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January 18, 2006


The Blog has the following national media events on Wednesday:

TODAY Show -- 8:36 AM

Talk of the Nation/NPR -- 3:00 PM

Please see www.davebarry.com for further tour details.

We apologize that this entry isn't funny, but geez, look at the time.


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I've gotta be first. Look at the time!

Break a leg, and for heaven's sake, get some sleep.

there once was a blog named 'the blog'
whose assistant was in a deep fog
'the blog' took a jaunt, if only to taunt
poor judi ....................

i got nuthin'


chuck norris knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop

*looks at time*


Okay.. anything else you want me to do?

Ah-ha! i always suspected Judi was one of those scary disgusting 'morning persons'.

I'm a morning person too, in the sense that it's 6 am and I ain't been to bed yet.

occam's: And chuck's tears cure cancer.

Too bad he's never cried...

(Of course, my real brain association with chuck involves conan o'brien pulling a lever, cueing an always eye-gougingly awful scene of walker, texas ranger...)

man, dave, you've gotta quit writing these books.

every time you write one, i am forced to purchase it.

and we're living check to check right now.

cut me some slack, dave!

(or, just send me enough money to NOT have to live check to check)

(or, more realistically, just send me your book)

Thanks for the update Judi. I think Dave needs to do a 24 type thing with his itinerary. Updated every five minutes. And in true 24 fashion, no sleep, no potty breaks. Thigh shooting optional.

*sets office radio to NPR so she doesn't forget*

G'morning, judi. Have some coffee.

Blessed St. Judi ...

Whut kinda slave driver -- er -- blog person keeps a personal assistant werking at those hours?

You should be in b ... um ... aslee ... um ... what's on TV @ this time of nite in SoFla?

aww shoot, i just missed what he said... anybody else watching?

Daves on TV --- DAVES ON TV -- DAVES ON TV!!!!!

Judi - He basicly said that he has pictures of Suze Orman in the book, Kids cost money, something about pie, Buy his book, and that his dad tortured him with scissors as a child -- Oh yeah, he said Donald Trump is rich too.


Finally an advantage (TV wise) to living on the Left Coast where at this moment it is 6:16am and those of you on EST have already missed DB, if you're LTTG here! neener!

Memo to self: Turn on Today show at 8:30am.

*zips out*

Dave said "crap" and Katie chastised him!! Har!

So wait... he's not coming to DC tonight?????????


thanks coastraven. i saw the actual interview. what i missed was what he said from the green room or right before the commercial before he went on. i was yelling at my son to get out of the shower and when i got back to the tv everyone was laughing but i missed it.

Ahhh - I was reading closed captioning at work, so I missed it too... I plan on camping out on their website until they post video of the interview... T Minus 4 hours 41 minutes til NPR... at least THAT I can stream onto my desk computer.

leetie: he'll be there. something else in DC was cancelled (see www.davebarry.com/events.html) but he will be at Olsson's (sp?) tonight.


Thanks for the reassurance, Judi. I think we'll have a good bloglit turnout for this one.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

I didn't mean to create a big brouhaha. I was just trying to be helpful.:(

You know, all this huzza-guzza wouldn't be necessary if Dave would just quit writing those damn books.

Dave, Katie Couric looks like she could be your Mom. Does she just suddenly look that old or do you look that young? And, is that a new blue shirt?

less than 30 Minutes to the next stop on the National Exposure Tour

AHHH - Talk of the Nation runs at 2PM here in the Baltimore Washington area!! I MAY have missed him already! No biggie, the Talk of the Nation website says that the audio from todays show will be available by 6PM.

For those who missed the NPR interview live, the link is http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5161965

Dave, when are you going to bring your book tour to our nations capital, Ottawa Ontario Canada. We can read here you know. Come on Dave. You da man!


Heard the NPR interview. Awesome :)

The tour page says we need tickets in Atlanta. That's impressive.

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