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January 20, 2006


This week's winner: Morning Star Vaber


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Can it be? Am i FIRST?


*wipes saliva from computer monitor"

The article doesn't mention the movie "Wedding Crashers," where she probably got the idea.

Poem inspired by Milton's "Song on a May Morning":
NOW the not-so-bright Morning Star
Comes dancing from the local pharmacy
And puts pale drops for red eyes
Into her coworker's flowery tea.
Hail, thick-headed Star
That dost inspire Mirth;
An orange jumpsuit will be thy dressing
The Orange Reef Club will boast this blessing.
Thus we salute thee with our early song,
And welcome thee, and wish thee long
and happy times in the cell where you belong. 

a decreased level of consciousness

I don't know what I want to say about this, but I know it's a key quote!

Were the victims redheaded? Maybe she just misconstrued Visine's catch phrase.

Usually people are not USING Visene unless they have taken something to GIVE them a "decreased level of consciousness". At least thats what I am told - not that I would know or anything.

This was an episode of CSI!! I demand a recount!

thanks, CR, I think I'm experiencing a "decreased level..." myself, and the beer I consumed last night just might have something to do with it. Or maybe it's the drinks I had at lunch.

... she hoped the woman, who is 73, would get ``sick and die in diarrhea.''....Instead of giving people the finger when someone cuts you off in traffic, we should just yell this at them from now on..Because you can't help but laugh when you say it ..

"Sorry, Boss, I just can't see coming in to work today."

"Visine. It Gets The Dead Out."

Mr. C ~ a friend of mine has a phrase she uses for the condition you describe. Anal glaucoma. Which means you can't see your *ss going back to work.

(This usually occurs after lunch.)

Suzy Q: I KNEW it sounded familiar...

i can see clearly now the dame is gone... uh, yeah.

hoping someone would die in diarrhea? ewwwww.

ROFLMAO Mr Completely!!! Gets the dead out..Damn your funny....

Want to snuff a co-worker?
There's a Visine for that.

Umm, just the fact that her name is "Morning Star Vaber" indicates that she isn't coming from the world's strongest gene pool, if you get my drift.

Actually, artchick, that gene pool seems to be "stronger than dirt." If that were not so, we'd have a dearth of fodder for our excellent blog!

Perhaps her name should be "Morning Star Vader", offspring of the Death Star?

It was most definatley a CSI episode. A poker player puts the drops in the drink of the man sitting next to her...

Remind me not to get old, and if I do, remind me not to move to the Keys.

Confusing quote: ... sick and die in diarrhea ...


IN diarrhea?

(Well, granted, NEone who might fall into a pit of such stuff might well die -- or wish they could -- tho I find the syntax to be sinful ...)

OK -- she's not the sharpest ... heck, boy ... she's about as sharp as a cardboard butter knife ...

Funny Name...*snirk* (a *snirk* is a more refined version of a *snork*)
We don't see Milton here often; refreshing!

What, Bets' ... I think Uncle Miltie would fit right in here ... except ... he might be having a conversation with Generalissimo Franco ... or John Ritter ...

OK, I'm confused - why would Francisco Franco be hangin' out with the likes of Uncle Miltie and John Ritter?

If I really disliked someone I would certainly hope they died in diarrhea. But I'm pretty sure that a few Tijuana tacos would accomplish it better than Visine spiked tea.

Thank you one and all, I was having a blue evening and this just perked me up. Now I'll go finish my chores for the evening.

Who came up with the idea of spiking anything with Visine?

Francisco Franco, Milton Berle, John Ritter. Hmm

Well, I know that two out of the three have dressed in drag. Don't know about the John Ritter, though.

Or two of them were comics, and Franco was a running gag on SNL?
or...perhaps the most basic commonality: all are deceased...departed...have ceased to be...are ex-notables...thus making blogging difficult.
(Although Walter seems to have no problem)

If you've ever seen me blog, you'd know I have a problem.

You got it, Bets' ... they're all deceased ... apparently my attempt to confuse the question with convolutions and conundrums in addition to obscure references was somewhut successful ...

(I've had about 2.5 hours sleep in the last 41 hours ... you mebbe don't wanna get too close to figgerin' out how my so-called "thought" processes operate at times like this ...) (Oddly enuf, I'm still awake, despite having been done with werk since about five hours ago ... must be the pizza ... or the Snickers (tm) bars ...)

...late post - but the star part of the name got me thunkin about by favorite toon hero, http://www.homestarrunner.com

Ugh, this deranged idea came from 'The Wedding Crashers,' when one of the guys puts eyedrops in his rival's drink. In the movie it just causes the runs but I remember thinking "In real life this would get you seven to ten at hard labor." Maybe there should be a disclaimer, like "Nimrod, don't try anything in this movie yourself."

I actually know this girl! I was friends with her in high school. I can't believe she did this!!!

this is sooo over rated. i no morningstar and the 73 year old was a bitch and would always like try to steal shit from morningstar. morningstar was like tall blodne and was a pro volleyball player and was cool unlike the 73 year old whow was a bitch

is this her? http://www.trecosales.com/images/agents/morningStar.jpg

She's a lowly woman who loves to sleep around with married men. Now is pursuing a career in the health field at Keiser in Miami. Go figure. Want her to work on you?

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