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January 20, 2006


Bloglit #1: I like the posts about 24.

Bloglit #2: I like the productivity enhancers.


Bloglit #1: Hey, you got your productivity enhancer on my 24.

Bloglit #2: You got your 24 on my productivity enhancer!

Bloglits #1 and #2: HEY! Let's get Mikey! He hates everything!

Mikey: Tastes great!

Mr. Whipple: Less filling!

Kid at the door: Mothers are like that. Yeah, they are.

Bloglits: Come on, geeez, just post the damn link.

(Thanks to Mark Tobin)


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(Winces in pain as Jack Bauer shoots me in thigh)

No one posts before Jack.... No one....

Wow. First. To wake up thanks to Jack Bauer!

Curse you, CK!!!!!

In retrospect, Tropic, posting first may not have been such a good idea...

(Limps off to find Chuck Norris and tell him Jack was bad mouthing his mother)

So, for those non-24 fans, listen to Dave on NPR.
"Come Back to Miami! We weren't shooting at you!" -His Daveness


Excellent, judi! Love the lead-in! :)

Jack Bauer's so tough he wears out his clothes...from the inside out.

Jack Bauer sleeps with a night light; not because he is afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of him.

Who's Jack Bauer? *duzsh* "AHHH! What the HELL???? I've been shot in the thigh!!!!"

Jack Bauer shot up all his mirrors - cuz no one stares at Jack Bauer.


"Geeezuz! My OTHER thigh!!!!!!"

HA HA!! Those were too funny. And I don't even watch the show anymore


Hilarious!! Loved the intro, too, Judi!

Hmm... I've never seen this "24" show of which you speak, but it sounds as if this Jack Bauer fellow and Chuck Norris ought to meet up some time....... FOR THE EPIC BATTLE OF THE MILLENIUM!!!

Quote: Hmm... I've never seen this "24" show of which you speak

Teal'c? Is that you?

No wait, Teal'c would have said "I have" - I love the STTNG (and X Files) puns in that show....

It's "he hates everything", of Mikey. Not "he eats everything".

It has always boggled my mind that people would confuse that. I mean, the commercial is about them being /surprised/ that Mikey likes it.

Hey Mikey!

Words of the Sentient:

The politician attempts to remedy the evil by increasing the very thing that caused the evil in the first place: legal plunder.
- Frederick Bastiat

Once Jack Bauer noticed that the newspapers were filled with annoying articles about how the comunists are superpowers and how they are evil. This annoyed him, seeing as how they started cutting out his favorite comics. The next day, Russia collapsed.

Indeed. Jack Bauer is a most formidable warrior.

I'd be willing to make a small wager that Jack wouldn't be so tough around Maxwell Smart ... just sayin' ...

Snorking heavily at Teal'c (if that is possible).

So hey Teal'c, maybe you can explain the following to me:

Why does Data get more yellow with each STTNG film, and what happened to him after he enthusiastically helped the Fresh Prince to save the world from mean aliens?

How did the CSM become an Ori, and did his acension help him to quit smoking?

Is Byers still stuck in Anarctica or do I not know because I haven't watched Atlantis?

Totally off topic, but never too far from home, this is the 2nd email I have received from Amazon.com regarding BM.

I swear I have never, to my knowledge, purchased antyhing of BM's from Amazon (I came clean with my childhood bout in a previous post).


Dear Amazon.com Customer,

As someone who has purchased Audio CDs by Barry Manilow, you might like to know that The Greatest Songs of the Fifties will be released on January 31, 2006. For the next few days, you can pre-order your copy at a savings of 42% by following the link below.

Amazon.com Exclusive: See Barry perform "Unchained Melody" live from his brand new album The Greatest Songs of the Fifties. Watch the video now.

The Greatest Songs of the Fifties Barry Manilow
Price: $10.98
You Save: $8.00(42%)
Release Date: (January 31, 2006)

Special Offer: Order The Greatest Songs of the Fifties now and receive immediate access to the following in your Digital Locker:
An audio stream of 6 tracks from the album. See details

Album Description
No one can reinvent the great classics of the 1950’s better than Barry Manilow. He breathes new life and vitality into these truly wonderful songs and they sound fresh and timeless. We are together on a mission to bring to a new generation the great songs of a different era, and reuniting with him makes it all the more special. -Clive Davis Highlighted by a guest appearance from Phyllis McGuire of the McGuire Sisters on the medley of 1954 hits, "Teach Me Tonight/Sincerely," THE GREATEST SONGS OF THE FIFTIES is a veritable jukebox of favorites – from his remake of the Four Lads’... Read more

Track Listings

1. Moments To Remember
2. It’s All In The Game
3. Unchained Melody
4. Venus
5. It’s Not For Me To Say
6. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
7. Rags To Riches
8. Sincerely/Teach Me Tonight (Duet with Phyllis McGuire)
9. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
10. Young At Heart
11. All I Have To Do Is Dream
12. What A Diff’rence A Day Made
13. Beyond The Sea



We hope you enjoyed receiving this message.

judi-VERY funny post!

*still snorking*

Mikey only liked it because Jack Bauer told him to like it.


They're really pushing (?) the BM (!) lately ... I, too, received some sort of junk mail from them, apparently 'cuz I'd bought an album of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TYPE of singer (name withheld by request) (mine) ... and so, they thot I'd like to be made aware of something (prolly whut you mentioned) by BM ...

This does NOT compute!

It's almost as if they think that if they bombard 80 bajillion computers with enuf crap, mebbe one-tenth of one percent will buy, if only 'cuz it's "such a great deal! 42% OFF!!!" ...

Le's'see ... that'd be ... um ... carry the nine ... ah ... um ...


So did anyone else make up a fact and submitt it? I don't even watch the show and knew enough to make up the following in honor of his Daveness....

"If you're a terrorist, Jack Bauer won't give you a thigh to stand on."

And by the way, Mikey didn't die because he ran out of Life, he died because Jack Bauer killed him.

Jack Bauer didn't pull the wings off flies when he was a child. He pulled the arms off the children who pulled the wings off flies.

Is it just me, or does the expression "blogged" remind you of an untidy bodily function? "Oh, great,the jackelope's just blogged on the carpeting." Somehow, I think the landlord's not going to like that.
I've always thought that word was _way_ too close to "blag", Irish slang for throwing up, particularly from a hangover.

kaz, you're right of course. i fixed it. thanks!

Mikey's dead?!

"You can lead a horse to water. Jack Bauer can make him drink. "

I tried to watch the first episode of 24. The word 'hokey' came to mind during the fourth minute of the show. I changed the channel and never looked back.

Life's too short to spend it watching crap.

I spent 2 hours watching the sun set beyond Lake Atitlan yesterday. Much more worthwhile.

Some pix of the Lake

I've never watched 24, and I guess I never will because, frankly, it'll be a huge let down after this blog to watch it for the first time. Kinda like the f


Indeed that's a beautiful lake. But given 15 minutes alone with a hose, Jack Bauer could make six of those lakes and they'd be 50 times more beautiful. (Nuisance attractions to terrorists, but beautiful nonetheless.)

Cute lake, Sondra ...

Not sure how this works but here goes.... test.

AB -

Y'all appear to be making the late-night rounds ... how ya doin'?

I've ackshully got most of tomorrow off ... might do some sightseeing or visit the kinfolks ...

Good to see your posts ... talk @ulater

Psssst...sly, it's an old joke. "Did you hear Mikey died? Yep, he ran out of Life."

And I thought all this time it was pop rocks and coke that did it.

I bet Jack Bauer can create AND destroy matter.

Speaking of lakes, this one is called Crater Lake, so I think it's entirely possible that Jack Bauer may have created the crater and then filled it!

p.s. The water really is that color, it's unbelievably beautiful!

Speaking of productivity enhancers...someone has got to help me get the Badger/Banana phone ring on the other productivity enhancer blog for my cell because I CAN'T GET THE SONG OUT OF MY MIND

El -

That's pretty difficult to accept as a truthful and viable concept ...

I bet Jack just photoshopped the sky ... and the water ... and the island ... and the crater ... and the trees ...

But I can believe that he did this from other stuff he actually created ...

Sondra and Eleanor: Those are some beautiful lake shots someone has snapped...but if Jack Bauer had snapped those lakes, you can bet he would have snapped those lakes in the thigh.

Stupendous Man,


Hey my name is on the Main Blog.


Re: Samwise the Hobbitbrave...I just saw him (I swear) on AMC in a rerun of..."The Goonies."

I wrote this one last night and it made top thirty!!!

"When Jack Bauer says "DAMN IT," God actually damns someone."


Has the blog been changed to say "hates everything" instead of "eats everything", or did I go crazy and misread it the first time?


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We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart. --H. L. Mencken

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