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January 23, 2006


These guys are real rocket scientists.

(Thanks to Fiwer)


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"Water expected to assist in hydration efforts"

"Sun expected to rise in the East."

"Pope presumed to be Catholic"

Film at 11.

Ummmm - has anyone in Japan realised that "Advanced Land Observation Satellite" has an acronym that is A-LOS which is a bit too close to A-LOSs for comfort.

I'm sure in Japan A-LOS means something good and peaceful and happy and stuff...

Space program expects success when rockets quit crashing

I'm sorta wonderin' why a Japanese space effort to reach the moon has named it SELENE ... which appears (sorta, in English) to be adopting the mythological goddess of the moon from the Greeks ...


I bet they were pronouncing it "SERENE" and some translator just assumed ... um ... nevermind ...

Aren't these the people who make the best electronics in the world, supposedly?

This just in: "Ursine mammals purported to defecate in the woods"

Film at 11

sarc - *snork* And you don't have to wait till 11:00.

...by "woods" I really mean "web page."

Hopefully they'll find a rocket with the proper feng shui. Maybe in a nice taupe, with a bonsai tree.

"Doctors Say Healthy People Get Sick Less Often."

"Plane Crash Blamed on Gravity."

"TCK is under the bed."

*snork* @ annie

Snork @ judi snorking @ Annie ... (and @ Annie)

*goes looking for just the right frame to put her 'judi-snork' in*

yeah, that participle's danglin'...ya got a problem with that?

"Japan is also developing a next-generation spy satellite with a higher image-resolution capacity than the existing one — which is worse than many U.S. commercial satellites."

Sooooo, their CIA is looking at a tv screen of snow to keep an eye out for North Korean missles?

Someone needs to tell them that "next generation" doesn't mean something your kids would play with.

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