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December 21, 2005



(No thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Aaagh! My eyes! and now there's hair all over my keyboard. Oh, wait, I must have pulled it out of my head....

Ewwww! Judi, there needs to be a warning on this one.
And I got to be first twice in one day, during the day!? (with dial-up)

That sound you hear is a complete work stoppage throughout all of Germany.

Somebody please pass the bleach.

*SNORK!!!* @ Chianca

I'm pretty sure I sent this in a while back - what does that say about me?

Oh, and no hard feelings, Judi - I know you probably get like a zillion things a day! :)


I'm trying (and failing) to 'wax poetic' about this one.

Bueller? Bueller? Frye? Anyone?



That was the most disturbing part of all - well, along with everything else!

that's just wrong!

Okay, what's a doona?

I doona know, Mr. C.

A 'doona day' is when you call in sick after a night of partying.

Wait - 'doona day.' Isn't that a ranger?

*hides dork badge*

A 'doona day' is when you call in sick after a night of partying

oh, so you mean Monday

that's really funny, yes. gotta get back to work....................ripppp

I'd sooner wax KITT, thanks.

(The first time my late grandfather saw a sign for "full body waxing" in a salon window, he said, and I quote, "Wow, he must have taken a real shine to her.")

...and then I asked myself "Why the hell am I doing this?"...

Oh, like none of YOU have ever waxed David Hasselhoff's chest before...

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