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January 18, 2006


Today's topic: The Art of Montana.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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All I have to say is, "Swallow"

I didn't see a "woodpecker" figurine in there. I guess he only works in ceramics.

I didn't see any Ostriches sticking there heads in a hole...

"Wubber dickey, you're the one!"

But seriously, that Dean Adams has some issues.

...and no chickens...choking.

Also, I'm glad we don't make fun of people's names around here anymore, or I'd have to link to this guy.

“I likened the emergence of Light to a manifestation of two brothers, knowing quite well that there are not two brothers, nor even one. But I saw that one is the embodiment of the desire to be, to express, and one (not saying ‘the other’) is to be, to be. The latter is non-luminous, and the former, prevailing, is luminous. This prevailing luminous source can be visualized as becoming a wild dance of flame that settles and spends itself into material. Material, I believe is spent Light.”

This is the Artist's bio. HUH? Biography = information that is written about someone. A nonsensical quotation is NOT a bio. What this tells me about the artist is that he was smoking something stronger than a cigar, but we knew taht from the samples of his work.

So they're ceramic birds ... in the shape of penises. Am I missing something here? No? OK, that's just odd. Like ceramic birds aren't tacky enough.

'Click on images to enlarge'


KOW --

Oh, that it were that easy to do ...

Enlarge, with a simple click, I mean ...

I wonder if he makes Tits

"No, officer; I'm an artist, and that's my model."

That's "Art?" I think "Art" needs to put some clothes on.

Brainy Jello, it could be worse. But I'm not linkin'. That would be wrong.

When will he do a Balled Eagle?

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