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November 18, 2005


(Thanks to Brook Enger)


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Throw it away? But it comes in so handy when my fridge light burns out!

If da pork chops glow, then ya gotta throw.

Whatever that means.

Hey, it's late, and I'm sleepin'.

Actually, I'm not sleepin' yet, but I bet you wish I was, if this comment is any indication of my astounding wit.

What's with all the apostrophes (not apostrophe's)

Hey, Dave...my inlaws are in Vero Beach till Saturday. Wanna keep 'em?

I think I'm talking to myself. Or, talking in my sleep.

southerngirl: Dave hears the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep. Or maybe it's just an earwig by The Romantics.

southerngirl: you're (not your) not (not knot) alone.

Judi: Whassup with the late night post? Are you glowing in the dark?

And Aunt Nancy is here late-nighting it too! Are you just back from the Iowa midnight showing of RHPS? Though I wouldn't be surprised if it ran on Thursday nights there, naw, can't be -- you're Central time and right now you'd be missing out on Eddie's entrance... or so I'm guesstimating...

(The reason I wouldn't be surprised? I spent three years in Missouri. Couldn't get a refund, either. ;-)

Since we're all up does anyone want to help me write a paper? If we can relate glowing pork chops to music it just might work.

Give it up girls, for Glowing Meat and the Oosiks...

Glowing Meat and the Oosiks WMAGNFARB

(oh crapweasle, you said that already)

A glowing substance made us what we are today, dudes!

Here I thought someone had gotten up early today.....

My comment: What ever happened to the fridge light that would permit one to see the glowing meat?

*goes to fridge, pushes in light switch*


*quickly closes door!*

Sorry monkeyshines. I'm busy with my own. Due Monday. I worked Dave into my essay question on the midterm (topic: how historical events affect the writing of an era), but I don't think that's gonna happen with the paper, so I can't say all this time I spend on the blog is justifiable as research. Darn. *wanders off to read about internet citations*

As if I need someone to TELL me to not eat the glowing meat. I mean, these guys actually get PAID for these bon mots?!

how come the light doesn't come on when you open the freezer door? maybe I should throw some glowing pork chops in there.

Ceeg - how do you know it doesn't - the light's in the fridge part.

The article starts off by advising people not to be alarmed by their glowing meat.....and ends up telling them to throw it away.


*Decides to overlook WriterDude's dig at Missouri*

*looks down*

MY glowing meat!?

...does this mean I must shut myself in the fridge to inspect it?

*is confused*

kibby, i think you can get medicine for that. better check with the doctor before you toss your meat.

well, that's not doing me any good in the freezer part, now is it?

ceeg, maybe the fridge light DOES come on when you open the freezer, but since you have the fridge door closed, you can't tell.

Naw,kibby, just go into a dark room and take your pants off.

But kibbs, if you're easily frightened, put on the Blog Thong™ before you turn off the lights.

rita - I think that'll just dim the glow a bit. Might work as a night light though!

*pulls out credit card and orders a Kibby F5™ glow-in-the-dark toy*

*offers to knit a mesh thong for kibby*

Can you say "crochet crotch"?

Ah, jeez....next thing you know people will be taking pork loins to raves for their glowing qualities.....

Right, crochet would be even more, um, "airy."

The Glowing Pork Loins WBAGNFARB

Sly, about that 'dig' -- I'd like to state for the record that I actually loved my time in central Missouri (Columbia). Unfortunately, there were three things that made it unbearable:

1) Winter
2) Summer
3) My former fiancee

So the glowing can be a sign that the food is starting to go off and Mr Davey recommends consumers throw any luminous pork chops - or other cuts of meat - straight into the dustbin.

Good safety tip. Thanks, guys, like I needed Australian scientists to tell me that!!

WriterDude, just kidding. But I'm going to hazard a guess you liked St. Patrick's Day!!

Thanks anyway Bumble. I wish that I could link the opinion piece in today's school newspaper. Perhaps you could then tell me what historical event which gave us senior journalism majors who can't write. I think it was reality tv.

monkeyshines- Most likely. The words I hate most from any writing teacher's mouth: peer editing. Where to you even begin?

*ahem* Where DO you even begin. That's an embarrassing post to have a typo in.

Argh! Preposition at the end of my sentence. I know better! Really!

I'm going to bed.

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