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January 18, 2006


While I was sitting on the set, waiting to go on, Ann Curry wandered by and said, quote, "Your hair is kind of pouffy." She then licked her hand and pressed down on my hair in an effort to mash it down. So if I looked unusually stylish this morning, the credit goes to Ann Curry's personal saliva, which I strongly recommend.


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So that's why they call them "spit curls". First?

So, you're never gonna wash your hair again, right Dave?

I take it you'll never wash your hair again?

NOW the comment page comes up after I just posted elsewhere that it wouldn't?!?!?!?!?


4 out of 5 humorists recommend Ann Curry's saliva for all your grooming needs.

That's what's known as a "Curry comb." ba-dum-bump

So THAT'S what perky newspeople use to make their hair look so, uh, perky!

Mrs. Blog might be a bit miffed that other women are licking you, Dave.

Ann Curry's voice sounds like a little 6 year woman's voice. When she reporst the news she reminds of someone reading a bedtime story. You can tell her I said so.

eleanor: sometimes when he posts from the crapcam, it disables the comment section, until we re-post from a sedentary computer.

Hey, I didn't post from the CrapCam! Don't be blaming me!

Mmmmm, Curry....

mea culpa, sir.

(shaking in terrror now)

if judi says it, it must be so!

She said your hair was pouffy? Where I come from, call a man's hair pouffy and you are likely to get a bunch of fives up the bracket.
(and probably a kick up the kyber to boot)

What a great celeb-story - Surely one for the books. I wonder if Anne Curry did that to Martha Stewart. I wonder if Martha Stewart does that to other people.

What a great celeb-story - Surely one for the books. I wonder if Anne Curry did that to Martha Stewart. I wonder if Martha Stewart does that to other people.

hmmm - seems Dave and Judi are about to get into a blog-brawl

Hey Dave!

Just because you're on national TV and Ann Curry licked you *snork* doesn't mean you should be yelling at judi who's doing a fine job of keeping things together on the home front while you're out shabby-doing around!!!

sometimes when he posts from the crapcam, it disables the comment section, until we re-post from a sedentary computer.

Maybe the post came from a sedentary blog, if you catch my drift. He has admitted to losing sleep lately. Or maybe Ann's saliva dripped onto his laptop, disabling the comments feature.

just sayin'

Somehow, I bet if you'd have said "So's YOURS!" and started fondling her breasts she would have gotten miffed.

Who can figure women?

Ya know, if it were up to me I'd take a shower in Ann "Spicy" Curry's saliva. But that's just me, I'm kookie that way.

My Very Blonde Boyfriend (who is also on a semi-permanent hiatus and thus able to actually watch the Today Show… and Oprah… and Regis….and his “stories”) called with this report: “I just saw that Dave Barry on the Today show. He’s a mess but he’s pretty funny. I bet he’s a blast to party with. Is he a big ol’ stoner? And what’s going on with his hair?”

is Dave trying to 'curry' favor with NBC?

I've always thought Curry added a "down-to-earth" flavor to the show to balance Couric's "touchy-feely" journalism. But I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when a conservative radio show host called her "the sexiest woman in television".

Isn't licking generally banned by conservatives? This show doesn't air on Fox does it?

Dave said "Crap!" on TV!

Dr. Acula, did you see Scrubs last night? JD had written a screenplay titled Dr. Acula.

Hi Dave,
It seemed like Katy was on you a bit this morning. She was kind of pretending to be funny but was alluding that your book was wasting her time and investors. You took it very nice. I applaud you on that.

I don't know what has happened to Katy over the years. She used to be such a sweety. Now, she just seems negative.


I don't care if Curry's "hot", I don't want anybody's saliva on the hair on my head.
*reminds self not to go near World Bank president*)

nope, it's still poofy on the one side. I'm watching the video at MSNBC.

Michael -- Nah, Katie's an old friend and a nice person. She likes to give me a hard time on-air, but that's sort of the routine we've had over the years, and I enjoy it. I mean, it's not as though the book is actually informative.


Not informative?!? *GASP*

Aww, Dave was on TV and I missed it! Guess it doesn't help when you don't have cable and you live in no man's land.

Mental Note: get cable

Dave - its not informative? D*mn. I just made all my financial decisions on the basis of what I thought was a wealth of information.

Can I sue? Could I get Walter in the settlement? I don't really want Tiffani though. I'm not good with gender identification issue therapy.


Thanks to a monster jamup on the Tappan Zee Bridge this morning (one tractor-trailer turned over by the wind going eastbound, and a matching one westbound with fuel spill), I had a 3 and a half hour(!!!) interval in which I got to hang out with my legs crossed and read most of your new book (autographed by the author, thanks again).

How can you say it's not informative? The money you saved me alone on not buying Trump's book is a significant value to me and all other readers. It's also a value to society, as it denies that giant hairball of at least some revenue that would end up being spent on self-promotion, mousse and orange dye. The cumulative savings of all your readers could buy many kegs of premium beer!

Unfortunately, though, the jamup caused me to miss your Today Show appearance wherein, I understand, you gave hints of the topic for your next book, wherein you will offer incisive humorous commentary on the raging intelligent design vs. evolution debate ;)

I read in TIME magazine, which is known primarily for being a gossip rag so this may not be true, that you have decided not to go back to writing columns.

My question is, are you going to sue Time for such slander, libel and outright malicious and nefarious gossip?

Blue M -- so was that YOU who asked that question?

NS - Dave is happily making the transition from quantity to quality. I assure you he's definitely made the successful transition out of the quantity phase.

I confess.


Can I spit on your hair tonight?


If you go to the msnbc website, you can watch Dave's interview in the privacy of your own office at lunchtime (not that I am suggesting anything.) I was very impressed to hear that Dave's new book has both charts AND graphs! *snork*

I think I'm relieved that I don't know what the heck this "crapcam" stuff is about... since I have the link to the
Litterbox cam I do have an idea -- it's a rather disturbing thought, in fact.

Stupid work firewall blocks it.

Your work firewall blocks the Today show? Does it block CNN too?


Perhave Dave will remake a movie from a few years ago:

There's Something About Barry with the tag-line to read Hair Gel.

It blocks all video.

I'll have to suffer until tonight when I'm at home, where I will then suffer the indignity of waiting for my lowly dial-up to load the video.

I think Curry was swiping some of Dave's hair to sell on Ebay. hair of the dog

slowlayne; *snork* at "That Dave Barry". I liked hearing another VBBF story; short as it was.

I'm looking forward to the NPR show; and keeping my fingers crossed that ST. LOUIS gets included in the schedule.


DC Susan, looking forward to seeing you tonight! You'll probably spot us pretty easily... ;)

Hey Leetie!

You'll see me, I'll be holding up a sign and trying to get my group of friends to all get in one place. Plus, my hubby is blind, so if you see a white cane, I'm probably not too far away :-) Make sure to come over and say hi!!

GUIN -- Where on MSNBC? When I go to the Today Show site I can't find it? Or is it incredibly obvious, and I'm just incredibly......(you fill in the blank.)

Good salive is good no matter how you get it.

hagymom -

it is incredibly UNobvious, but you can find it by entering http://video.msn.com into your browser, and then in the video search box enter Dave Barry. Once the link to Dave's video comes up, click on play, and then be prepared to wait a bit.

Ewww, that's gross Dave. It least Al didn't hock a loogie on your hair.

Go here: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3032633/

You will see a small square picture of Big Ben (the clock) which links to the Today video. Click through the segments til you get to Dave. You will have to suffer through a Ben-Gay commercial (uh, Dave's rockin' demographic?)

There's a little box with video near the top. Dave's video is #8...you have to scroll over a few. Took a while to find that.

In the meantime, there's this, which is a true multimedia teaser.

Sarcasmo - no, didn't catch Scrubs owing to fainting at the sight of blood. All it proves is that someone else is old enough to remember the Peter Simple column in the Daily Telegraph, with its wonderful characters like journalist Jack Moron, Bradford's Alderman Foodbotham, old-style union boss Les Miserables, General Sir Frederick "Tiger" Nidgett of the Royal Army Tailering Corps and the hospital where anyone found smoking was instantly taken to Dr Acula in the anatomy department.

Just wanted to say I thought you looked great Dave. When Katie asked you not to "crap" how tempted were you to say sh*t instead?


Your hair was pouffy. On on one side more than the other too. And there you were talking about your dad giving you haircuts.

My advice, don't play with hotel room hairdryers pre-coffee.

And it could have been worse, it could have been Regis.

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