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January 18, 2006


Nothing to make fun of here.

(Thanks to everyone)


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Ouch. That's the first thing I'd change.


Wow, that must suk.

... um ... nope ... I got nothin' ... printable ... and my sense of respect and propriety preclude that expresson ...

What a missed opportunity!

I would TOTALLY have changed the name - to Mutha Fuk King Kwok!

Dude would have his own TV show now.

When I first read the story, I read his name as Fuk King Kong. That was really funny. Not as funny as Monica Pinas though.

I thought the same thing Brad, but I think Fuk King Gozirra would be much more appropriate in this situation.

I wonder if Monica's brother Thor has gotten around to changing his name yet?

C-Bol: Cut it out! LOL!

Sadly enough, Andy Kwok sounds like a generic asian person typecast in a movie trying to say "Andy Crock"

Well two outta three ain't bad . . .

What woman would voluntarily get married to a man whose last name is "Porn"?

"They call me... MISTER Porn."

all worthy of change.. but whats with kingwhooosieslord whatever??? duh. different stuff, different cultures. i mean, in china, maybe george bush is a funny name, and he'd have to change it to FuKing Wok or something.

Fuk King is bad, but I have a friend who married a Korean woman named Mi Suk (pronounced sook, for all of you with the appropriate infantile, Dave-Barry-blog-like senses of humor).

What is everybody laughing at?

If her full name was Mi Suk Yu, I can see why he married her . . .

Monica Star should've married the Porn guy and hyphenated her last name. (his name first of course)

There is a mall in Hong Kong (and possibly the nearby subway stop) that has a similar name.

It's where I bought my first PC parts that I assembled myself back in '87. Whenever I had a problem with my 12hz 640K machine, I was able to use the mall's name without any guilt.

Your Queenship: If you ask me, George Bush is a funny name, too.

"sometimes language is not so convenient"

Ask any politician.

[i]Kwok said that in China, his name translates to "a very good meaning"[/i]

Well, in some contexts, his name would mean "a very good meaning", if you use the actual definition of the word. (Not the "Kwok" part, of course)

If I had said that as a kid, i'd get my mouth washed out with soap. Now, when I say it, I wash my mouth out with Dr. Pepper.

*washes out mouth with Dr. Pepper*

Smoketoomuch? Hahahahahaha! I expect you have people making fun of your name all the time?

"No, actually, it never occurred to me before."


Hehe. I just have a question for all those people trying to spell a foriegn word into English. WHY don't they spell it the way it sounds????

A little bit ago I had a horrible time trying to stay serious when the news announced that Typhoon Long Wang was was about hit Taiwan (I was in Singapore at the time). Yet they pronounced it as Loong Wahng. If Fuk is pronounced Fook, why the heck don't they spell it that way? There's no reason not to.

Ok sorry for the not funny, small rant.

"And, from the United States, Enormous Genitals!"

What woman would voluntarily get married to a man whose last name is Porn.

What woman would voluntarily get married to a man whose last name is Porn.

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