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December 07, 2005


We can't believe the shed beat the bum paintings.

(Thanks to Derek Breid)


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the physical mainfestation of my thought process

OK, isn't that just a fancy schmancy way of saying "hallucination"?

also, I think the pair of buttocks shouldv'e won, cuz, as I've said before, "Butt Ox" WBAGNFARB

Ofili won the 1998 Turner with a Virgin Mary figure made of elephant dung.

What a bunch of crap.

Brainy - I think it was entitled "Holy Sh!t!"

Anyone here want to pay me lots of money to do silly and useless things? No? Dang.

Bumble - they're pissing off tons of snooty art aficionados. I don't think that's useless. I think it's art.

I wonder if Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson was a judge.

Annie~ pissing off tons of snooty art aficionados Worthwhile no doubt, but not worth 25,000 pounds.

Hey, it wasn't MY money. Wouldn't it be great if they charged an entry fee. "Congrats! We think you're an artiste! Pay us mega-poundage and you might be a weiner!"

Props to xmnr. Great reference.

A PICKLED SHEEP??? *collapses in revulsion*

my thoughts exactly, xmnr. and now, a man with three buttocks....

"Zany Sixties Happening" WBAGN for a retro rock band.

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