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January 23, 2006


As we begin tonight's episode, the situation is very, very bad. The bad guys have canisters, and the nation is doomed. But Jack Bauer is on the case, so there is no question that before long everything will be much, much worse. I'm going to be at a booksigning in Naperville, Ill., so I will miss tonight's action, which means I'm relying on you folks to rave like lunatics provide expert analysis in the comments section. Thank you, and good luck, and if you are wearing corduroy pants with vertical piping for God's sake do not walk around too much.


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Let me be the first to say nothing.

second? (Jack Bauer is First!)

If you get into a "Flank 2 position", let us know. We'll have people standing by.

Flank 2 is so last season.

Flank 2 ... isn't that over there between Flank 1 and Flank 3?

Ill be looking forward to the comments 2night... *curses the fact that his computer is located in an entirely different room...* I think ill try to get some worthless comments in but I cant promise anything...

Or just the 2nd Best Flank. As it were.

Or just the 2nd Best Flank. As it were.

Jack should torture his next victim into talking by making him wear the corduroy pants that create dangerous amounts of heat in a strategic area!

In this crazy world of copulating squirrels, flaming corduroy and airborne "lettuce of mass destruction" (LMD's), isn't it comforting to know we can depend on a character like Jack Bauer to kick the crap out of anybody who deserves a good crap-kicking....dontchathink?

Apparently I stutter. Excuse me.

Dave posted his pre-24 blog fifteen minutes before the show came on last week -- HOW DID HE KNOW TO USE THE TERM "FLANK 2 POSITION"?? -- Did I miss it on a promo, or is their something more mysterious at work here?

Who thinks that Weasel Aide will have to kill President Weenie around the end of the season to keep him from finding out? *raises hand*

I hope weasel aide takes prez weenie out tonight

I assuredly do hope so bulldog, I really do.

I would just like to state, for the record, that I have never watched a single minute of 24 in any season.

Thank you.

Hand up. With hope.

How's this for a great use of Google Maps?


Okay, here's my theory. At first I thought prez weenie had some toad DNA with those bulging ever-wet eyes of his and throat gulpy looks. Now with the arrival of hobbity Sam in CTU, I think prez weenie is morphing into.... ta dah GOLLUM! Come on Jack, take him out!

My Precious!

Ken, I am so sorry that you have to deprive yourself of this great religon and hope that one day you can accept 24 as your personal saviour...

The Risen Former President Insurance Jesus appeared on my TV again this week, once again offering accident forgiveness to all who would accept him. Truly he died for our claims.

I would like to state that thanks to Dave, I will be watching my Third Hour (notice the proper noun) of 24 this evening. Unfortunately I will be in a Flank Two Position at the local watering hole (Mahaffeys Pub in Canton (Baltimore), MD) that has a 24 Club of sorts... Shots of Cuervo for every thigh shot... I plan on bein in no condition to post after this Hour of the Day.

So if I am understanding this correctly, the start of this episode would be "The Gospel According to Murdoch (Unfortunate Father of Fox and therefore 24) Book Five, Chapter 5, Verse 1"

I GOT POST 24!!!!

Lucky Dog, CR!

I would just like to say that thanks to the debacle in progress North of the border (i.e. Canadian elections) we're getting it one hour early. Just wanted to say neener neener neener. See you guys during the East Coast American feed.

Don't know if I will be able to stay awake for this episode. Just got home from a trip. Carry on should I not make it.

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived: Audrey cries. Things are reverting to type. As you were.

KOW-Wait. What?

P.S. 40 minutes in and no thighs have been imperiled. This will likely soon change.

The first lady is on the run!
Run lady run!
This hour looks like it's going to be seriously lacking in bullets

"Let's face it, the only reason you're still conscious is because I don't want to carry you." Just felt like hearing that line again, thanks for listening.

damn canucks messing with our feed times... Jack Bauer will soon be in another Ontario airport if you catch my drift...eh?

It's starting!

Attempting to catch the terrorists off-guard, Jack is having to recap the story thus far, making sure the terrorists are up to speed on things due to the week off.

3 bullets and a pair of scissors clearly meant for the thigh but I'll settle for what I saw.

It's only a matter of time before Cummings gets a bullet in the thigh

Skater's should not have hair like that.

When it comes to being in a flank position, Flank 2 is as good as any IMHO. Still even so how is it that there is a mole in CTU? Wasn't that the other season or the other other season?

My twist on the season is that David Palmer is going to come back to life and THEN get run over by someone with Allstate insurance. Then Jack will kick the crap out of the guy but it won't matter what insurance he has then.

We have our first thigh stabbing! Woo-hoo!

baligurl: they played it an hour early so they could show election coverage at 9. Like I'm watching election coverage. We had no candidates halfway as cool as President Allstate (though a few Gollum like candidates I must admit) I'm going to watch the end of 24 again to get the American preview (Canadian television has this bad habit of hacking out ads and whatnot to suit its needs).

I reiterate: Neener neener neener.

Well, tonight I can either blog or watch because hubby needs his laptop. My computer is not in the same room with a tv. I think I will watch now and read the lunacy later that way I can fold clothes and unpack moving boxes while I watch.


Our second thigh stabbing!

Maybe they're planning to return the canisters for the deposit money.

Canisters of death going into van labeled....uh, Cannisters of Death"?

Is Judi with us this week?

Jack's going to be debriefed...save time and let him question himself

How did he manage to stay invisible for a year and half? The really awesome diguises of course.

Aaah! My high-def Fox channel isn't coming in! I have to watch in grainy, old-school lo-def like a lowly serf!

Oh heh-heh. I thought that SWAT van was a UPS truck and they were sending the Containers of Death via UPS.

What can brown do for terrorists?

Who knew that MacGyver was on the show?

Note to self: next time I commit acts of terror, wear a less obviously colored tie.

#2 show starting

look at black jack go

RE opening scenes: do you think the CIA has gigantic books labeled C I A in gold leaf in humongous letters on the cover?

Double B for"Big Boy" = Edgar >:)

Check it out? It's an empty hole in the ground!

Oh sure.. send down unnamed lackey to get blown up first if it's boobytrapped.

Warning, warning, danger danger Will Robinson!!

dead rodents?

Dang! He took off his tie! Now how will we track him?!

Apparently CTU considers a dead rat in an abandoned warehouse to be suspicious.

oh, they're attacking moskau. everything is fine

If they had checked Hanger Double D, they would have found the first lady.

What's Martin Sheen doing on the show now? I mean, I know he's president on West Wing, but not here...



Doesn't look like there's enough room in her blouse for anything else... ;>_>

OK I know the whole plot. It was on an hour ealier here in Canada as we are having an election tonight and they knew we would all riot if 24 was pre-empted by something as foolish as chosing a national leader. How much am I bid for the biggest secret of the episode?

I think First Lady of the Ginormous Tatas is about to go byebye

ArticAl, if you blab, we invade Canada.

As soon as the show is over.

who's the mole in ctu? any guesses?

"I have someone on the inside"
"Then use him"

That's always been MY motto....

Okay, I have to draw the line at Elmo. I mean, he's just not up to Jack's terrorist-stopping caliber...

this SUCKS! is that the guy dave always called president weenie? cause he IS one. man....

judi, I think he has a Nixon quality to him

Meh, everytime we invade Canada we just sort of wander around aimlessly then come back.

Welcome to the addiction judi.

Al- I have these giant coke-can lookin thingies - hang on, they say something.... Bio.... bioha.... I cant read it but there's some symbol on them.... Maybe they're ancient artifacts...dunno... must be worth someting!

judi: I thought that was GW Bush

I Disagree on the first lady of cleavage. She's way smarter than her toad-like prez/hubby. They'll keep her alive, and they'll have her outsmart the mole.

Is it just me, or is CTU is easier to infiltrate than a third-rate community college?

The mole is Chloe's boy-toy I betcha. He's kinda slimey

Her Secret Service Agent knew she found something in the archives, so I think something's going to happen to her.

I just figured the canisters out. It's not nerve gas. What kind of gas would be stored at an airport to be introduced into the ventilation system in the passenger screening/body cavity search area? People, it's STUPID GAS!

dead rodents yield clues

All this hate for 'Vermont'. Does one of the writers have it in for the state? Inquiring minds want to know.

And *Snork*@slyeyes.

Soo, if you want it all to be kept a secret, how much am I bid for tracking down Al and keeping him silent?

Military grade? Uh oh, that's bad.

As opposed to the non-military nerve gas you get at the hardware store?

Seriously, is it possible for one president man to act any more like a penis?

Wait. Don't answer that.

Did Jack just tell off Elmo?!

OK, Trophichunt, what channel network are you watching?

There's the Chloe we know and LURV!

I didn't think it was possible for one show to use overly dramatic phrases and looks like this show.

Apparently Aunt Flo is this episode's special guest...

Edgar is fixing to lay the smack down!

Very good bizrey!!

Chloe has grown a serious set of shiny brass ones this year. But I do wish she'd lose the hideous sweater.

Wow. Cranky Chloe.

slyeyes: You all are too slick for me. :)

I'm on the west coast (Seattle) this week, so I'm not watching it yet.

Darn you and your observations!!! ;)

(I have 2.5 hours to go...)

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