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January 17, 2006


It's getting so they want to ban everything.


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Yeah we knew it would never stand up in court...
(sorry it had to be said)

Whoo Hoo - First!! Everyone must be still 24 Hungover.

Well, I guess the American public will be deprived of what should have been the media event of the new millenium: Barbara Walters interview with Bill Clinton's penis!

Well, I guess Puppetry of the Penis will never get to Detroit now...

...Guess this also means that "wardrobe misfunctions" by the Rolling Stones at the Superbowl are OUT.

Bailiff: All rise.
Defendant: Already there, guy.....

... um ... hate to mention this ... but ... it's been done ... he's just copied an old "stand up" routine from back in the 60s ... ISIANMTU! Y'all musta missed it ... which is prolly a good thing ...

better a stand-up comic than a flacid one.

guess they were hard pressed to make a decision like that. but they probably stand by their decision.

*channel surfing*

Awww, geez, who the hell is this prick?

You mean, hard up, queeenbee...

Dang. And I've been spending all of my time in training to copy that schtick for an act of my own. Nuts.

Your quote for the day:

"Men are shameless. If you're not thinking with your wiener then you're acting directly on its behalf."

Reminds me of the time this woman took my

Thread Hijack Alert:
Any bloglits from the NY metro area attending the DB book signing at Union Square this (Tuesday 1/17) evening? If so, would you like to have a friendly brew and some slices at nearby Stromboli's (best pizza in town) before joining the throngs? We return you now to your regularly scheduled commenting.

and she wouldn't give it back!

Did the penis testify on its own behalf? That isn't mentioned in the article. Shoddy reporting on that score, really.

*picking up BlueMeanie's hijack thread*

Anyone going to the signing this Friday night in Coral Gables at the Biltmore?

Its too bad he lost his case because he's a real stand up guy.

Thanks, Skylar, er Aunt Bea, I mean Bumble. Meeting many upstanding lads at school, then, are we?

*blinks* Upstanding lads, Blue? What are those?

KOW - do you think they had it swear on the Bible?

*dons hardhat and disguise*

*OWWW!! Makes note never again to reveal when hardhat is part of his disguise*

Simulpost with Blue Meanie.

That seems to be happening a lot lately. Simulposts in general, I mean. Not necessarily with Blue. Not that I'm consciously avoiding Blue, but... Oh look! Something shiny!

Upstandingness is in the eye (so to speak) of the beholder (ditto), Bumble. Could be him, or could be him, or could even be this. (Despite male programming, will refrain from making jokes about the website and artist name on that last link).

And, somehow, I was under the impression that when simulpostage occured, women were disinclined to have it discussed publicly. Or is that just a quaint notion from olden days?

Talk about banning. I got Dave's last calander. Saturday and Sunday were combined. He banned 52 pages that I believe I'm entitled to. How about it Dave. I guess you're "The Man" too.

Only buy calanders in late january. They're a lot cheaper. This is especially important when the calanders are produced by "The Man".

Suppose it got stage fright and froze?

... or didn't?

Key Quote: This is really not a First Amendment case. The First Amendment protects his right to an opinion, not the right to appear naked on TV.

...crap! there goes my debut !!!

*blog sighs in relief*

Your Honor, I say
My willy has free speech rights.
Ow! Watch that gavel!


BTW, it appears TypePad is limiting posts to 50. We've seen it else where on the blog.

Blue~ Well, it's not like everyone can't see what happened. We might as well be up front about it. :-)

You're so right, Bumble. Discretion has never been the most prominent feature on this blog.

There was also an attempt to introduce "decorum" at the blog a short while back, and that was actively ignored (but not ignored the way the "Test" post was ignored).

I look for forward to our next shared moment of blogbliss.

(Sorry, Bumble, I sometimes stutter at times like this).


"blogbliss?" *snork*

Clem- If you like, I'll send you 52 pages of last year's calendar. Pre-pulled for your convenience. I kept them all in order in the little box. Actually, I could send pages from the past... three years, I think. :-)

if he didn't have the right to free speech could he have done it if he paid?

If a talking penises are banned on TV why do all the politicians keep showing up on the news? Can we get them banned from the bars on Saturday night as well?

*blinks* and parents think Barney and Teletubbies are annoying.

I just realized that my sons will probably never outgrow pee-pee jokes.

Annie~ Speaking of pee-pee jokes, here's a cute story for you. My nephew is being potty trained, and he's the age where he's like a little sponge. He picks up everything he hears and repeats it. Anyway, my sister came out of the bathroom one day, and he heard the toilet flush. He looked up at her and said, "Mommy pee-peed in the potty like a big boy!"

Bumble - that's cute! You know how you're supposed to be upbeat and happy about the whole potty-training experience or you ruin your kid for life? (Guys & wussies - that's your cue to move on to the next thread.)My youngest was dutifully working on his first doo-doo in the potty. "Mom," he yelled, "I pooped!" "That's great, honey," I said. "See?" he said as he held out his hand, which contained his proud production. I had a really hard time being encouraging on that one.

Annie~ Yikes. :-)

Next, they will be banning cleavage. Alert Jack Bauer!

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