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December 12, 2005



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Isn't a Dynamic Weasel what they're trying to cover up in Superman's trousers?

Actually, I'd be more alarmed if they were giving military exercises names like "Pink Floyd" or "Blondie"... or "Twisted Sister"... although "Operation Godsmack" has a certain authoritative ring to it.

Operation 'Led Zeppelin' w(not)bagnfa military exercise...

Medic: "That's a nasty cut you got there, soldier, what happened?"

Wounded Soldier: "Dynamic Weasel ripped my flesh, sir, yes sir!"

Lairbo - A Frank Zappa reference!! Kudos!!

Dynamic Weasel? Wow! G.W. must be heading this one up personally....

Hence the code name....

"Isn't a Dynamic Weasel what they're trying to cover up in Superman's trousers?"


(jealous) Snork at Mr. C

Why can't I be funny?

does that have anything to do with taking outthese guys?

It's all part of their "strategery" I think.

I didn't know weasels could be dynamic!

Operation "Black Flag" sounds about right.
Ditto for Operations Megadeth, Great White and B-52's. Press relations during the war of course would be Operation "Talking Heads."

I would volunteer for Operation "Mott the Hoople."

How about Operation Guns and Roses? First we shoot you, but later we feel bad and try to make up....

Guys do that to me all the time....

If it's a small undercover operation that has to stay low a lot, they could call it "The Captain and Ten Kneel."

Rivet Joint?

WTD kinda name is "Rivet Joint" for an aircraft?

Key quote: The participating aircraft are nine Air Force and Air National Guard bases.

Wowser! Aircraft technology sure has made some huge advances since I last noticed ... now the aircraft its ownself is the Air Base ...

(Sloppy writing or even sloppier editing ... in case you hadn't noticed ...)

U.O. -in case you hadn't noticed, I done a mean pun.

Annie - Yes you did, and you should be ashamed.

Somehow, I am proud to be ashamed. Must be Muskrat Love.

Kid you not, a recent (and annual) submarine exercise... Sorbet Royal.

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