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November 18, 2005


Snake Shyam's Big Catch!


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It hasn't already been observed enough? Why watch it for another 15 days?

Is it just me, or from the picture does it seem like he would have tried to smoke that snake before finally deciding to give it to the zoo?

There can never be too much snake observation.

Observe the python doing pythony things, like eat and sleep? Maybe they are expecting it to mutate into a toilet-terrorising reptile?

Sneaking up on sleeping pythons is like sneaking up on road kill. I'd like to see him capture something like a sleeping hippo, rhino, Ule Brenner or something challanging.

"..the enclosure of pythons" is the place i'd like to observe terrorists. or the federline family or even his man-i-low ness.

"Snake Shyam and the Enclosure of Pythons" WBAGNFARB!

I can't imagine wanting the job of municipal code enforcement in this town. Everwhere you go, you would see a Mysore.....


kibby: I'm with you.

...caught a python sleeping on a roadside tree at the entrance of the fort

Wow. Impressive hunting skills. Did he run home to get his camo-pants and hat?

Snake Shyam?

Damn, I wanna cool name like that......

Gopher Graz?

Naw.....Giraffe Graz?

Nope, doesn't have the dangerous sound to it...

Gerbil Graz? Oh, hell no....

I know! Godzilla Graz!

Think it'll stick?

Hunter tip toe'ng through the fort.

"Sssis. We're hunt'n boa.

Graz Austria!

Which would be more dangerous to hunt, the killer rabbit from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" or Bugs Bunny?

I would guess Bugs, since like other cartoon characters, he's basically indestructible (except for the "dip", of course), plus he's dangerously intelligent, whereas the MP rabbit is simply a ferocious wild beast, but presumably not immune to firearms.

IBW- well, clearly the rabbit's not immune to holy hand-grenades, whereas if we threw one at Bugs he'd come out of the explosion covered in black soot but completely fine.

Pythons. Why did it have to be pythons?

BTW, Kibby - Yul Brynner's been dead for 20 years. Wouldn't take much to sneak up on him. No, 'e's not sleepin', e's really dead. He has ceased to be.

Dude's got great style. Check out his shades and threads... they should give him his own action hero comic. "Snake Shyam takes on King Cobra".

too much caffeine.

Snake? With that name, this is only the second snake he's caught? There must be some other reason he's called that.

Slyeyes - maybe it's for the same reason my nickname is "Tripod"...

Mr. C ~ you're sooo bad. Or, good, depending on your point of view! :)

Mr. C -
They said Elvis was dead too - HAH! - so why should we believe you about Yul Brynner???? Maybe he's just left the building! :)

Eleanor - Um... okay... Have I ever lied to you before that you know of?

Quote: "No, Elvis is not dead; he just went home." - Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.

20 years? Really?

I simply must watch The Magnificant Seven again ... everyone is a lot younger there ...

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