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November 21, 2005


We had a fine show Saturday night at the Miami Book Fair: There was a good crowd, and on one occasion, for a brief, shining moment, everybody in the entire band was playing exactly the same chord.

Also, as often happens with top bands, some famous celebrities came backstage to "chill." Here's an exclusive CrapCam photo of Ridley with one of his personal idols.



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Who was that masked man?

G'mornin', y'all ...

The meeting is still in session.

Continue discussion ... (amongst other items of business, of course ...)

That's also, quite a hat, he's wearing ... it must be quite a trick to keep it on in a high wind ... eh?

Anyone want to guess what the sign on the door sas? We can hold some type of virtual contest and give out a wonderful "virtual prize" (Like say, a virtual trip to Mysore) to the winner. Plus a few lovely parting gifts.


Who is that? Looks like Smokey hiding something in his hat?

Oh, wait.....I'm remembering my girls reading stories about the Country Bear family....is that it?

is it one of the berenstain bears ?

Shows you what a good hour with Photoshop can do.
That can't possibly be me in that photo...

Trillian, Yes, that's it! Berenstain Bear Country. Now I remember.

The Book Fair was so awesome this year. I got autographs from Amy Tan, Tom Reiss, and Vikrum Seth - I missed the concert (we had previously purchased tickets for Harry Potter) but I really enjoyed both days. I bought Dave and Ridley's book on Sunday and I enjoyed their conversation. If you heard loud laughter from the corner, that was my husband. =)

Why is the bear wearing a giant pacifier on his head?

wolfie- It's Clifford the big red dog's chew toy!

Who's beside the masked man?

I just think the hat indicates that the Berenstein bear is "really" happy to be standing next to Ridley, and it makes me wonder what Ridley is doing with his other hand.

I once knew a guy who lived near the Berensteins. One year there was a really bad snowstorm and he told me that he had to dig a tunnel in order to deliver liquor to his neighbors, as they had run out. If true, it would explain a lot.

Glowing with fluorescence, Ridely's a neon candle in the dark.

RIDLEY, that is...

Boy, I wish MY cell phone camera had the exclusive, patented Blu Fill-Ter like Dave's does!

(Oops. I just looked at some of the pics in the photo gallery on my cell phone. They all have a bluish tint to them. Is it the phone cam - Samsung - or is it just come with the territory?)

And exactly what did Sam sing anyway?

Brother Sam sang "Nobody's Fault But Mine," an old gospel tune.

"Sam sung blue, everybody wants one..."

*apologies to Neil Diamond*


No offense but you were aware that Harry Potter would play again, like within the same day, right?

As much as I love Potter, methinks I'm missing something here...

Here is a close-up of the sign.

Or maybe it is Here?

also visiting the remainders' gig were strawberry shortcake and clifford the big red dog (who was the smallest of all, for some reason).

Judi - Clifford's been in rehab...hence the weight lost. He was a mess with that dog-beer.

Despite the large storybook characters, and normal-sized storybook authors, I think we can all agree that Sophie was the real star of the evening.

No apology needed, Mr. C

U.O - BTW, I sent an email to your addy associated with your moniker here (mac.com) about our get-together discussion....

Mr. C ...

see other thread(s) ... r.e. your email ... (which I either [A] never received, or [B] deleted by mistake ...)

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