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February 01, 2006


In response to the outpouring of requests (one, that we know of), here is the Tupperware Song as it appears on the cd Stranger Than Fiction, available at Don't Quit Your Day Job Records.

(Thanks to Albert Franquiz of the Miami Thundertechs for his unfailingly patient assistance.)


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*waving lighter in the air*

*saves file to disk to listen again later in a more altered state of mind*


The Unfailingly Patient Assitance (or Assitants) wba crappy nfarb.

I heard Def Leppard cover that in '78 in Detroit.. an absolutely unforgettable experience. I bought 4 bowls in the lobby afterward and made bongs out of them.

Yeah, like the bossman didn't already wonder about the music I play. Now he really thinks I'm strange. As opposed to just slightly off kilter.
*saves to special playlist*
btw ~ sooo cool. Thanks for sharing it.

thanks judi, that was great!

I nominate this for the 10 ten link so far this year! I never knew tupperware could be so radical.

"We don't want no botulism..."

...unless it is injected directly into our faces.

yay Dave! The "Tupperware Caskets" GNFARB?

awe-some. and g-d rest warren zevon.

That's one of the better songs about Tupperware I've heard. Truly.

I heard Dave do this solo when he was in Arlington. That was far better than this recording, but still. I'm jamming at my desk now. ♫ Thanks.

*breaks out in a sweat as he resists the urge to open the audio file (not audiophile) in a corporate environment*

YAY Dave!

*throwing my crudite' server onto the stage*

Where can I sign up for the Remainder's fan club?

Coast. Just keep the volume down. It is hilarious.

queensbee-ditto about Warren.

Judi-thanks for posting the song.

Warren Z. played lead guitar on that version of "Tupperware Blues." That was the day I met him: He flew down to Miami and recorded it.
I miss Warren.

MOTW, aren't you supposed to be working right now? :)

What good does keeping the volume low do when you are actively "machine gun *snork*ing" in your cubicle? Now they just think I am laughing at the commercial schedule for tomorrow on my computer.

*imagines wives dancing in the living room twirling various articles of clothing*



...ooops, just had Security stick they're head in the door.

Hi Dave,

"It seems the good, they die young."


That is quite possibly one of the best blues songs about plastic food containers I've heard in a long time.


Seriously, well done Dave.

kibby. I hate it when that happens. Like having my mom coming around "...now son, you know that ain't right"

Yea, and we have thick brick walls too. Not those flimzey "woolie wall" cubes.

Why is it that so-called big time rock bands shy away from the politically charged issues of the day, leaving it to authors to form bands and tackle questions of food storage safety?

What happened to the rebel spirit of guitar slinging hippies with difficulty keeping their shirts on?

That was AWESOME.


Now you know why I listen to a small radio *with headphones* at work. All I had to do was move the plug from my Zen Nano+ to my computer.

Well, and keep from making too much noise myself, of course, as noted.

Yay, Judi! Thanks!


*borrows CR's cold sweat*

I am WAAAAITING for my bosses to leave for lunch so I can listen! Shoo, bosses! Shoo!

I can't *listen* to it cause my puter isn't hooked up to the speakers

daisy still in wilma disarray in so fla

*sparks a lighter*

*combs mullet*

*hairspray ignites and head bursts into flames*

OH MY! (As Dick Enberg would say when something terrific happens!

That was - was - beyond great. And Warren Z (RIP)(*sob*), how wonderful is that!!

Who sings?

I saved this to WMP. I hope that's not some copyright infringement - eeekkk!

Thank you judi. :)

Harrumph! I tried to save it to my itunes and download it to my nano...no can do...at least not with my limited tech savy.

a haiku:

Immortalize it
the pale plastic tubs, airtight
burp to show it's fresh


tuna casserole
unwanted leftover food
preserved forever

one more:

bang it slowly, Dave
romance the lid, savor it
plastic memories

ok one more:

tupperware music
viva la irreverance
with a drum solo


There's just something about listening to the voice of a treasured writer. It gives me seizures of joy.

*Big, toothy smile!* :D

Thanks again, Judi!

Mudstuffin-True that!

*lulled into a dreamy, zen-like state*

a link that the Mrs. will enjoy!!! (she practically stood up in the theater showing A Beautiful Mind when Jennifer Connolly pulled a Tupperware container out and said "They didn't have that container in the '60s!")

wouldn't Tupperware caskets have to be 'burped' frequently to let out the various gases? does anyone else think this would be the worst job ever?

LOL, insom!

Yes, Tupperware caskets, upon further thought, are not a good idea!

And Jeff, if you come back here, the answer is YES, I had both jello molds - but you didn't ask if I ever used either one of them - in a word, NO!

Could someone post the lyrics of the song, please?

Jello mold? Is that the furry, jiggly, brightly colored stuff I find in my refrigerator?

Re: Tupperware Caskets (WBAGNFARB?) - Tupperware could rebrand the Napmosphere (other thread) and replace the little "comfort balls" with those packets silica gel balls that keep food and vitamins dry. You could buy one and enjoy it right now AND for all eternity!

Play that funky music White Boys!

Wow! That was great! After the lousy morning I had, that was a wonderful pick-me-up. Thanks, judi! and Thanks, Dave!

I just realized something. The brain-trust that serves as an IT department here made it impossible for me to download and appreciate the fine music of the Remainders in my office, yet for some reason the same people apparently think its okay for me to watch a 13 year old boy dance around with a bottle rocket up his ass.* Must be that new math.

*Mr. Stuffin is refering to a item blogged some weeks ago wherein a video showed a 13 year old boy dance around with a bottle rocket up his ass.

AN - you sound like you could use a {{hug}}, so even though I'm eating homemade chili (made in someone else's home, but whatever, I put down my spoon to give you one - or 2. :)

{{{Aunt Nancy}}}

Hi DB bloglits! :D I've been quietly standing off in the shadows of the posts for the longest time, but today I felt moved to comment on the sheer awesomeness that is The Tupperware Song. I especially love the grammatically correct third verse:

"If you like this little product/'Bout which I've been telling you..."

I just listened to this song *seven* times in a row. I'm going to be dreaming of Tupperware, probably.

And before I go, I do believe there are a few Canadians roaming this blog, so g'day, eh? from a fellow Canuck. :)

You may refer to yourself as "Mr." stuffin, but to us you'll always be named mud.

* ducks to avoid sock full-o-nickels from his mudness' direction *

* opens windowshade to let in a little light *
Welcome, Trivia Queen! Canuck? RU from Canadia?

just a word here: if you buy the cd, you can also get the immortal "proofreading woman," also written by the blog, AND hear stephen king singing "stand by me" :)

*blinks, mole-like, in the sudden light, then puts on David-Caruso-from-CSI-Miami-style sunglasses to compensate*

Hi, MOTW! It's great to be here! And indeed, I am from Canada -- Ottawa, to be precise. :)

judi - would "proofreading woman" happen to be about a certain stealth bloggerette, perchance?

@Trivia Queen

Ottawa? Isn't that in Ontario? Do you have problems with terrorists trying to steal your nerve gas cannisters, too?

Oooh! Sound clips from the cd are on a site whose name rhymes with "Shmamazon"!

not at all MOTW :) it goes:

I'M IN LOVE (he's in love)
with a proofreading woman...

There's a CD? Someone should send one to William Shatner. Thanks Judy, and Dave for the mental visions of putting my husband in a tubberware coffin. (after the fact of course)

By the way, is it biodegradable?

is there a page where both the movie and the cd can be ordered together? could someone please advise:)

(for qetzal)

Nope, no nerve gas canisters being stolen around here. The only thing in town that could put people into a stupor is the government, and they've been rendered temporarily harmless thanks to our recent election. (Standard wisdom here runs that Canadian politics is extremely boring.)

And Judi: "Proofreading Woman" sounds great! I'll have to go and buy the CD now...

*also makes mental note to ask Trivia Prince Consort to learn that song and serenade me with it*

Not to be morbid or anything...

However, with the "air-tight" seal of tupperware, there would be no need to further "burp" the casket. Presumably, the living impared person would be preserved as the forces breaking down his/her bodily membranes would not function in the container. In fact, if all of the air were removed from the container, the individual could last indefinitely in a tupperware coffin.

That was truly STUNNING Dave! Thanks Judy - I am so glad to know how to keep turnips now!!!

DougG - That would be some "burp" to suck all the air out!

Oh my gosh. That was too funny. I've never heard Dave sing before. He's good. Much better than the average person who sings for a living. So very multi-talented. It's not fair to the rest of the celebrity community.

good question, cyn!

*waits around for answer*

Lisa Bisa FF - Just go here: http://www.rockbottomremainders.com/info_list.htm to learn how to sign up for the mailing list.

Never have I laughed so hard at rotting turnips.

*clicks Infinite Repeat on iTunes*

You know, after Jack Bauer has to disappear again (in about what, 20 hours?), he'll need a new career, right? Maybe he should go into the Tupperware business. Here's how he might sing the song chorus:

'Cause it's here
Take a look at what we've got!
If you don't try some and buy some, yeah,
Don't blame me if your thigh gets shot!

Dave, is that you singing? I would have never guessed in a frajillion years that you would sound like that.

Yeah. What James said.

Not sure what I did expect, but you definitely sound way cooler than a humor columnist should. Especially one who primarily relies on booger jokes.

P.S. We all miss Warren Z.

Brilliant! Weird Al-worthy.

Tupperware, my turnips are safe with you.

RIP Warren Zevon. I first encountered him as Paul Shaffer's backup band leader on Letterman, and later realized he was a topnotch musician/singer/songwriter. So I'm glad he was on Letterman, so I got to experience some of his magic.

Yayyy!!!! Thanks judi! Now I can put this on my iPod™ along side my "Sloop John B" mp3, makin gthis the largest known collection of RBR recordings in the world!

Note to SoCal bloglitts... Maybe we should all learn this so we can sing it together at the SoCal get-together!

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