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January 17, 2006


(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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Niall of the Nine

Trent Reznor?

I guess that's how the Irish got lucky built into their identity.

Goes w/out saying that "Niall and the Nine Hostages" wba excellent nfa bondage band.

Saints preserve us, indeed.

Whoo Hoo - my wasting time at work finally amounts to something!!

Maybe Niall of the Nine Hostages should have been called Nail of the Nine Inches?

*serious* since they only looked at Y-chromosomes, they're only counting men whose father's father's father's etc... father was Niall. Since you have a lot more ancestors than that, it would be surprising if anyone in Ireland (except for recent arrivals) wasn't his descendant in some way.

When Niall did his banner unfurl
He raised pulses in manner a girl
Between hostage taking
And his own baby-making
His seed is spread all round the world!

Guess there was more than one Queen of the Niall.

Hey, it wasn't Niall's fault he got around. by that time, the dang Brits had taken all our sheep.

in many a girl

sorry for using up 2 posts

-insomniac of the multi-posts

A BOLD move by Judi. (Thought we didn't notice, didn't you?)

Does it mean anything at all that this research was done by someone attending the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity?

You got something against Bluish folk, there, fella?

Dang Shadeboy, you were quicker on the uptake than me by just a few minutes. I personally would consider ANY "research" coming out of the SMURF Institute to be suspect (not to mention blue).

Wow. I thought I would be safe from Blueophobia here. Pretty disappointing.

Now I'm going to have nightmares about 'Braveheart' and Papa Smurf fighting the English...

'they can smurf away our smurfity, but they'll never smurf away our smurfdom!!!'

What's disappointing is that he's DEAD.:(

El - what kind of guy would survive that anyway?

Good point, AnnieWBH! :)

"Flesh on the bone"?


We give it up to his Ghengis
Did you know that nobody in China could pernounce Ghenghis' name. Its true. His real name is Slhenghis. The LH sound is trying to be a slash L.
So basically put Nial was taken hostage and now has way to much progeny. Then Ghengis can't be pernounced. please some one insert a joke here. I got nothing.

So he apparently Nialled a lot of women?

"So he apparently Nialled a lot of women?"

Sly, I've been waiting for that one reading down the list of comments. It's so obvious.

"Slhenghis. The LH sound is trying to be a slash L."

I don't think most of us could pronouce that, but about a million pregnant women were probably saying,"Who banged us? Slhenghis!"

How did they figure this all out by the way? I think I'm Irish, but what if I'm not descended from this Nailing dude? Does that make me lesser Irish? Or of the Screwing Irish? Or Non-Screwing Irish, as the case may be?

Shaggy - if you're not sure of your heritage, that automatically makes you Scottish. ;)

BM, I'm sure some of Shadeboy's best friends are Blueish.

Dave, it's a well-known fact that every Irishman is of royal blood. I myself carry the blood of the ancient kings of Ireland. This is because everyone who lived in a big house back then was King Niall or King Brien or something, and they all had 99 kids and fooled around with the maid.
Ghenghis Khan was named Temujin. Khan means King. He fooled around with the maid, too.

Alien8, I didn't know Irishmen HAD blood! I thought they all had whiskey in their veins instead. (running for cover, trying to look inconspicuous hiding among the Smurfs).

Speaking of Smurfs (I was, wasn't I? or was that someone else? Dang those voices anyway), I understand that Papa Smurf (a descendant of Niall, of course) will play a leading role in the sequel to Brokeback Mountain. He gets shot in the thigh...

STILL speaking of Smurfs, I wonder if a Smurf oosik would make a good prick pick? That "unique" potato chip I got off eBay is stuck in my teeth. At least I think it's the chip.... could be something else (If my mind was in the gutter, that is. Oh yeah, my mind *IS* in the gutter!)

Oh, to be "on-topic" I should say SOMETHING about the original post, shouldn't I? What comes to mind is to tell Niall to "KEEP IT UP!"

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