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November 16, 2005


We have hit the big time.


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You're on your way. You're making it...


next -- the cover of the roll-ing stone...

Followed by one of those cheesy "Behind the music" specials, showing how the band hit, well, rock bottom....


As seen on the new MTV "Please Cut" series.

Great story, loved the interviews. Goog L will be proud of you.

I'm planning on seeing y'all at the bookfair sat night!

It'll be my first RBR concert! I'd throw my panties to you onstage, but at this age (and size), my "grannie panties" would just balloon out like a sail and float away.....make a nice car cover, though....

PP: Be sure to come up and say hi, OK?

I am sooooo confused. I know I am getting senile but I thought Dave played lead guitar. I am seriously losing it. Next thing you know I will be walking around with my bra on my head.

Way cool, Dave! Wish I could be there this weekend. Rock on!

Something's happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a band full of guys who write books
(And Amy Tan, not just there for her looks)

Everybody, stop, hey what's that sound?
RBR's gonna rock your town!

Battle lines being drawn
Is it a put-on or music's new dawn?
People carrying signs
Mostly sayin'"Give Dave B. more time!"

What a field day for the heat
Watchin' the best-seller's elite
Does J.K. Rowling play bass?
Is she does then give her space!

insom- Great!

My literature/creative writing teacher once asked if anyone had ever heard of the Rock Bottom Remainders. Everyone but me stared blankly at her; she had me explain who you were. They probably all thought I was crazy. Wish I'd had the opportunity to hear you play sometime though. Do you guys ever come to the midwest, Dave? :-)

Bumble ~ everytime I read your comments, I think that it would have been really cool to have you as a friend when I was in high school. And you're definitely not crazy (NTTAWWT ~ a little crazy is good!)Maybe one day the rest of them will grow up and grow brains. Then again, maybe not! :)

I know (or I hope) it was the writer's error, but I'd donate a lot to charity to hear The RBR perform Revolution #9.

Numba niiii-en numba niiii-en numba niiii-en...

"wringer?" Isn't it "ringer?"

I thought it was "ringer" too, funniegrrl - What's up with that?

*zips out but will check back later for answer*

southerngirl~ Where were you when I was in High School? And why doesn't anyone else think that? :-) I know I'm not (totally) crazy. I have a lot of interests that are of limited popularity; I just don't happen to live near anyone who shares them. That I know of. Hence my addiction/dependency on this blog. And what part of the south are you from? I live in Indiana, but I'm in North Carolina a lot. :-)

Bumble ~ I graduated in '83, so when you were in high school, I was probably long married, with children. But the fact that you have varied, or even unusual interests is what makes you cool, IMO. BTW, one of my very best friends in jr.high and high school originally was from Evansville, IN. She still doesn't talk like the rest of us down here. Down here is south Louisiana, so when I say I'm from the south, I mean it! :-)

Am I the only one who got misty-eyed seeing our little blue-shirted Dave make it to the big time? (Pulitzer who?)

Seriously though, this was a great article written in a serious manner about a non-serious band that has sincere (and don't forget serious) reasons for getting together.

The comments about finding friends at a time in life when one usually does not really struck me. (Once I regained conciousness) I realized that I really should have stuck with both my writing and bass guitar playing as opposed to becoming a social worker in a correctional facility...we don't have any bands, or prizes even.

Oh well, there's always Bumble who is weird but not crazy and who would have fit right in at my high school.

Not seeing the link, Jacki. Is that just my computer?

It's the link, I think.

The last time RBR played L.A. I had to work and missed them. Hoping they get back here soon!

For security reasons, we are asking that women interested in conducting bra or underwear sorties please check in with the road manager first -- by the stage. We hope you understand. The post 9-11 world has just changed everything. Just ask for Ted.

Would that be the Ted with a mullet?

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