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January 21, 2006


Good morning, boys and girls! It's time to blow our interactive weiners!

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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"Don't have a Weiner Whistle Toy handy?"

WELL! That's kinda personal, ain't it?

wienerwhistle history (this WILL be on the test, class)

I have one of those, except it doesn't play a tune. When activated, there's a voice yelling "Rob Barry, report to the Weinermobile!"

Wurst post ever!!

Warning: make sure that your earphone volume isn't too high.


oh, and in case anyone didn't notice - I was first

I gotcher weiner whistle right here!

(And then there's the whole weiner whistle thing ...)

new pick-up line:

"Wanna blow on my weiner whistle?"

*uhoh - a simulpost with U.O. whilst discussin' weiner whistles!!*

soooooo - how about them Packers?

TCK.. I'll blow yours if you blow mine

*looks at UO and TCK*

*offers an honorary toaster*



seriously tho - I need a new toaster

Every dog in the neighborhood is howling now. When the neighbors start complaining, what am I going to say? "Well, I was blowing this weiner..."

"Gather round, kids, great-grandpa insomniac's gonna tell you about the fun we had in the old days."

"Like what, esteemed ancestor?"

"Well, we used to make our own waste paper balls and throw 'em into real wastebaskets!, Yup! And there were real wiener whistles too! None of that virtual crap!"

" Great-grandpa, you realize your just a disembodied brain floating in a nutrient solution, don't you?"

"Damn right I am, and put some alcohol in it next time!"

I actually had one of those things as a kid (I may have even gotten it from a Wienermobile appearance), but I never learned to play a tune on it. And to think that my musical career could have started six years earlier...

Kafaleni - now there's an offer I can't refuse

FIRST!!! to tell the blogworld most whistles have 3 holes, and 4 into 3 is definitely not 1/2.

Umm. Is it a bad sign that i actually HAVE one of these. And i am of the female persuasion....

Something about this post reminds me of the turkey hunter who accidentally took a load of double-ought buck thru his "weinerwhistle." After the doctors in the ER had stopped the bleeding,they told him they were sending him to see Schwartz.
"Is he a specialist?" he asked.
"No," they said. "He's a piccolo player. He'll show you how to finger it."

This is so sad that I actually was sitting here blowing the interactive weiner. And was giggling while I was doing it. I think I need to start dating again.

Stupendous - I think I've said this before, but that was just, well, stupendous...

**leaps in. takes bow. trips on cape.**


That sounds like the noise the helium tank at work makes when I turn the nozzle too far while blowing up a latex balloon. Ear-splitting!

I still have my original WeinerWhistle! I got it when I was 5 from "Lil' Oscar", the vertically-challenged (Nope, can't say dwarf any longer) guy who drove the "WeinerMobile" (a hot-dog shaped truck) to various markets and fairs around the country. For months I tried various combinations in order to make different "notes", but all I could produce (then and now) is that 4 note, 3 sound "run" that was the Oscar Mayer trademark.

I'd tell you more, but Mrs. PirateBoy would accuse me of tooting my own horn.

P'boy - well if she won't toot it, somebody has to.

TC... "Packers" might not've been just the best choice considerin' .. n all .. (nttawwt);D

I have several weiner whistles - of the Oscar Meyer variety. Got them when I was in my 40s - at the Balloon festival in NJ where the Weinermobile (the big one) was making a guest appearnce. Got the whistles then.

hey Cyn - don't tell anyone, but I'm really a Vikings fan - the Packers seemed like a better choice, under the circumstances...

Just got back from a lunch break with the other company employees and some shopping ...

Could NOT find a weinerwhistle store tho ...

(TCK ... I signed off before I saw the simulpost ... good thing, too, or I might've never found out that there's no weinerwhistle stores in SoCal ... not to mention the fact that it's funnier when I get back if there's a bunch of posts afterwards ... and ... Packers wuz ... an inspired choice for the time and place ... as long as you're talkin' about somebuddy else ...)

oh, well as long as it was on porpose...
i thot the Chargers would be electrifying

*smiles innocently*

U.O., I was talkin' about the Packers - what're you talkin' about??

Packers ... whut else could it be?

right - glad we got that all cleared up

but I thought djtonyb was gonna give me a new toaster?

(Husky Contralto voice) I got yer "toaster" ... um ... nevermind ...

Oh I want an Oscar Meyer weiner whistle
that is what I truly want to get
So if someone suggests I wet my whistle
I will have a whistle to get wet.

Are you happy to see me, or is that an Oscar Meyer Weinerwhistle in your pocket?

Anybody check ebay?

One of the peculiarities of living in Wisconsin is the occasional sightings of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile just motoring along....

Oh, wow! They're accepting application to be a Hotdogger and drive the Weinermobile!

For those who have admitted experience, what is the "special way" of covering the holes and the "secret behind this elusive whistle?" Come to think of it, why is it so elusive? You'd think a weinerwhistle made for blowing would keep itself fairly available. I know I would, were I a weinerwhistle, mind you.

All these hours after the first post, the devil has suddenly taken possession of my brainwaves, and resurrected an earwig of my youth. Curse you, Little Oscar, and your interactive weiner!

"Aquire the desire
To buy Os-car Meyer
Famous for quality since 1883
Look for the famous yellow band
All meat sausage
Flavor's grand
Be a wise buy-errrr
and buy
Oscar Meyyyyerrr."
*followed by the famous four-note whistle theme*

(If you're lucky, you're too young to remember it. If you're a fellow geezer, my apologies; I just had to share...)

Aren't all weiners interactive?

Sondra, after that last post, I think I'm going to have to check out your menus a little more closely.

Guys? Bloglits? You are all letting me down. How did everyone miss the key quote in this site?

"The WIENERWHISTLE™ is a 'full-blown' musical instrument"

I had a Weiner Whistle when I was about 6 years old. Obviously, it was carved out of stone. None of this newfangled plastic stuff. I suppose that if I stillhad it I could put it on eBay and use the proceeds to pay my son's college tuition. *sigh*

I think that I've mentioned before that there is a Weinermobile permanently sationed near where I live. So, more often than is good for my sanity, I wind up stuck behind it on the freeway.

I mean "stationed."

AlanBoss: I don't think that you'll pay tuition with this

In the link I especially like that the weiner appears to be smiling. Oh and Smiling Weiners WBAGNFARB.

You call that "smiling"? Looks like an open-mouth laugh to me. Or at least a chuckle.

Yes, but Open Mouth Laughing Weiners didn't work for the whole RB thing. Chuckling Weiners though....

AlanBoss - a sigalert earwig just for you-

My bologna has a first gear, it's one slow C-A-R.
My bologna has a second gear, it never goes too far.
I hate to see it every day,
and if you ask me why I'll say,
Cause Oscar Mayer has a way of driving slow on the highway.

Topical and deftly done, Annie! *applause*
So do we blame you or Alan when we ALL have to hum it forever?
[prays for the sun to come up on a Brand New Day, with new topics and earwigs]

Betsy - you know it's always the man's fault. But don't worry, the fun'll come up tomorrow, bet your weiner whistle that tomorrow...there'll be fun...

... some of the posts here have sorta made me rethink the meaning of "wetting one's whistle" ... IYCMD ...

Okay Annie. I'll take the blame this time. But the next time I get stuck behind that thing, just remember that I'll be thinking of you.

Hey, check out the Weinerwhistle store. Nice to know you can order these in packs of 3.

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