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January 18, 2006


Thanks to the blogsters who came out to the signing tonight, some of whom are pictured in the exclusive CrapCam photo below. (I'm hoping they'll identify themselves in the comments.) I'm the one who appears not to have had any sleep for several consecutive months. The woman in front wearing the flowered blouse -- Rita, I believe -- brought me a very nice woolen thong that she knitted. It is roughly the size of a pup tent, and it says "DC BLOGLITS SUPPORT DAVE IN 2008." I shall cherish it always, from a safe distance.



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*waves at the bloglits*

Hi guys! Bring back some money!

Dave DID give you samples of free money, didn't he?

Dave, I have to admire your consistency in taste in shirts . . . naah!

Dave, many of us who have been forced to transplant into the DC area (even from Ohio) still have a brain molecule that appreciates you and Walter.

WTG my friends!

Mt friends hit the big time!


Hey Slyeyes: (totally off topic) What are the damn Cards doing. I'm ashamed to be a fan! On topic: I was in this picture, but I guess I was air-brushed out. I showed up thinking this was a pants optional press op.


*applauds bloglits that I have in fact met...and who are with Dave*

Stupid work that I couldn't get away from...

Dave's wearing a blue shirt - who'd a thunk it???

Well if meeting thru others counts, I've now met 5 bloglits all cause I've shaken Dave's hand. Does that count Susan? Can I claim to have met them once removed? Wait that sounds bad. Friends once removed?
Nope. Still sounds like they were impacted and I had them removed... ummm... Okay I give up. The only one I've met is Dave. I think he was wearing a blue shirt.

Wow.... that crapcam is fast! I just got home.

Left to right: Rita, Boo Augustus, Blogchik, Leetie, Dave, Jeff Meyerson

And here I was just down the street and didn't come over... But maybe I would have, had I knitted a personalized thong. There's always the next book tour!

If it's any consequence, I'd rather wear a wool thong instead of a flowered blouse... hey, but that's me :)

i thank you dave for signing my "the far side gallery 2" book while i was at home attending to the bloglittle (and thanks to leetie for taking it for signature)

however, your wish to share larson's royalties is beyond my control, and possibly god's, to whom you referred in the inscription.

good crapcam photo. could use a coconut bra somewhere, tho.

greetings to the dc bloglits!


PeeJay: The Cards? They are building a new stadium in the offseason. Did you mean the Blues? Cause they suck!

Rita assured me that it was a cotton thong.


That's great!

Glad y'all had the opportunity to ... whatever you did ... (besides passing on bloglit love to His Daveness, I mean ...)

I'm also impressed with the decorum and mannerly appearance of the bloglits ... no silly hats, no weird costumes, no stoopid signs proclaiming something-or-other ...

Just a group of polite, bell-behaved, intelligent looking ... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

i'm there too. its just that cameras are afraid of me, so i didn't show up in the picture.

fyi, the low resolution of the crapcam failed to adequately capture the fact that leetie was indeed wearing a PROPELLER BEANIE (previously signed by dave and ridley, no less).


I can indeed see the propeller beanie.


I am SO SORRY for having failed to observe said beanie ... dang crapcam ...

Should I retract part (or all) of my above post?

Naaaah ...

Leetie:: Okay, NOW I know what you look like. Be warned...make Jack Bauer seem less masculine by trying to rename his JACK SACK...and...um...I shall be forced to post more comments...here...

Yayyyyy Bloglits! I hope to see Dave in Coral Gables Friday night. Crapcam photos will be taken.

*digs through closet for propeller beanie*

Um Dave, There is a big, blad guy standing directly behind you! NTTAWWT.

Sorry we missed meeting the rest of you guys!!!! :-) My sister was hungry (What's food at a time like this!?)

Anyway, I posted our picture with Dave at:


If you look towards the bottom, you will see that Dave is half undressed...

Hope you enjoy!

OMG. Sorry Jeff (now that I know who's (not whose) in the picture). I'm sure your (not you're) intentions were honorable.

Speaking of thongs...

One of my friends knitted a thong for her boyfriend and wanted to embroider on it "Home of the Whopper," but she left out one of the "p"s and it became "Home of the Whoper."

Are we going to get to see the thong, or not?

Hey Dave! Its Adrienne! I was so glad to meet you tonight. I must have left before the thong, please let us see it!!!!

DC Susan, it's not everyone who can gets their photo taken with a half-dressed Dave. That muyst have been taken after he put on Rita's thong.

Um, A dumb question: why, since the schedule insists that the DC reading was cancelled, do these pictures exist?

Nice work, DC bloglits. I got to see Dave in NYC on Tuesday but have to finish off the roll of film before I can present any photographic evidence.

Blue Meanie: You were at the B&N at Union Square, too? I got in a little late and was (literally) the next to last in the book signing line.

I never get to see Dave. Stupid Ohio.

Tramp~ Join the club. Stupid Indiana.

Harriet, they were all at the book signing in Virginia, in the DC vicinity.

Rita's shirt was made in Guatemala. Wonder if she bought it here, or if it was imported to the states?

harriet, the noon signing was cancelled. the 7 pm signing went on as scheduled.


No, not wolfie... wolf

Sexy, intelligent, funny, and they can list Dave Barry on their resume (under the heading "People I've met and not slobbered on too much") - looking good, guys & gals!

Hey neat, I didn't realize there was a blog until tonight!

I wanted to tell Dave his column on exploding pop tarts was pure brilliance, but figured if I held the line up longer someone would procure a toaster and give me a personal demonstration

You're right, Angie!

Hey Devon.. you're a newbie?

Welcome.. just come over here with me...

This won't hurt a bit, unless I ......

oops. I hate it when that happens.

I also respectfully request that Dave post a picture of the thong. I personally would prefer a pic of the thong unoccupied by anyone's, um, cermaic bird, but that's just me.

Dangit, that should be "ceramic" bird.

Yea Blogits! Yea M's!

So, Rita's knitted ANOTHER thong!? Well, Dave, we now have something in common:

Proud Owners of Rita's Thongs Club - membership 2.

Unfortunately mine doesn't have any writing on it. It must have been a demo model.

To the rest of the Blog: Pffffttt!


Tramp, Bumble - there are several places where stupid Ohio, stupid Indiana and stupid Kentucky are rather near each other. We should start a campaign to bring Dave to one of these places.

*muttermuttergrumblecurse* Stupid Kourou.

Dave, I live in a tropical paradise. Couldn't you pllllllleeeeaaaase come down here? There's lots of beaches and water for little Sophie to play in.

*envies the American bloglits*

Whooooohoooooooooo Rita! Do you have any pictures of the thong while it was still a work in progress? You know, so Dave can be sure that you are insane enough - I mean, nice enough - to knit it?

I like how Leetie is peeking at the camera from between other bloglits' shoulders. She looks so cute with the propeller beanie!

I think Dave's shirt knew the thong was coming and it was preparing itself... :-)

hey - nice to meet youse guys in person!!! who's that dude in the blue shirt..... please come to albany! i'll buy yer book, i promise. maybe everybody should wear blue shirts when they go to barry booksignings!!

MeThinks Prague's off the tour list too. Although it shouldn't, and it's close(r) to Paris so MarieP can attend. MiK, when you were in Barcolona we had a better "pull".

Kaf - sorry.

Way to go you DC (and Brooklyn) Bloglit guys! It's good to see folks with a twinkle in their eyes and a thong in their hearts.

Lairbo - yeah, I was there at Union Square, and was fairly up toward the front (in my Blue Meanie shirt, even). I had put out a comment post early in the day seeking fellow bloglits who would be there, but I guess it blew by everyone. I was the one who asked Dave about his thoughts on intelligent design vs. evolution, if you were there for that part (for the record, Dave favors both). Sorry I missed you.

Go Dave! (specifically, go to Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Kourou,.....)

I totally saw the beanie!

So proud of the MOATies.

*wipes tear from eye*

Leetie ... I am waiting with bated breath for you to post your "top five" on my blog, woman! Get to it!


*attempts to magnetize the Arch for better pull*

Speaking of which (i.e. attenance @ stuff) ... I have a sorta statement/question ...

Judi, Dave ... y'all know y'all can be assured that if you wanna arrive @ the SoCal gathering, y'all would sure be welcomed with open arms ... and prolly open beers, also ... just sayin' ...

(Blessed St. Judi ... you note, of course, I mentioned you first ... we know who runs things around here ... but, bring the blue shirted guy with ya if ya wanna ... whatever, we'd love to see ya both there ...)

End of begging, for now ...


Make that "attendance ... tnx ...

And I did a "preview" and everything ... too early ... need coffee ...

slyeyes, you're right, the Blues do suck. They're not spending any money because they're trying to sell the team.


I'm looking forward to seeing what you look like!



Literally, I could not sleep last night; I am SO excited. And my eyelids are now puffy.

I made a gift for Dave. It remains to be seen whether or not it is funny. I sought opinions from Punky and from Polly PI, but they both like or fear me too much to give objective opinions. ;)

I just hope I don't pass out. I'm much too excited!

My sister Leetie, little sweetie,
With smiley bloglits north in DC,
Blue shirted Dave is signing books,
Please don on your thong, let's have a look!

It's nice to be able to put faces to the names. Hey Bloglits!

Would love to attend the Margaret Mitchell signing tonight, but it's apparently way too high class for me. They're requiring advance reservations, which is okay, but when you actually call in advance for the advance reservation, they laugh heartily and tell you to get lost, that they're sold out.

Hmm, I've met Leetie and JU, who in turn have met his Daveness.


Great job bloglits!

I am also all for Dave coming to Cincinnati.

It's close to Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky!

Blue Meanie: I got there just in time to stand in line and missed the whole Q&A portion of the program, including your question. Oh, well. Catch you at the next book signing. Maybe we can pry Mahatma from his vigilant eBay surfing and get him into town, too.

Punky, will do, as soon as I get a link to THE THONG available.

Tropichunt, it's called a "JACKBAG!", and don't you forget it!

Come on, Sly, you got to see Dave last time 'round. Meanwhile, Dave decides NOW is a good time to travel to Kansas City, now that I'm far away from there.


Nah. He did answer my question on TOTN yesterday.

djtonyb and Elizabeth8: I may also be at the signing Friday night. Unless I have to start a class. Won't know until 6:00 PM.....

DC Susan, unfortunately, I didn't see your comment about the white cane until this morning. But now I do recall seeing you and your husband! Strangely, it was at the exact moment when I found out that elle couldn't make it because her friend's seeing eye dog developed an eye problem.

I made a gift for Dave. It remains to be seen whether or not it is funny. I sought opinions from Punky and from Polly PI, but they both like or fear me too much to give objective opinions. ;)

I just hope I don't pass out. I'm much too excited!

Posted by: Tamara Rhymes With Camera | 09:00 AM on January 19, 2006

Tamara, I've met you too .... and I fear you.

it that helps...


Dave wearing the thong

... I was wondering why elle wasn't there. Thanks Leetie!

Why, thank you, Kibby! ...I think. ;)

dave should take a picture of the thong. he doesnt necessarily need to be wearing it....TMI

Rita, you are very pretty. And talented with knitting needles, too.
TamaraRwC - I hope you bring your camera and we get to see what you look like, too.
Boo, Blogchick, Leetie, Jeff - lookin' good, y'all.

Your Most Daveness - in all humility, we are bloglits, not blogsters. (read the thong)
* bows away from your presence *

Sorry we missed you, too, Leetie! It was PACKED in there last night. I suavely thought I could show up at 5:45 and get a seat. Yeah, right!!! We 'rearranged' Olsson's stock to get some footstools, but were still pretty much on the floor.

Thanks for posting the thong pictures. Hilarious!!

I love rita's flowered blouse and Sondra, it does look like one I have that I bought in Mexico - they're beautiful!

I moved from VA a couple months ago, or I could have gone to the DC signing too.

Perhaps Judi and His Daveness could make a tour to Vegas to see me. No hurricanes, I promise.

Man, I plan on going to the KC event at RDB but I don't KNOW how to knit! Rats!

**off to find suitable blog gift to give after recipient already has a black knitted thong!**

Bis, yes, I did get to meet Dave and Ridley last year....AND, while dancing in the moshpit at the RBR concert the next night, Dave and his guitar came down and joined us. Unfortunately, I was having trouble getting my crapcam to work to document the occasion, and he danced all too soon. *sob*

I am bringing my own CrapCam.

Atlanta bloglits: I'll be the incredibly pale and tired-looking chick with the long red hair. And I'll be glistening with sweat, and my teeth with be chattering with, uh, seductive anxiety. It's gonna be hawt. ;)

Of course, this is all assuming I survive traffic.

TamaraRwC - I am so excited for you. (I'll pray for your safety in traffic.)

Way to go DC Bloglits! I'll be trying to catch Dave at Berkeley later this month!

Rita - way to knit, babe!

Let me guess, TRWC, it's smaller than my head, larger than the tip of my thumb, and you knitted it...
Oh, smaller than my thumb you say...

TRWC, you'll be fine! Just make sure you don't go hungry... we all know what happens when certain bloglits drive on an emptry stomach. :)

Please let me know when your tour will come to Sunny Sierra Vista, AZ. K? Please?

If I didn't know better, I'd say the guy who is allegedly Boo Augustus was actually me. I say this because we look so much alike. But I know it wasn't me because I live nowhere near DC. Unless I live a double life that I'm keeping secret from myself, which would just plain be weird.

WOW! Y'all look so happy! I can't believe I blew off my chance to meet Dave back in November! (I was in Miami working with Hurricane Survivors and the day I was leaving, Dave was appearing at the Book Fair. He told me to stop by and say hello. But after 2 weeks missing my hubby and kids, I chose to take an earlier flight and went home, leaving poor Dave, I'm sure, scanning the crowd in expectation...a tear slowly falling from his eye and splatting onto his blue shirt. I'M SORRY DAVE!!!!) *sniff*

... aaah, reunions .... good times!

It's so cool to see what you guys look like!

Two especially notable observations:
1. Jeff, yuo look almost exactly as I pictured you.
2. Regarding Leetie's slideshow: Nice 80's do! I think it qualifies as a female prom mullet!!!

P.S. Who else is trekking out to Naperville to see Dave in the flesh next week?

Great pix, Leetie ... crapcam or not ... tnx4 them ...

Suzy Q:

I won't be there (I live in LA--Lower Alabama). djtonyb just said he'd post crap cam pictures of him and Dave, and I'm just curious as to what he looks like. I know what Dave looks like. :)


Dave visited Ohio last spring. He was in Dover/New Philadelphia, but I couldn't go because I was having a baby that day. He will be speaking at a humor writing workshop in Dayton, OH. Check Davebarry.com for dates, but I believe that it is sold out. You can still get into the seminar if you win the writing contest. Dust off your pencils and get busy!

I hope to get my copy of the book today before I go to the grocery store. I will be at the Miami airport for like five minutes next month. Think Dave will meet me to sign it? Probably not, we all know how much he likes that place!

MOTW - If His Daveness says we are blogsters, then by God we're blogsters!!

There's a few of us planning on seeing Dave on Monday... I'll be the one waving a Barry M. cd at Dave to see what his reaction might be. A scientific experiment if you will.

In a controlled environment, the subject when exposed to horrific music neither passed out, nor puked. Instead his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he curled up into the fetal position and began repeating "You are NOT my daddy. You are NOT my daddy."

Ok, I'm just kidding. But I will be at the signing, with bells on. Perhaps, literally.

Rah rah, DC bloglits/sters! Especially Rita, who has now set the "bring Dave a wacky gift" bar impossibly high. How can Colorado compete with that?

Too bad that the Denver Press Club luncheon one week from today will not take place after the Super Bowl. Were that the case, then maybe I could present Dave with a shirt saying words to the effect of "Miami Dolphins 2005: first of only three teams to beat the eventual cham--"

No, no, mustn't jinx my team...

'Dude -

You could bring Dave some Grizzly Bear (Ursus Horribilus) defecatory residue gathered from a nearby Quaking Aspen (Poplus Tremuloides) grove ... just sayin' ...

I am SO BUMMED that I missed it - but I'm a volunteer for the blind and my friend's guide dog needed an emergency trip to the vet.

(The dog is fine, but he needs to take a break from his duties due the the fact that he's on painkillers and keeps running himself (and my friend) into things.)

Great pics, guys, and way to go with the thong, RITA!

"You could bring Dave some Grizzly Bear (Ursus Horribilus) defecatory residue gathered from a nearby Quaking Aspen (Poplus Tremuloides) grove..."

You better not! That's what *I'm* bringing!

PS Thanks for the prayers, MOTW! I hate driving in the city!!

Tamara RWC - I wuz merely making a gift suggestion ... whosomever wants to utilize that listing is welcome to do so ...

(Back in Nodak one of the "cute" items for sale in touristy-type stores is little birds or animals made from pieces of cow flop ... or some other quadripedic equivalent ... mebbe in other states, too, but I know we got 'em in Nodak ... )

(No, I've never thot they were something on my "must have" list ...)

BTW ... drive careful ...

That picture was so good, I now have it taped to my computor...what a good looking bunch..and Dave is trying very hard to look respectable. (he of course succeeds)

Blogsters is the highest sign of affection...rejoice.

Slyeyes...I'm from the Arch country, home of the disappearing blues and the poor mans' Mardi Gras (which I have never attended for fear of being peed on)

Now...all I want for Christmas is a picture of Dave standing with Kiefer.(is that right?)Let's write the crew of 24 and tell them to go to his book signing.




Gosh darnit!

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