Are all meanies blue? Discuss.


Also, is it easier being blue than green?

*digs out Journal Jar in search of questions"

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summertime? Why?

Here's a strange one:
Tell about handed-down talents, foods, clothespin dolls, willow whistles, pottery, quilting, whittling, meat drying etc.

I'm not sure I understand it.

All meanies? There are others?

Well, according to him, being green is pretty easy and a lot of fun.

This guy, on the other hand, doesn't look too thrilled.

Handed down talents (maybe) and food (definitely), I can get a grasp on. Clothespin dolls, willow whistles, pottery, quilting, whittling, meat drying - not so much.

(Born and grew up in The Bronx, you see...)

Favorite thing to do in the summertime: find an air-conditioned room to stay in. Yes, I'm a total wussy indoor girl. If I must be outside, my favorite summer activity would be swimming. I love to swim, and don’t get to do it as often as I’d like.

Most of my hobbies weren't handed down; I embraced them on my own. Meemaw crocheted, but she didn't teach me; I was too young when she was alive. I took up crochet, basket weaving, cross-stitch and scrap-booking on my own. I'm a crafty sort. I guess you could say dad handed down a love of reading to me, since he's sort of the one who got me hooked on it by A) stopping our TV reception and B) reading to me and taking me to the library after he stopped it. I’ve yet to embrace cooking skills; probably won’t until I’m out of my parents’ (parent’s?) house and don’t have mom’s excellent meals at my disposal any longer. I bake pretty well, but I tend to notice people can make the things they like the best better than other things, and I’m a total sweet tooth, so that makes sense.

*wanders off to take a shower*

I did a little bit of pottery as an elective in school, but it was never a great talent. Only my mom likes to keep around some of the weird things I created. Remind me to post a picture of the misshapen purple thing that looks like an elephant foot sometime. It didn't turn out quite like I planned.

If you really must know. My Dad gave me a sense of stubborness. The ability to say things with out having to say them out loud. A joy of camping and proving my own skills.
My mother gave me the ability to tell stories. This was actually because she was sick when I was younger. So she could only tell me stories and then let me finish them on my own. My first favorite author was my mom.
She also taught me how to shoot a gun. Though it seems I have yet to learn all of the safety stuff. Or my friends are so caught up in themselves that they don't realize that I am mimicing how they hold guns.


um, that's kinda one o' them handy lil' pieces of information which would be good to mention up front.. n'est-ce pas?

Very true. (I wish i could remember how to say True in french. versai I think, but not really sure.)

I don't get to shoot often enough to have all the rules ingrained enough. And the people I shoot with, have the thought that everyone else should be following these rules. They applaud the idea of someone pointing a gun back at the person not following the rules. So the idea of mentioning such things in such a moment, is not a good idea.

It takes a while to learn guns. And quite a few people never really do. They can be used correctly, but it takes time to accept what a gun is. When you do learn to accept these things, you treat the safety rules in a new way. Your not just following the rules, you are understanding what a gun is.

This gets even more muddled when some people use guns for there actual purpose, but are never taught how to turn that off. So yeah, I just learn to follow the rules, and try not to react when they think I break the rules. They will learn soon enough.

Change of subject. A game even. I do this all the time. The story begins, "Suddenly I realized".
So everyone try to tell a small story with this as the beginning sentence.

Suddenly I realized that I was surrounded by Zombies doing the Macarena. This seemed so odd that such movements could be learned by such brain dead subjects. But then again, they were 2 beats off the entire time. My mind began to reel at the thought that these zombies were some how trying to drive me insane by the off beat macarena.

Body-surfing nice-sized waves in the cool Atlantic on a hot day.

Can't be beat.

Hi, guys. The nice thing about being gone for awhile is coming back. I followed the breadcrumbs and found the new thread. Thanks for leaving a trail.

I HATE COMCAST! It took 3 tech visits, 9 phone calls, and 3 weeks to figure out that the modem was on the fritz and needed replacing.

Good to be back. I'm jobless and looking.

Meanie, I was in NY end of June. My son moved there in March and just got an apartment in the East Village. HE LOVES IT! I loved staying with him, too. Every morning I went out at 8:30, it was cool, I walked a half a block to 3rd Avenue, and it took me 30 seconds to get a cab! I jumped in the cab and shouted, "I LOVE NY!" Cabbie thought I was crazy, but who cares. Jason spent all my spare time showing me his 'new' favorite places around where he lives (E 12 St).

Alfred: It's true in French is C'est vrai (not sure at all about that spelling).

daisy, c'est vrai...that's how ya spell it! :)

Although my sentence structure has greatly improved in french. My verbage is slowly going down the Rhine. Thank spanish class for that. But I have a solution. plan a trip to France. Skip Paris. Enjoy the Fromageries.

Je pense que ce vin a déjà ete bu...

(guess who found an obnoxious nifty french phrases site?

Vous avez des origines françaises? Pourquoi pas une descendance française?

je ne parle pas français très bien

oui, mon mama c'est un Duval e estude(never learned this one from her) francais en escol.

ma mère vient de la famille Duval et elle a étudié le français à l'école.

and my brother said 6 years of French classes would never come in handy. Ha!

*Waits for conversation to turn to something that I have any kind of grasp on*

Could be a long wait....

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 09:39 PM on August 6, 2007

I knew that one would come in handy again.

Guten Tag, Blau. Wie geht's?

*goes back to the journal jar*

Here's a good one:

What did you do when you were a child that got you in the most trouble and how did your parents handle it?

I'm sure there are lots of good stories out there.

Ate a Hershey bar right before dinner. While mom was cooking, in fact. Got threatened with a spanking, but weaseled out of it by crying and appearing sorry. Still, I've never seen mom that mad. I did worse things I'm sure, but that really ticked her off. Probably because it was blatant disobedience on my part.

My roommate is listening to Chinese rap, and I'm having a hard time not laughing out loud. There's just something funny about rapping a bunch of single syllable words.

My mom sent me new pictures of our puppy, Hunter, the schnoodle. I ♥ Hunter

If it is anything like Japanese rap, then the videos are awesome.

Wow 6 years. I just spoke it on occasion. Never learned to write it.

Lets see now. I would guess the time that I broke the banister at school. I had broken it in half. My mother made me do all sorts of chores and such to make up for the 3 days I couldn't go to school. Plus she refused to pay for the banister -at this time it would have been difficult to pay for it anyway- so I ended up working at the school library to pay it off.
It ends happily with me being Librarian of the year. An award that was handed out only once. I really enjoyed that time.

Help! Someone, please distract my bosses. They're giving me way too much stuff to do.

*runs through Blue's bosses' offices in a grim reaper costume, juggling live chickens, and singing the Spider Pig song*

*Heelies through Blue's place of business, wearing a giant tu-tu, a gold sequined blouse and a rainbow clown wig, dodging security while playing "Highway to Hell" on the Sousaphone*

*hires a singing, dancing Barney the Dinosaur to entertain Blue's bosses, smuggling Blue out the back door while the bosses are reeling in shock*

*Walks into Blues house of business and begins to show of the robotic cows*

*mails Blue applications for jobs located in timbuktu and bf egypt*


after neo's antics (which, by the way, *SNORK*) and with the robotic cows roamin around, that's probably the nearest job he'll be able to find!


Neo!! (Major *SNORK!*, BTW) - That was YOU???!!

neo and blue- snork

snork- please make sure to create more comedy.

*takes a deep breath*

*chants "It's for a good cause" to self (not Self) repeatedly*

*streaks through Blue's office*

Bumbledore- be careful of what causes you do things for. I mean really, what would happen if the bosses like you running with no clothes on?

Then they would set about trying to catch me and ignore Blue; mission accomplished!

If they don't like what they see (more likely), they'll have to take the day off to get therapy, and they'll still leave Blue alone; win-win!

Is Bumbledore to be my new nickname?

Sure. It kind of just kicked in. Which is perfect for a nickname. The question is, do you like Harry Potter?

Who doesn't? Other than my dad, that is. Yes, I love HP. :-)

G'night, all!

Good morning, fellow naturists.

My bosses have left me curiously alone since yesterday, as they seem to suddenly be (sorry
'bout the split infinitive, there, grammarians) fixated on how to work their digital cameras.

BTW - today is Judi's birthday.

"ooooh,... look, something digital!"

Well today is starting out great. We believe we were robbed. The thing is. The stuff stolen wasn't being used right at the moment, so we don't know when it happened. The PS2 and games, a computer, and some other stuff is just missing. We can't seem to find them after searching the entire house.
The reason why we didn't notice is sort of strange as well. I brought back my roommates PS2 from my parents house, and then laid it down on a table. It dissapeared from there. I thought he had put it somewhere. Instead even he doesn't know where it is. So an unfun day is going to happen today.

Es El Dia de cumpliano por Judi? Felizitamos!

Wow, major downer, Alfred. I hope the computer didn't have important files as well. Maybe the stuff will be recovered intact ... you never know....

And if that computer was used for online banking, shopping, etc., you'd better start alerting those conmpanies and changing account passwords, etc.

Good luck.....

The computer was for my roommates brother and wife. The wife is blind so my roommate was hooking up special equipment to the computer so she could use it.

It seems one of my cameras and some other stuff is also missing. It seems to have been an inside job (one of my roommates) and he has promised to return everything. The thing is, the PS2 was not on the list. This is all getting pretty tough. I was supposed to clean a bunch today. But man I don't feel like it.

So, yeah. Dia de nervioso y tristimos para la casa mio. Y si El no returnare los pallabras, fue un dia del sangre.


I hope your stuff is recovered. Is it possible it could have been stolen by someone you know? Someone who'd been over to your place and knew what you had? Sucks if that's the case, but it'd be easier to track down than a stranger breaking in at random.

Yikes. Simuled as the truth came out. I hate being right. :-(


Bumble- yeah it sucks. But at least it will be over soon. He was moving out anyway. Kind of a traumatic day for everyone in the household.

Blue- Thanks. I don't thank you enough really.

Update on thefts. The roommate who did it all has dissapeared. He said he would get the stuff back. Instead he has been missing all day. So over $1000 and plenty of electronic equipment has been stolen.

In other news, We are selling his stuff on EBay. Highest bidder gets a picture of us burning that item!

Kind of trying to figure out what to do with the porn mags he left behind.

Alfred~ Better sell those too. They'll probably fetch a pretty good price, unfortunately.

I'm so sorry to hear things turned out that way. Have you called the police? You have an advantage in knowing who did it.


Not to take away from any of this other stuff, but I'm pretty disgusted with the robots that control this site ... it tells me that a post is probably spam ... and won't post it ...

I'm just about outta here, except that the nature of the post and Alfred's problems and a lot of other stuff are actually way more important than my petty snit about an idiot machine ... whatever ...

I'll try to post it again, but with various symbols instead of letters, perhaps I can sneak it thru ...

Bummer, Alfred ... wish I could do more ...

Got some d0wner news from eldest daughter last nite too ... friend, neighbor, former student ... not good diagnosis or prognosis -- Big C@sin0, pancreas & spread to lungs, six weeks ... nice guy, good dad ... kinda depressin' ... if NE of y'all are so inclined, prayers for his soul would be a gesture of support ...


Now, if the intent and/or content of that message is spam ... I'm merely thinkin' I really don't care to hang around machines that are this stupid ... we'll see whut happens this time ...

Bumble- We don't know if it will do anything about our stuff. Very likely he sold it to other people. Which means we get nothing even if we report him. Or thats the defeatist attitude from my roomates.

OtheU- If he was a good Dad, A good man, and a good student, I think I will pray that he stays around longer.

On a lighter note.

He came back and stole our Wii. I just called the cops and my roommates. The people who own the house are on a holiday to Utah. This is going to be a long day.

I know it was him because he had a bag with clothes stuffed in it. This morning, when I was going to the Wii, I realized it was all gone. I went to Andrew's Room. The bag was missing. And now I am waiting for the police to come by.

Ok I realize I have a bad day today. But it would mean a lot if you all acted funny and stuff.

Alfred~ Good on you for calling the police, but I don't understand why he doesn't have to make restitution for what he did. Even if he sold the stuff, shouldn't he have to pay for it if he's caught?

*stands on head and sticks out tongue at Alfred*

Was that funny?

*dashes off to cook dinner (tacos and cherry turnovers) for guests*

He will go to jail. Our stuff may not be given back. The it took for me to get to some stupid castle in Final Fantasy will be gone. Replaced by something new. A Puppy to help us with the death of the old dog that the son of a #$%#$ stole.
It seems that another one of my roommates didn't quite understand that gravity of the situation. So there was no forced entry. Andrew was let in.

Just spoke with the officer. She said that we need a court order to Not Contact. Jared is writing it out as we speak. Having friends that are judges is quite nice.

I just realized that if he has our Wii. Then he has the address to here. The Kilt is on the Wii Web Browsers bookmarks.

Hmmmmm. That means we may need new identities. Let's see ......

Here's one....

Then, maybe this for our resident dragon......

Even a complete makeover for me...

The rest of you are on your own....

[OtU, deeply sorry for the sad news about your daughter's friend. Hope things turn for the better soon.]

{{{Alfred & Uncle O}}}

I hope your weekends are better than your weeks.

Attention, Kilties: New place is set up. See your emails from the Y-Kilt, or email me directly for the location. You will need to provide seven forms of ID, a DNA sample, and a small deposit (cash only, wise guys).

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