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November 15, 2005


Little by little, the little bastards are shutting us down.


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puff puff


Also on the same page:

"We are an important government deparmtnet and we've been sabotaged by a squirrel.

Madoona fans queue for hours for gig tickets

What I didn't find was an advert for "Pruf-Readers-R-Us."

Maybe Madoona can sing and scare them away.

One customer services assistant blamed workers at another government building next door for feeding squirrels in the area. She said: "We tell them not to do it but you regularly see them throwing nuts to them."

Hmmm. Sounds to me as if the problem is that the squirrels aren't getting enough nuts. If they're eating phone cables now, imagine what they'd be eating if no one were feeding them...

"The Squirrel Saboteurs" WBAGNFARB!

Also: "Squirrels. Why did it have to be squirrels?"

In reference to the later Plant post, it's rather a "Communication Breakdown."


Proof the squirrels are out to get us.

Those cables often have a low voltage kick to them. Probably just enough to leave the squirrel dazed and confused.

dazed and confused squirrels wmagnfapunkrb

Please note: THESE are the people who once claimed more than half of the world.

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