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November 21, 2005


Anybody know what Randy's been up to?

(Thanks again to Claire Martin)


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Hey - no kdding, those 'guys' are expensive.

Sounds like he was on a serious alco-holiday...Some frat probably has a ton of pictures with everyone partying with Randy..

Sulphur will do that to you, ya know? FIRST?!?

Every firefighter I've ever known has been quite "randy", so this comes as no surprise.

I wonder if Randy's 'kidnappers' were singing "Like a Brimstone Cowboy" as they tossed him into the sulphur springs?


What's wrong with this picture?

Officers Luster and Gerald Geis pulled Randy out of the pool, placed him in the snow and waited for backup.

Backup? BACKUP!? What sort of police department needs backup for a mannequin?

I bet firefighters hate the "Feelin' HOT HOT HOT" song.

*immediately regrets self-induced earwig.*

*gets ice pick out for earwig*

Brainy Jello, doesn't everyone ?

Kibby F5 - in West Routt, "backup" is cop talk for "coffee." Although this sounds like something out of "Fargo."

...gettin' cards and letters from people I don't even know...

Sean - your phone is ringing. I think it's an offer.

I hate earwigs.

I've been puttin' out fires so long,
Puffin' the same old bong.

I know every crackhouse in these dirty sidestreets of Mysore.

Where hustle's happen all of the time
And nice guys get tossed away like Federline.

There's been a lot of fire fighters,
Flickin' their butane lighters.

But I'm gonna be where the cops are messin' with me!

Like a brimstone cowboy
Getting tossed in a pit to a firefighter down below.

Like a brimstone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people who *snork* and groan....

And more puns comin' over the phone.

Well, I really don't mind the pain
And the sulphur dilutes all the rain.

But you're drown if you're stuck in a truck
that's caught in the flooding.

And I dream of the things I'll do
With a 'Rescue Annie' and a night on the town or two.

There's been a lot of fire fighters,
Flickin' their butane lighters.

But I'm gonna be where the cops are messin' with me.

Like a brimstone cowboy
Getting tossed in a pit to a firefighter down below.

Like a brimstone cowboy
Getting cards and letters from people who *snork* and groan....

And more puns comin' over the phone.

*Waving my lighter in the air for PirateBoy...*

Good job, and thanks for the earwig (NOT!!)

Whatever Randy's been up to, it probably involved drinking, wild women and possibly illicit pharmaceuticals. And maybe a few tattooed goats. You never know.

Might Randy have been here?

The word "here" in my comment above is a link. I'm not sure why it's not blue or whatever. Click on it. It will take you here:

I think Randy is the real culprit.

Argh. It's not a link. I did something wrong. Let's try again.

1) Go here:


2) Read the story.

3) Get my joke--"I think Randy was involved in this incident."

4) Laugh.

rinse. repeat.

Perhaps Randy attempted to commit suicide.

Could he be mannequin depressive?

Uughh, Aunt Nancy. I fell for it.

PirateBoy ~ Bravo!

All I know is that the next person who has to practice Mouth to Mouth is going to get an aweful mouthful!

PB - good one....maybe from listening to too much 'Barry Mannequin'...

"Oooh, Randy, well you came and you played without sinkin'...."

who dat imposter?
but funny "link"!

I smell a movie:"Weekend at Randy's" !

I did not hear Tom Hanks address this concern about "Randy pollution" on the "Earth to People" attack last night, as well he SHOULD have, as this WAS very PROBABLY caused by a human vs the earth tilting or a Sun Spot,...the evidence is overwhelming..I was also disappointed to find out that Randy was NOT my first husband.(also a Routt)
(and NO, I won't take that back...if you knew my first husband you would have thought I was being too kind.)

BUT, Dave does need to know that Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and some other British comic whom I can't think of at the moment, actually played a song, for the purpose of....I'm not sure...what I am sure of is that The Rock Bottom "miners" will have NO competition in the near future of a band of comics.
(not to say that Steve Martin doesn't play the banjo well...it's just to say that there WAS no punch line to Steve's original song although I kept hoping for some kind of redemption for the man, it never came.
MAYBE it was Meant to be a joke...but...I don't think so...PB or insominac would have fared much better.

Maybe Randy made a break for it.
Maybe he found out he's anatomically incorrect.
Maybe he got tired of being used and abused during all those demonstrations, then shunted to the side like an old rag doll.
Maybe he found out he didn't have a 401k.
Maybe he just wanted to try on some different threads.
Maybe he was trying to get closer to ResusciAnnie or just the "Indian maid over at the antique store."
Maybe he got a better offer from the FD in another town.
Maybe he was suffering from a sulfur deficiency.
Maybe I've had too much coffee.

Aunt Nancy~ When I lived with my sister it was my job to take out the trash. One night the whole can was crawling with earwigs. I left the bag beside it till the next day. *shudder*

A.N.: The line I didn't like was "They normally do NOT crawl into people's ears." Unfortunately, when I read it to myself I heard "They NORMALLY do not crawl into people's ears." I'd just hate being one of the exceptions!

just sayin' --

I get it ... HOWever ... Key Quote: caught with his trousers AND pants down ... (Caps on "and" are mine ... to call attention to the part I'm wonderin' about ...)

trousers AND? pants ???

Stupid English press ... they don't even know the language ...

[Aside: fairly apropos that Mr. Plentyhorse was in Sioux Falls ... eh? I mean ... (for those not familiar with the ethnic backgrounds found in the Dakotas, or the alleged perpetrator's surname ... I'd be willing to wager a small sum that Mr. P(ants and trousers) is prolly a member of the Lakota Nation ... NTTAWWT ... 62.5 percent of my grandkids have American Indian bloodlines ...

aaaaahhhh ... nevermind ... it was just a mildly amusing coincidence, prolly only to moi ownself ... fugeddaboudit ...]

Being an expert linguist on the subject of undies, I feel compelled to explain that the term 'trousers', in some areas of our nation, refers to man panties, tighty whities, banana slings....

Yeah, well ... I sorta figgered that out ... but I still hadda comment on the phraseology ...

(A W-b-h ... the discussion on the DBBLOG gathering sure died, din't it ... should we consider asking for a vote on a tentative 1st, 2nd and 3rd most preferable dates ... ?)

*pours Stupendous Man a refill...*

U.O - I sent you an email about that subject to your mac.com addy... just tryin' ta move it off the thread so as not to start a riot... but p'raps we can poll our SoCal blurkers and find a more-or-less central location for the soiree; we should also decide the form: Get together for coffee? House party? Drinks and skinny-dipping?

Mr. C ...

Uh-oh ... f@art ... (brain-type, that is ...)

In a moment of fattygoo ... um ... fatigue ... I mighta deleted it ... I get so much trash @ that mailbox ... I just sorta click on all of them in a row and ... poof!

So sorry ... my bad ... (at least, it wasn't there five minutes ago ...)

Wanna try again?


(I agree with the sub rosa concept ... not to keep it a secret, just to prevent the riot ... as you said ...)

... um ... I'd vote fer skinny dipping, but I wouldn't wanna "frighten the horses," as Commodore Vanderbilt's wife has been quoted as saying ...

TNX for the coffee, Mr. C, but my favorite brand is Chock Full of Booze.

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