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January 23, 2006


It's getting so a person can't even go outside.


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Just how long did this go on?
Just wonderin', is all . . .

They weren't mating - He was hiding his nuts for the winter!!!

... shaking, crying and [with] saliva coming from its mouth ...

... um ... I got nothin' ... printable ...

U.O.: since when has that stopped you?

The article was so short that I read the comments. I loved User Kelly's comment:

"and they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed singin' and jingin' the jango floatin' like the heavens above it looks like squirrel love..."

Reminds me of two buck teethed privates from Uncle Sam's Summer camp who were always conspiring to get together. Squirrel Love!

You know, this is an image I'd really like to have out of my head just as soon as possible...

"Shaking, crying and [with] saliva coming from its mouth."

So he was a typical guy squirrel in need of some lovin', and a girl squirrel took pity on him.

Well... I'm just nearly wordless... Squirrels around here tend to keep their mating rituals mostly to themselves, instead of scaring old guys - or maybe that's just the columnist for the paper?

You should see the size of his nuts . . .

It is a sad commentary on the male species when foreplay is mistaken for hydrophobia. Although, I have many of the same symptoms just prior to a really good shoe sale at Macy's.

I'm with U.O - I got nothin'.

The links to the squirell-lovers' board just over the squirell-repellent ad is pretty funny . . .

Coulda been worse, at least it wasn't one of those damned squirls . . .

MKJ --

Watchoo mean? I got standards! I got morals! I got manners! I got decorum! I got TACT! I got COUTH!

I ... um ... just ... don't ... use 'em very often ...

Besides which already ... it was perty gross ... even by my standards ... and I'm not comfortable with the thot of being a "kiss and tell" kinda pers ... ooops! ... um ... nevermind ...

At least the squirel wasn't doing this.

If they're taking those from you, you've got problems.

*inserts extra r in "squirel"*

Tomorrow's Squirrel News.


I clicked your link, and ... (I quote:)


You don't have permission to access /images/fun/squirrel.jpg on this server.


Whut in the Wide World a' Sports is a-goin' on here?

Reminds me of an old joke, with the punch line: Why do you ask, two dogs ________?

* Hopefully kills bold*

I'll bet a moose had something to do with setting up this squirrel tete a tete.

U.O - Sorry Mr. Taggert. I guess we sorta just got caught up.

U.O. - It's your browser. Are you using Netscape, Safari or Firefox? I couldn't see it with Firefox (my prefered browser), but it worked on Explorer. If you still want to know what it is or see it let me know.

I guess there was no room at the inn....

U.O~ Both links, or just the first one? Let me try it another way.

To view the picture I linked to, go here and click on the link that says Thirsty Squirrel.

If it was the second one you couldn't view, then never mind. :-)

OK ... I'll try IE ... slow as it is ...

BTW ... totally off thread ... y'all have GOTTA go back to the book tour thread of Jan. 19 ... the one with the pix of Dave, Tamara RWC and the Rice Krispy Oosik ... down at the bottom is a FABULOUS foto of them ... boku better than the one at the top of the thread ... whatta DOLL!!! (I am serious here ... no tricks ... go look ...)

U.O~ Thanks for the tip.

Tamara~ Nice.


So ... I din't see your "extra" link, until after those other posts ... so I did ... so then I went back to your first one ... and now it works ...

I say again, WTD?

And besides which already ... why would that one be forbidden by any browser at all, let alone mine?

Off Thread ~ No, UO is NOT making it up.

Back on thread ~ I did some research and the foaming, etc., may have been caused by the knowledge that squirrels have an oosik.

No, the second one worked fine, the first time ... um ... whichever ... the one with the waggely tail and eyeballs ...

Or did this one change from a different one ... where's the moose? Whut tete a tete?

U.O - the moose got tired of waiting for you and wandered off to Sodak.

Remember whenever a squirrel gets in trouble; there is always a moose behind it.

Sodak's got Mooses?

Hu new?

I guess there was no room at the inn <<<<<<<<

You owe me a new keyboard on that one, Annie..... :)

U.O~ What does WTD mean?

And, my two links: I don't know who is seeing what, but the first was a picture of a squirrel drinking beer from a straw, the second was a picture of a squirrel looking at a tabloid that said "Tufty gets some Tail." The third was a link to a web page that had the first link. Clear? :-)

... got another "FORBIDDEN" on the moose link ... just sayin' ...

What the Devil? What the Dickens?

Doh! Simulpost w/ U.O

Uh-Oh ...

(to coin a phrase ...)

On another note,
24 is on tonight!!!!!

Yeah, Bumble ... clear ... xcept that I don't always look far enuf above the comment area, and see all the posts ... missed your question until now ...

So. I've seen the linked pix ... still dunno why they were forbidden ... NBD ...

WTD is something someone started using a while back ... a month or so?

We're fond of saying WTF or OMGWTFBBQ ... somehow there were ducks (not Federal Duck, I don't think, but p'haps) in a thread, and so instead of keying WTF this bloglit did WTD ... a kinder, gentler euphemism (if that's not too, too redundant and tautological and repititive enough ...) if you will ...

Lets talk about 24, I'm sick of trying to come up with something witty about those damn squirrels.

All I keep geting is a variation on a Rodney Dangerfield joke; " Hey, shaking, crying and saliva coming from its mouth....sounds like my honeymoon!"

That's not bad, 'fly ... there were others that sorta alluded to the gist of yours,vaguely, but you nailed it ...

Bumble - WTD = What the Duck.

Mr. C~ Yeah, U.O mentioned that somewhere in that other comment. :-)

UO - Just in case you check this the moose link was just Bullwinkle standing behind Rocky. And I agree - WTD!

Teri - You beat me to it!!!

And so the sun sets on another small-brained rodent...

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