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January 23, 2006


Now they're trying to take away our right to bear arms... errr....

(Sorry. And thanks to Kat)


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Did Jack Bauer use this guy for target practice... TWICE??

Shades of the Black Knight from MP and the Holy Grail. Did the guy bleed on him, too?

And he was lucky that Don Newcomb didn't retaliate with a fastball.....oh, not that one?...*channeling Emily Litella: "Never mind..."*

"State troopers are used to having angry people throw strange things at them"

What is the matter with people that this is "normal?!"
Can we vote people off the planet?

Well, I guess after the guy threw his legs away, he musta been pretty easy to catch...

Really.. How hard is it to catch a guy with two fake legs?

I have this vision of the guy grabbing his last leg and in one motion flinging it and falling flat on his backside....I'd pay to see that. That is talent personified. He could have his own reality show with talent like that.

♪ Now I'm a three-legged man with a two-legged woman being chased by a one-legged fool. ♫

So Mr. Kackstetter was booked for (among other things) suspicion of menacing. Since the trooper saw and felt the leg throwing I wonder just what Mr. Kackstetter would have to have done in order to be charge with actual menacing?

... um ... I usually don't worry about stuff like this, but the following is a copy of my post on the prior thread ...

Linky no worky on next thread ... just sayin' ... (note time of this post, please)

Posted by: U.O | 03:10 PM on January 23, 2006

Therefore, I claim a FIRST on this one ... 'cuz the sucker din't work when I tried to post it here ...

(Seriously ... how long has it been since I actually blurted FIRST when I actually had a "first post" ... ? You could look it up ... it's been quite a while ... I prefer the quiet, subtle, smugness of the accomplishment, without crowing about it ... but this thing made me a little angry ... so ...

as to a comment on this thread? jeezly ... I mighta had one, but that was a long time ago ... Bear arms? Bear legs? Bare Naked? Whatever ...

Oh for pity's sake . . .

No fair claiming first on a thread that is technically another thread... Please take note that I humbly deferred from claiming either of the firsts I had today. Are there really rules on claiming first? If not I claim first on the first item to appear after 4pm Eastern (I forget are we in Daylight or Standard time)

Not much of a case in court, you could even say he didn't have a leg to stand on

I think Bumble's earworm belongs to a thread from a few days ago (that was still going this a.m.) - isn't that a Ray Stevens tune?

Yeah, and neither did I ... I wuz just a little cranky 'cuz it's the most depressing day of the year ... at least in SoCal ... whut would that be in metric?

I once threw my hearing aid at a nurse.

I once threw my back out, though the thought of throwing something through a trough or into a slough is easy to slough off ... just as easy as ploughing through a thoughtless hiccough session in a mighty rough and tough

(Sound of handcuffs, as the "GH" Police take me aweigh ...)

BLT~ Yes, it is.

Brainy - these people WERE voted off the planet - they're in Oregon. What is it with that state?

"...and God said to Noah (of Barview, OR) - 'I will make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights, so I command thee to build a bar in the wilderness. Take 2 bottles of each type of alcohol so that they may be mixed and enjoyed...."

I wish that the journalist or editor had exercised some better use of language, because part of the article is unclear to me...

"Once Newcomb finally got the driver to the patrol car, he chased Kackstetter, kicking him from behind. It was then than Kackstetter threw both of his legs at Newcomb, according to a police report. One missed him but the other hit the trooper in the chest."

Who chased Kackstetter? The trooper? The trooper kicked a drunk (or perhaps just stupid), legless man from behind? Or did the driver of the vehicle chase the guy with the fake legs, who responded by throwing his legs at the trooper?

just like make a correction.It was joel kackstetter my [hate to admit it]brother who was involved in the attack on the state trooper ,not me greg I still have my legs .

OMG Greg! is this you? It's gotta be, no one else has a brother name Joe, with no legs.lol What a horrible thing to happen to this poor girl and then for you to be blamed for it. What r the odds!

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