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January 18, 2006


If the s.b. were to say something about pointing the finger at the bad guys, would she live to blog again?

(Thanks to Brainy Jello)


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It would be Brainy that found this....

I wonder if she decided to give the judge the finger.

(Not quite sure what Kathy means. I'm flattered?)

Good thing Lorena Bobbitt doesn't work at Wendys!

Judi ... ??? ... why is no one here?

I mean ... your post, great subject, plenty of new info ... what's missing ...?

(Besides a finger, of course ...)

Rather a STIFF sentence, IMO....

You see, boys and girls? This shows that crime doesn't pay! And eat all your vegetables!

Well ... that looks perty stoopid ... I wonder why no one is here for an hour, and PB sneaks in the back door when I'm not lookin' ...

Just call me Uncle (Asleep at the switch) Omar ... but please don't call me late to supper ...

12 years for an already dead finger. Yet White collar criminals go to country club "jails" for 18 month sentences. fined 2 million dollars for scamming 50 million from pension funds of the hard working Americans. What a cuntry!

authorities suspected a hoax, in part because the finger was not cooked...

this is part of an algorithm in the police manual, right? "Is finger cooked? yes/no" If 'yes' proceed to next step. If 'no', book complainant on suspicion of digital fraud. Exception: If finger appears raw, and restaurant is Italian, consider possibility that it may actually be al dente"

Why did it takes so long to compose those sentences? I thought the headline might have been alluding to potty talk or the like but alas I was wrong again.

if you've heard the latest Wendy's campaign:

Judge: The court finds you guilty and orders you to pay a fine of 170,000 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers!

"Exception: If finger appears raw, and restaurant is Italian, consider possibility that it may actually be al dente"

Of course if finger is served with rice paper and spring roll in Japanese restaurants, it could be a new type of sushi.

It would be called a California Finger Roll, Edgar Dude.
(And sorry I stole your time machine, went back in time, and hacked Judi's server and erased your post about the porno homework.)

There's a joke I wanted to make here, but I just can't put my finger on it...

(I apologize if I have offended anybody with the low quality of the above joke.)

Chris, this blog is all about low quality! We strive to undercut the standards of decency at every opportunity, and are proud to be able to claim that we succeed on a daily basis!

I just found this blog. I have been a fan of Daves for a very long time. You folks are ALOMOST as funny as he is.

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