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January 17, 2006


Thanks for all the emails with the ^*&^%T*&^%*_* comments about the &)(*^(*%^&^% blog and the )*&^*(&%(&^ missing posts. We have contacted CTU to see if Jack can shoot Typepad someone in the thigh.  If that doesn't work, we'll go for the big guns.

Til then, we have confidence that Nava and the Thundertechs are working diligently to improve the situation.

UPDATE: IT SEEMS TO BE... (fixed). Thundertechs HO!


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And yet somehow my post manages to get through....

Although I no longer have feeling in my left leg and the microwave is on fire....

first, but it will probably disappear anyway

Judi, as I said on the other 24 thread, we bloggers have full faith and confidence that you and the Team can resolve these technical difficulties. We are certain that no problems will rem

Don't worry, Dave, we'll stand by. We'd never desert the blog!

Yeah and then with the shoe horn then the Monk whoa ! My toe jam , score !

What? What happened?

they better fix it before someone gets mad, and drunk, and mails them a hamster.

Judi, es gibt jetzt eine neue Problem......

Step away from the crack pipe, Sean....

Crack is a well-known gateway drug that could lead to harder stuff, like Red Bull or wine coolers...

So if this blog is about posting the abnormal. And things here are now abnormal. Where do we post? Or does this mean that we will have some kind of posting about a civil dispute that did not end with a squirrel biting a thigh?

Thanks for the 411, judi! :)

judi - just tell them to look under the second flank for the missing posts, or MAYBE.... the PAPERS that came out of the blown up terrorist were our missing posts!

Judi - I bet if the Thundertechs checked Dave's new router......

I was late. I blame typepad.

judi ~ we know Stewart can fix it. He's our new man. w00t! I mean he took care of the robot issue. But you might wanna tell him to adjust his autosignature on his emails cause now I've got his phone number.
*slinks back into the shadows to plot evil/snorkworthy texts to poor Stewart*

Judi...no way they (and we all know who they is) pay you enough for doing this job.

How did judi get a photo of my son's room?

i hope they don't reach this guy when attempting to get tech support.


BTW, how do you post url's to hotlink here?

OLS - type in this:

[A HREF="entire URL"]Text as it will appear[/A]

and then change it as follows:

1) substitute a less-than symbol for the 2 open brackets [
2) substitute a greater-than symbol for the 2 close brackets ]
3) substitute your desired URL in between the quotes
4) substitute the words you want to see in the final link for the words 'Text as it will appear'

I suggest you find an old thread with few comments, and test it out.


It looks like the 24 posts from last night are back! YAAAA!

The posts for other long threads like the Test post last week are still missing. Hope they're (not there or their) still working on it. I'm planning and cuting and pasting all of the entries that concern me into my autobiography.

Even that "last" one, Al? ;)

ols- go here

Yes S'girl, post 730 is there. Its 1 to 700 that are missing.

Actually, Al, I can see all 732 posts.

I think you mean 735 posts S'girl.

FIRST! ** whining ** judi I sent this in weeks ago. secret message that only judi and the thundertechs can see: great job ya'll!

I'm astounded that no one has realized where the missing posts went: to the White House, of course! Dubya's got a whole cast of monkeys checking them for subversive content. They had to use monkeys, since all of the humans they tried for reading stuff from this blog either went stark raving loony or started blogging instead of working. Anyway, the voices tell me that blogging doesn't pay, but I'm much happier blogging, so it's ok. I'm fortunate though, my brain was already fried from living through the '60s... I think.

So far the monkeys have finished writing the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and have moved on to composing Beethove's symphonies. The remaining few humans are still trying to get a hamster drunk.

thanks blue


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