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January 22, 2006


We salute the courageous soybean-paste flushers of Yorba Linda.


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cute headline - on it's 'head'

He's #1 on #2.

soybean-paste flushers: GNFARB?

This just too much "media" for me to take on a Sunday morning.

The man is sixty-seven years old. I stopped having fun flushing foreign objects before I was four.

Obviously, I am guy-impaired.

Key Quote: This led Koeller and his Canadian cohort, Bill Gauley, to start flushing gummy bears and oatmeal --tecnically (sic) called media -- down their test toilets in Toronto.

As a former member of the media (until I sell something again), I can only say...

Nope, got nothing. Guess I just like the quote. *goes to make coffee*

WriterDude...yeah, I'm pretty sure the White House was involved in devising the 'tecnical' name for this stuff. It's that nickname thing again...
But I'm more intrigued by the fact that the first Google paid link is to a miso paste vendor. Either they figure there are a lot of amateur 'testers' out here, or they think somehow the story will give us a hankering for their, uh, medium.

Photos of the "media" are included in this important publication.


I'm so proud that this is a joint Canadian-American science project. It could only be better if the American part of the team was based in Flushing, New York.

If you make it to the very last page of the report, you learn how you can purchase your very own "cased" medium specimens. (Does this picture remind anyone else of the oscar mayer whistles?)

this explains why so many in the media have media for brains....
as Norton (allegedly) told Ralph when asked about his job... "It's not so bad Ralph, you just gotta watch out for the floaters"

*zips in*

HEY THERE, Arctic Al - Watch what towns you're trashing! I grew up in Flushing, NY until we moved to su.so.ca. !

Yo, Eleanor - my parents are from Brooklyn and still talk like dat. I knew there was something I liked about you. Let me know if you want Artic Al whacked, or flushed, or 'misoed', IYKWIM.

As in misoed cod, AWBH?

As in misoed cod, AWBH?

As in misoed cod, AWBH?

As in misoed cod, AWBH?

One more and Poop Dogg would be a four flusher.


Oops, spoke too soon

*1, 2, 3, 4... *

Actually, one more and it would be a Flush, period.

(Not that I am not honored at double-posting with you, slyeyes.)

simulpost, that is.

the man owns a "Toto Ultra Flush" ? does that mean he can excrete a small terrier and not cause problems?

"I just ate several pounds of soybean paste, my pretty, and your little dog, too."


Inneresting stuff ... it does raise a few questions in what passes for my mind, however.

i.e.: Why this prejudice against "floaters"?

Why are there "floaters"?

Is there something wrong with a person who has "floaters" occasionally?

Is there something really pretty badly wrong with a person who has "floaters" on a regular (!?) basis?

Why does this testing program choose to ignore the added complication of flushing "floaters" and any compensatory or enhancatory efforts utilized to "make them go away" by adding extra paper, multiple flushes, or combinations thereof?

How many people actually use only six sheets of paper when engaged in this type of research and/or daily activity?

Do these people seem to be miserly, stingy and mean-spirited?

Does this general attitude prevail in their entire lifestyle, or is it simply a temporary manifestation inspired by the necessity of using more than six sheets of paper?

Does the "quality" of paper affect, in any signifant way, to any significant degree, the effectiveness of flusher(s) being tested.

Does anyone have any real-life experience with top-rated or "failures" so that reality checks may be used to evaluate effectiveness of this testing program?

Who give a sh!t?

P'Dogg - probably more Ebonic than New Yawk, "misoed" as in "Yo, mess wid my man Jack again, and I'm gonna put a miso through yo thigh, bro."

U.O.: "Floaters" are caused by an abundance of fiber in the diet and are actually a good thing from a health perspective (and PLEASE don't ask how I know this).

Okay, I'll tell it's that whole monkey and poo thing. We monkeys are experts;)

Correction in case the Punctuation Fairy is watching:

Okay, I'll tell - it's that whole monkey and poo thing. We monkeys are experts;)

Monkeys and poo. Huh. I knew there was a reason I had to check the blog again after running errands and before returning to the work they actually pay me for.

Every day, in every way, the blog makes me better and better.

Just a comment from abroad, lots of modern high-tech toilets from Germany and Holland have two buttons, (with braille no-less). one for the low-flow use, and the other for "acts of congress" Hey America, get with the program!!

Mister Man

MOOD: In Love

Turds gotta float and f@rts gotta fly,
I've gotta love my crapper till I die.
Can't help lovin' that hiflo toilet of mine!
Hey brother,
I loves my flusher!
Tell me I'm lazy,
Tell me it's so,
Tell me I'm crazy,
Maybe I know!
Can't help lovin' that seven-gallong toilet of mine!

Betsy - Glad to help.

AIP - They've got them in Italy too.

What a hoot---look at the Google ads at the bottom of the article--they figured somehow that we are reading about soybean paste, why, we must want to BUY some. Yum. not. No kidding, an ad for Japanese miso paste, then the toilet ads. My husband, Bob thinks Dave did this article on purpose. I think it is just the randomness of google.

King Wingbipeekaboo had absolutely nothing to do with this, he wants to make it known right now, if this is illegal.

Bob's wife -- thanks for confirming my earlier observation. I was afraid maybe Google had done something totally irrational and re-linked the story to something about oh, say, plumbing:)

Aw media! My low-flow toliet doesn't work!

I... I have a tear in my eye. *sniff*

"What he does with this paste would make any seventh-grade boy bray with delight."


Do I need to know that a freaking water wiggler is?

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