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January 19, 2006


Give it up for: The Snack Hamsters


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Stop playing with your food....

And their first song will be a crossover:
Muskrat Love

Key quote: "The apparent friendship between the snake and hamster is one of many reported bonds spanning the divide between predator and prey."

That would explain Tony Blair and Ruth Kelly then...

Cue the B-52s:

Snack Ham-STERRR! (Ooooo!)
Snack Ham-STERRR! (Ooooo!)

P.S. This concludes your regularly scheduled earworm.

or S-s-s-nack Hamsters-s-s

Gawd, thought we said SMACK HAMSTER.

This brings to mind an old Far Side comic: three snakes sitting at a dinner table in front of a bowl containing rodents. The young snake in the middle says, "Oh, brother. Not hamsters again!"

Side note from The PreHistory of The Far Side:

One newspaper accidentally switched the caption to that comic with the caption to a Dennis the Menace cartoon one day. The Far side caption (from the DtM cartoon) was "Lucky thing I learned to make peanut butter samwiches or we woulda starved to death by now." The DtM cartoon, which pictured Dennis's mother on the phone and Dennis and his buddy walking away with sandwiches, got the Far Side caption above about the hamsters. Larson's comment: "What's most embarrassing about this is how immensely improved both cartoons turned out to be."

If you can follow that without seeing the cartoons, it’s very funny. If you can’t, just trust me.

... I had all sorts of mental images - I'll leave it to your imagination ... NO, NOT A GOOD IDEA!

*thinking Happy Thoughts*

chuckle @ Bumble -- Make ya wonder if it was pure accident or some stoner typesetter with an abundant sense of humor, and not enough supervision... uh oh here comes the boss!

The switcharound of the Far Side and Dennis the Menace made me cackle out loud! Even worse than just laughing out loud- it probably annoys the neighbors...

That's a good one, Bumble. I like it that way better myself!

The apparent friendship between the snake and hamster is one of many reported bonds spanning the divide between predator and prey

Next, on a very special episode of Blossom.

My favorite Far Side is still the one where two spiders are weaving a web at the bottom of a slide on the playground and one says, "If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings!"

Kind of sick, but amusing.....

Clark -

I don't get it ... if the spiders pull the web off the slide, it won't catch anything for them to eat ... um ... I don't get it ... or did I mention that already?

(HAR! Sarcasm/Parody alert there! Yeah, I dismember that one ... it's one of Larson's best ... and ... Bumble, I like the DtM/Far Side switcheroo, too ...)


Um. You blogged this yesterday. Just an FYI.

Glad that gave you all snorks. I was afraid my description would be a little hard to follow.

Clark~ Yeah, that was a good one. I like the one where one spider has a paper bag with eyeholes over his head, and he just jumped out at another spider. The spider he scared has a long line of web making stuff extruding from his abdomen, and the caption says something like, "Did I scare you, or what?"

On another note, my Tivo's working!!! The filter on the phone line was hooked up wrong last night. Problem solved, and all is right with my world, except for the fact that I have to leave for school in two minutes. See you all later!

psst..tropicguy..see headline of blog item...

But - did the snake start eating mice-icles again or is it on to pellets now?

I got a far side book that talks about that Dennis the menace thing.

My favorite one was with God being a contestant at Jeopardy. I think there have been sevreal jokes from that set up.

Could the Hamster be called Snacku for his band name?

What a waste of perfectly good fish bait.

Next news flash from the Zoo. Hampster is lost...big search on.....

Down in Texas -- Fish bait? You mean the snake, or the hamster? And how would you get the hamster onto the hook?

Bumble -- I have that book as well, and I too agree that the captions are MUCH better switched. :) Gary Larson desperately needs to come out of retirement... He is still alive, isn't he? ...'Cause if not, that might be a problem.

Next news flash from the Zoo. Hampster is lost...big search on.....

when my son got his corn snake (named Kurt, after Cobain) he was told he could feed him frozen mice or live (so if you're ever at my house, be careful of what's in the ice tray...) but if he was fed live mice, he wouldn't go back to the frozen ones. Something like: "If they've once tasted live, then mousicles are jive."

What is *with* you snake people, anyway? Why do you insist on keeping something that requires live food? Can't the snakes just be fed processed Snake Chow or something?

If you teach a pet to eat its tail, you have a perpetual machine.

How about the Hamsters of Gere....or the Pocket Rockets....or Hamsters, the other white meat...

Guin -- as Insomniac stated, they don't require live food -- frozen/thawed rodents are actually MUCH better and easier. I think they actually have processed snake chow... They call it a "snake sausage..." Always seemed kinda silly to me :P

And Insomniac -- if you think your ice tray is bad, you should see our freezer (enough rats for several large pythons, plus guinea pigs for one REALLY large one...)

Kiit. Not the hamster. The worm.

My high school drama teacher used to have a snake (ball python; answered to the name Bolka), and he kept live mice to feed it. Even after the snake was taken back by its original owner, the mouse cage remained. They bred and they bred and they bred. Many many mice. One developled a large tumor on his back. He was the only one who ever had a name. Quasimodo. The guys made bets on how long he would live. It was disgusting. The room reeked of the smell of caged rodent.

Bumble -- I have bred rodents as feeders on and off... They ARE disgusting. And they DO multiply like... Well, like rodents. Rodents with tumors are especially gross... ICKY!!! :P

Down in Texas -- I have an eight foot "worm" that might beg to differ on that moniker..... ;) Though there is a guy who breeds $3,000+ snakes who refers to them as "bass bait" -- the little ones ARE kinda dinky :P

Pssst...guin...I'm aware of that....

*goes off to work on his subtle humour...*


My snake, a ball python, eats live mice. He's actually moving up into small rats, but he doesn't care as long as they are alive. It's actually kinda cool to watch him when he strikes. ZZZZap! Mouse/rat in a bind. I hate mice.

Kitt, can I borrow your snake? I want to clear out the office so I can take a nap.

There is going to come a day when the hamster is going to do something to tick off that snake or say something stupid like "...say, what's for supper ? "

Charlotte -- just be careful that the mouse or rat doesn't bite the snake. Other than that, the biggest advantage to frozen/thawed rodents is that you can buy them in bulk, so they're WAY cheaper. (That is, unless you breed your own -- but those are way smelly.)

Mad Soapboxer -- hmm, I dunno... I'd need something as collateral. ;)

Kitt- Perhaps he could spare his soapbox for a while? You know he'd be back for it. :-)

Bumble -- Good idea. A soapbox for a snake... But then, who knows what kind of trouble I might get into with that kind of power!

*goes out for breakfest*

Snake eats his tail.
Of course, it's Ananova...

Give it up for Smack Hamster and the Blow Monkeys, live in concert, and yes, the Blow Monkeys would be the warmup act.

A friend of mine used to know someone who kept frozen bobcat urine in his freezer (apparently it covers your tracks during hunting season while keeping your sinuses clear) until his wife accidentally set one out to thaw. He now has his own freezer behind the barn.

Alien8 - I saw that on Green Acres once...

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