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January 17, 2006


The Drunken Hamster Posters are fined.


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The cheeky twosome appear to be grinning over their caper. The nerve!

Where'd everyone go?

Just think if his evil plan had worked. The man with whom he had had an argument would have received an envelope with a HAMSTER in it. That would have really been... uh... er....

Well, it probably seemed like it would have accomplished something when they were drunk.

A suitable punishment would be putting these idiots in suitcases and running them through a local airport a few times.

Well, I went to the post office, and then the library, and then a deli called the "Red Squirrel". ISIAMNMTU.

I can only imagine the uproar if these hamsters where denied 52 pages of calander! "The Man" is lucky this time.

I have never actually read any laws restricting the types of animals that can be sent through the US mail. I have received chickens in the past, so I know chickens are cool.

I was sure it said "The Dunkin Hamster Posters are fine"...

daisymae who can't quite get the image of dunkin hamster posters out of her head, but thinks it's time to visit the eye doc

I thought it said Drunken Hamster Posers. Wasn't sure if that meant they were posing as hamsters, or simply posing hamsters. Either would be fairly disturbing.

P.S. Lab: "ISIAMNMTU"? Must be from a thread I missed.

SwampWoman- From the U.S. Postal Service's "Mailability" regulations:

139.1 Animals
All live or dead animals are nonmailable, except the following:

a. Live bees, leeches, silkworms, and flies of the family Drosophilidae (see DMM 601.9.3.9).

b. Dead insects or reptiles, when thoroughly dried.

c. Parasites and predators of injurious insects, if the following conditions are met:

(1) They are admissible in the domestic mail.

(2) They are useful in controlling harmful insects.

(3) They are exchanged by officially recognized scientific or health agencies.

(4) They are sent in letter packages or small packets.

(5) Mailable animals must be in containers conforming to the requirements in the DMM.

qetzal -

<----Look at the link over there for Acronyms (under, of all things, "Links")

They should have mailed live bees. That would have been a much better revenge, and it would have been legal. At least, in the U.S. it would. Somebody else can google England's postal regulations. I've gotta go to school and learn stuff. *sigh*

Whats more disturbing... the fact that the USPS has to have regulations on mailing animals, or that Bumble found them with such alacrity?

Drunken Hamster posters:
I wondered how do you get a hamster drunk? And what would be the point?

Just as disturbing are some of the other "Top UK Stories Now" -- "New plan to permit small brothels" -- Do small brothels only serve little people, or little willies?

Raven- Simple. Googled Postal Regulations+animals, clicked on the first link, used the ctrlF function to find the word "animal" on the page (it was a long page). My Computer in Business prof used to make us do googling quizzes every week. It was actually a useful skill to learn, as it turned out. Who knew you could learn actual useful skills at school?

...and you knew THIS was coming sooner or later, right...?
(Seems to fit this pair of clowns.)

who shall we send live bees to?

"These two young men are clearly very intelligent ..."

Yes. Very. Clearly.

(duh. duh. duh..duh duh DA duh..duh.duh.duuuhhh,da duuhhh..
Dave Jordan and James Cole
Churchill college students
Got plastered at a party
And decided to mail a rodent
Abandoning a near rat
Where suffering could abound
Played stupid with a hamster
Let themselves and thier college down
Drunken, hamster posters..
Should we mail it first class?
Drunken, hamster posters...Man, I amm drunk off of my ass..

Drunken Hamster Posters: At first, I thought a couple of drunken hamsters were posting comments on the blog.

As a child, I never got my hamster drunk, but I did once give him cotton candy which he stored in his cheeks and then freaked out when he couldn't find it later because it dissolved...

Ah, good times.... Tormenting hamsters....

KOW, I'm sure that was a typo -- they really meant "These two young men are NEARLY very intelligent ..." (and that's a stretch, if you ask me)(and even if you DON'T ask me.)

Blue, are you suggesting it was their mother they mailed? Why did the investigators not realize that and why was it not brought out in court? I smell a conspiracy here... I'll bet Jack Bauer is going to look into it and shoot someone in the thigh any moment now.

Mr Artchick is a beekeeper ( we make mead from the honey) and we often get packages of live bees in the mail. The postman *hates* coming to our house!

Mad Soap - postal investigators were too busy processing packages of live bees (sent by Bumble to Queensbee) to recognize the resemblance between the hamster and the first defendant.

And what you smell isn't conspiracy, it's contraband.

*Goes off to find thigh guards*

Not allowed to keep animals for 10 years!!!

A little excessive IMO -

Ever'body b'quiet. I wanna say somethin'. Yooo hamsters ur allllride. I luv yoo liddle guyz... Now ged in dat envaloap! Hic!

I'm with Daisymae - I read it as "Dunkin Hamster Posters" and had a mental image of posters advertising a new venture by the people who gave us Dunkin Donuts.

I guess in earlier times people could order other animals through the mail.
Such things as lions and tigers was not unheard of. Jack Hanna wrote about it in his biography.
I have often wondered how I would properly mail myself. I think it would involve a box with all the amenities provided. a loo is one of them. And a good sign that says "This end Up, Hazardous materials may be aboard."

Mad...or 'very nearly intelligent'

I think they should be given a medal.

After all, their first plan was to get a rubber mask dress up as Old Man Jenkins and convince the townspeople that The Grainyard Museum was haunted and collect on the insurance. (Haunter's Insurance being quite lucrative, as you know).

They were just going to eat the hamster.

So they were fined the equivilent of I think about $2000 between the two of them... And not allowed to keep animals for 10 years... Because they tried to mail a hamster?

...Gotta love those wacky English....

Since no one else has asked....do you think the hamster was Chester?

"Not allowed to keep animals for 10 years!!!

A little excessive IMO -"

I wonder what those whacky English would do if they found out that I feed hamsters to my python as an occational change from baby rats? I assume that would be putting the little guys in a situation likely to cause harm. But I didn't post them to Monty so I guess it's ok.

No I think he was a little south of Chester... in a box.

sheesh, it's just a hamster, unhurt at that! Ten years!

And about those regs — what about sea monkeys (brine shrimp)? Have those been illegal all these years? I've also heard of live ants being sent through the mail (if you, say, order an ant farm).

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