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January 18, 2006


I don't know how anybody sleeps in midtown Manhattan. I can get used to the taxi drivers honking their horns, which they do whenever the encounter an emergency situation, such as another vehicle. But I cannot adjust to the Mystery Loud Noises that always happen right outside my hotel room. Last night it sounded like they were feeding dump trucks through a wood chipper. I don't know why this has to be done at night, but it never fails. There are burly workmen out there, and at some point they check their watches and say, "It's 2 a.m.! Time to fire up the wood chipper!"

Other than that, things are going fine. If you see me out there, please wake me up and say hi.


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well, it's good to know Dave is "awake" sort of, in plenty of time to make his appearance on The Today Show.

which, by the way, just ran a "teaser" on our local network affiliate (i'm not getting paid to shill for NBC so i am not gonna mention which netwo...oh crap)that included Big Ben and a Biggest Loser winner, but no mention of Dave.

sure hope he doesn't fall asleep in the "green room"

welcome to NOO YAWK. they do mean it when they say the city that doesnt sleep. gonna miss your today show appearance - i gotta go to work. i will be in transit, which in albany is about 15 minutes. my other new york city expatriate friends call it getting stuck in 'rush minute'. maybe they will show it on the web-feed later and i can watch. rock on dave. and have some coffee.

They say never go on after a dog or a kiddie act--poor Dave--he has to follow the "I want to play a dead guy on TV".


Welcome back to the Hotel Schmennsylvania, Dave.

Jeezly, Dave ... if you can't sleep, there must be something on TV ... they've got some interesting (?) stuff on the tube out here in SoCal ... @ 3 a.m. ... when I awaken from falling asleep before even thinking of going to bed for real ... after a hard day of not signing books ... that I haven't written ...

Yeah ... interesting stuff on TV ... I'm thinkin' they've got even more channels there than here, 'cuz I doubt that you're staying in one that fits the profile of my "home away from home" ... and I bet there's even a mint on the pillow, eh?

Mebbe -- no -- prolly even a fridge ... with beer in it ... and ... ? Well, am I close?

Dave - You're probably better off not sleeping anyway, considering the exploding bedbug problem in Manhattan. No, I don't mean the bedbugs are actually exploding, though we know that would intrigue you.

Grrr! If they'd set up the cable one day earlier, I could've Tivoed Dave.

Dave, Katy wants you!

Paul G

i definItely got that impression myself.

go for it Dave?

Like you, Dave, I also seem to get the room next to the dumpster.

"Well the stations up here, they don't sign off with Dixie!" - H. Williams, Jr.

Hell, they don't sign off at all!

New York City's slogan "The City That Never Sleeps" isn't just a boast; we really can't sleep. Ever. Somebody help us, please! And, for the love of God, stop opening Starbucks outlets within sight of each other.

Dave, I got the book, and read half of it last night. I have to admit you're right... I am in fact, a stupid idiot. *snork*

Dave, see if those sounds match any of these things being shredded.

Hey Dave.. I can't hear you over the din. Could you speak up a bit?

Not so much in midtown Manhattan, but at this time of year, some New York City neighborhoods -- and they know who they are -- set up woodchippers the vaporize discarded Christmas trees. It's a little startling to come across and my first thought is always that scene from Fargo. I don't know what they do with the wood chips; use them in tickertape parades for people we don't like, I guess.

Dave - if you're reading this, the "comments" on the "Ann Curry saliva" post do not come up, which is probably why there are no comments.
*wide-eyed look*

Dave -
re my previous post:
never mind.

MOTW - Way to pull that one out of the archives!

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