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November 21, 2005


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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speaking as somebody who's been intoxicated while having a nic fit - it doesn't seem all that unreasonable

Ugh. Don't get me started about smokers endangering those around them.

Taking the "smoking section on the wing" a bit to literal?

There's one thing about cleansing the earths' gene pool of oneself, but taking others with you!

but the gremlin on the wing said it was okay!

How stupid can you be ...She should know that it would be too windy to light a cigarette ..Duh.

Nobody seems to take notice as to how she was thinking of everyone elses welfare. Thank goodness she wasn't in need of relieving herself.

From the country that gave us the word " cigarette"..Vive Le France !!

She is suspected of being an al kaida ( sp?) operative because authorities discovered she owns a pack of Camels ..

Well, you people MAKE us smokers go outside.....

What gremlin? I don't see any gremlin.

Brainy Jello - smokers aren't trying to endanger those around them - they're trying to SHARE

If I listened closely, (probably not) that airplane person who stands up front at the start of every flight mentions tampering with the smoke detectors and smoking in the lav. I never heard one word regarding smoking out the door. Then again, I may have been trying to figure out the seat belt at the time.

As a smoker myself, I usually just try to disable the smoke alert thingy in the bathroom. I've never thought of stepping outside to smoke - hmmmmm.......

(Memo to FBI and airport officials: just kidding!)

Having a smoking area in a restaurant makes as much sense as having a peeing area in a swimming pool.

What I couldn't believe is that she seems to be getting money for not breaking the law again...

WHAT!? They DON'T have a peeing area in the swimming pool!?


And then there's that whole penis thing.

Just sayin'.

K5 - you can't do that in the pool either.

I think the alcohol and sleeping tablets explain the situation. I must return to work tonight (yikes), so I'd better get some sleep. Sayonara, y'all.

Yeah, what Nannie said!!!

Nanny - What, you think the medical community is just pulling your (not you're) leg? We'd rather you stay inside and not poison yourselves.

Her attorney said she has a history of sleep walking. Apparently, she also has a history of sleep smoking.

I have a fear of flying myself. I'm afraid of ending up on a plane full of people like her.

as a smoker i gotta (cough) remind y'all (cough, wheeze) that we got rights (choke) too!

OTOH (cough, wheeze) who wants `em.

I still like Steve Martin's line on smoking best :

"Ya mind if I smoke?"
"No! Ya mind if I fart?"

I wish farters would step outside the plane.

Brainy Jello - Auto accidents kill innocent people but I'm not asking you to quit driving when you're around me... sorry - had to get that off my chest....

Nannie dear, I'd say the ball game is in a different field here. You may allow us to drive around you, but I bet you have serious reservations about us making you stand by the tail pipe and breathe in the methane.

Seems to me that people who drink alcohol are a far greater danger to people than are smokers.

Depends on if you're stuck in a small enclosure with them. I'd much rather my boss, hubby, coworker, fellow restaurant diner be snockered, and not just for the comedic value and opportunities that opens up, than blowing smoke.

But as long as it is not at 20 000 feet and it is outside then to each his own. Except if you're the pilot. Then I'd much rather you smoked than drank.

*Chanting, pounding fists on desk*

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Somewhere North - Okay, I agree with you on that. Just because I'm a smoker doesn't mean I'm not considerate of others. I won't smoke in an enclosed space with the exception of my own home or that of other smokers, but when they tell me I can't smoke on the beach, I'll wheeze my way all the way to the Supreme Court as a violation of my civil rights.

BEFORE I get flamed, let me stress again: I have no problem with not smoking in restaurants (unless they have an outdoor patio), theaters, stores, shopping malls, schools, etc. But outdoors? C'mon now.

Nannie - for the record, I almost always go outside to drive.

Also, I don't buy the argument that because other bad things happen, it is therefore okay to smoke. At least driving has rules and consequences for recklessness - smoking is indiscriminant poison.

And there's nothing funny about that.

Mr. C~ This gal is screwed either way. She does both.

I don't want to fuel the fire here; you've got a right to smoke all you want, but I'd rather not be forcibly exposed to it. I've been in cars with two family members who smoke (cigarettes and cigars; ugh), and while I know it's a craving as bad as hunger with smokers, it's a breathless choking sensation to the non-smokers around them. Said family members say I over dramatize how bad it is. I over dramatize many things, but not that.

Bumble - I agree. Just because I am thoroughly addicted to nicotine doesn't mean I want to share my vice with others.

The addiction to nicotine is worse than that to heroin. Back in The Day when I was much younger, 10 feet tall, bulletproof and invisible, I... dabbled, shall we say, in a few, um, chemical products that were plentiful back then (they may still be, I'm just not in the market anymore). I was able to put down the bong and the various powders quite easily, but the claws that nicotine has in me are very deep. This doesn't mean I want sympathy, but I wish some people would understand that to blithely say "Then just quit" is haughty. It ain't that easy. So, I try to keep my smoke to myself.

Well, I certainly won't tell you to "just quit" since I can't know what it's like; and I do realize that it's extremely addictive. But one of my aforementioned family members started smoking at age 12 or 13, I think (long before there were strict rules regarding the sale of tobacco) and managed to quit cold turkey about 20 years later. Just stopped. Ate a lot of peppermints and gained a small amount of weight, but didn't smoke again. Until another 20 years later that is... *sigh*

Do you guys need a little help with your rumbling? You don't seem to be doing so well. Here:

PERSON NUMBER ONE-- Didn't you see what Person Number Two just called you? He called you a DOODY-HEAD! YES! A SMELLY doody-head! What have you got to say to that?

PERSON NUMBER TWO-- Oh, my! It looks like Person Number One is going to come at you with a banana cream pie! And then some roo-roo! I'd open up the can of whoop-a$$ NOW, if I were you! Here, use my can opener!

PERSONS THREE THRU FIVE-- Persons One and Two are battling without you! Are you going to let them disrespect you like that? It's un-American, I tell you!

Everybody! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

*whaps Tamara RWC upside the head with a fish*

*pipes in grocery store Christmas Muzak to help get people in the fighting mood*


Ooooh, feisty blog! Has everyone forgotten this woman's first mistake? Mon Dieu, she is French! Go git 'em, Tamara RWC.

I, for one, am addicted to bad puns...PirateBoy is my pack of Marlboros.

Oh Merciful God NO!!! Not Christmas Muzak!! AAUUGH!

Annie W-b-h ...

There are no bad puns ... the concept is a contradiction in terms (oxymoronic, if you will ... and NO, I'm not saying you're a moron ... just showing off that I know how to spell (?) a big word) ...

Puns are the subject of boos and groans because they are so clever, witty and erudite, and everyone else is jealous that they didn't think of the current bon mot first ...

So ... Didja hear the one about the dehydrated Frenchman, Pierre?

The only bad pun is the one that doesn't get said . . .

I have to say, though, to the outdoor smokers - that smoke doesn't just dissipate immediately. It spreads in a cloud around you, and shares the "fun" with everyone in a radius of about 20 feet of you before your cigarette is through. So smoking in the outdoor section of a restaurant is maybe not as polite as you think. Food for thought, anyhow.

I'm amazed at the "faith" the Cracker Barrel people have in that lattice divider between the smoking and nonsmoking sections of their restaurant/stores/rocking chair emporiums.

well in singapore where i stay (so glad i'm not in NYC), smokers can't smoke anywhere except in their own houses where their family accuses them of indirect murder. Oh, also there's a fine if you're caught smoking at bus stations, coffee shops, toilets, cinemas... etc, etc.

Grand country i live in.

Hey, I am a 19 year smoker who quit cold turkey, and I just wanna say this.


You have to want to quit for yourself, not for someone else, or it will never happen.

*Breaks his vow and lights up a chair leg size cigar just to get something started for Tamara RWC*

In California, we have deported all of them to Las Vegas, where they can live out the rest of their short, phlegmy lives in peace ...nttawwt...cough...

Oh, and

Claire Martin, whyd it hafta be Claire Martin??

Glowing with fluorescence, Claire Martin is a neon candle in the dark

U.O - are you channeling Animotion, or just beating him/her to the punchline?

Gotta get my two cents in.

The wonderful county I live in (King, WA, home of Boeing, Starbucks, and a hell of a lot of yuppies)has just passed a law (as in California) making it illegal to smoke in ANY public building or within 25 feet of any public building. Let me state for the record that I am a smoker, albeit a VERY polite one (I only smoke in my car or outside or in a smoking bar). But, I work in a bowling alley. And I KNOW that smoking is bad for me, everyone around me, and future generations, but I worry about the impact this will have on businesses such as the one I work for. Also the county will be losing tons of revenue from taxes (alcohol, cigarettes, sales tax on food, etc). I understand the Health Nazis position on this but I wish they would look at the bigger picture before they impose their beliefs on everyone.

(End of very long rant)

*Holds lighter aloft for Mrs Swooshman...*

For the most part, smoking bans have been good for business. I saw a recent interview with the restaurant owner who was leading the fight against the ban in New York. He said he now has to admit his business was not adversely affected, in fact; it's improved. There were some businesses that didn't fare as well, but overall, it was a good thing.

Restaurant and bar owners tend to forget that there are a lot more nonsmokers. They just can't see us through the haze.

oops...This is the link I wanted to use; a news story that I think is a little more balanced than a news release from the American Heart Association.



sorry sly. left for coffee n then posted without looking.

Mr. C ...

Just trineta help ... (haven't seen Animotion fer a while ... ???)

also ... r.e. my email post on next thread ... um ... duh! Fergot whut I wuz gonna say ... that's the start of a good day! ... OH! ... I'm in the process of moving, checking out of motel and arranging trip homeward for Thanksgiving ... may not answer fer a day or so, but (not butt -- as in ciggie --) I'll be back on by Sunday @ the latest, and we should, yes, discuss further in another venue ... tnx ...

It's a brand new day!

Smokem if you gottem.


OK, BJ - it's not about the bad things that happen, is it? It's about the rights of individuals. By the way, I consider myself a courteous smoker, too.
And I shall now, with no further ado, shut up.

Random thoughts:

1) Smoker for 20 years, quit cold turkey last January. Also quit cold turkey once or twice during the 20 years (like when I was pregnant, for example.) This time's for good.

2) Never did smoke in enclosed places or around nonsmokers,if they had a problem with it, only around other smokers, or outside.

3) Don't want to be around smokers in enclosed places, however if I'm outside and someone with me wants to smoke, I say go for it. In fact, every time my sisters come over, they'll say "come outside w/me while I smoke," and I do. I don't let them light up around my kids, though.

4) Even as a smoker, I didn't like smoking in restaurants, and even in bars it sometimes got to me. I don't think smoking should be banned in bars, however. I always just stepped outside if I needed a break from the smoke.

5) Still reading? That's all.

Nannie - I do thank you for your courtesy. I, too, shall shut up.

My, what a free-for-all I've stumbled into! Smokers vs. non-smokers. Tamara, you're point wasn't lost in the mix, although I'll bet you thought it was. I don't know that I want to say too much about this... except THIS: Smoking is dangerous. To oneself, to the envrionment, to those around the smoker. But to devote so much time to complaining about smokers when few are mentioning that this woman was apparently REALLY drunk. I personally find drunks FAR more offensive than smokers and MORE likely to hurt someone I love. If we want to focus on things others do that can endanger the rest of us, let's start a campaign to outlaw BOOZE and leave the smokers alone. After all, when was the last time you heard of someone running over someone's child because they had one too many cigarettes? That's all I got to say 'bout that...

And Southerngirl... ditto!

Mrs. ThePoint....ditto back at 'cha.

This is still going on? As for Mrs. Thepoint, drunks we can do without, booze we can't.

I'd like to make a point in the drinkers vs. smokers debate:
Sitting next to someone drinking a beer doesn't cause me to go home and shower because the stench of the beer has attached itself to my hair and clothing. Sitting next to someone smoking a cigarette does. Forget the health dangers; I'm sick of smokers making me stink. And though you may think you're polite by standing outside my office doors puffing away, I have to walk through your stench and spend all day at my desk stinky.

Smokers must already know that they stink; why don't they care that they make others stink???

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