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November 19, 2005


And FEMA does nothing.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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A ring of crime where the victim was subject to a salt, and then battered..

"Onion Ring Emergency" WBAGNFARB!

"We must have the rings hot, preciousss, yess we mussst..."

That's nothing. We have people here who call 911 to report things that haven't even happened yet.

We go to Grizzly's for hot onion rings. No need for 911.

a salt and battered..... well fried, like my brain after work......

Sean - *SNORK*

IBW - "Does it have onion rings in its pocketses?"

If cold onion rings aren't an emergency, then I don't know what is - hmmmph!

Oh yeah, hurricanes, violent crime, car accidents.....

never mind.

*zips out*

Please send me news of all peculiar rings found. I'll make it worth your while.

With apologies to Gary Lewis and the Playboys:

Who wants to bu-u-uy this onion ri-i-i-ing?

They said that they had cooked it, that doesn't mean a thi-i-i-ng.

This onion ring isn't hot for me anymore,
And this onion ring means I should have left that store.

So if you've got someone who can cook tru-u-ue,
Let them cook for you-ou-ou.

The batter's genuine, like batter should be-e-e-e.
But if you under-cooked it, why'd you serve it to me-e-e-e?

This onion ring can mean something terrrible,
And this onion ring can mean something unbearable.

And then the cops wont have to bust, like mine do,
Just trust the cook behind you.


This onion ring can mean something terrible,
And this onion ring can mean something unbearable.

And then the cops wont have to bust, like mine do,
Just trust the cook behind you.

This onion ring isn't hot for me anymore
And this onion ring means I should have left that store.

So if you've got someone who can cook tru-u-ue
Let them cook for you-ou-ou.


One onion ring to rule them all
One onion ring to find them
One onion ring to bring them all
And in the deep fat fry them
In the land of Thibodeaux
Where the Psycho Hose Beasts Named Sharita lie

PB--'Tis right amusin', me bucko! ARRR!--Red Roger Kidd

It's fools such as these who weary me. I am very glad she was arrested and charged. Let us hope that she gets slammed.

Mebbe they didn't mean 'hot' 'hot,, they meant hot . . .

"One ring to rule them all..."

One ring of the phone, that is.

IBW~ Didn't read your poem till after I posted. My apologies and a *snork* :-)

"The coffee is too hot - I'm sueing!"
"The onion rings are too cold - I'm sueing!"
What is this, Goldilocks with an attorney?
I hope her prison cell is "just right."

I'd be willing to bet that the onion rings will be a lot colder by her court date in December ...

(A salt and battered ... snorkle!)

Annie W-b-h ...

Since I'm now back out here in SoCal (for work) I had a vague idea about a field trip, of sorts ...

I asked Alanboss about the concept of having some sort of casual, informal get-together of some of the bloglits from around here ... just a sit-around-and-have-fun-conversation type of thingy ...

Meeting others, and seeing faces to go with names, and such ... and sharing Daveness stories ...

We could even take crapcam pix, and send them to St. Judi ...

We could even call it the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention of Dave Barry Blogsters ... (which, BTW, wbagnfa ... group of crazies such as many of us seem to be ...) [I seem to know that there are a fair number of you/us approximately in the LA-LA LAND area, of which I am slightly south, at the present time ...]

So ... good idea?

Or ... Not?

Story - snork

PB - snork

IBW - snork

And to think I rushed across the town last night to listen to a poet (who I found out later was called V*gina Warrior). Much better poetry here.

PB --

Pure brilliance. I would not even ATTEMPT to top that!

(Of course, we are showing our ages. "This Diamond Ring", "Count Me In" and "She's Just My Style" are, ahem, playing on the sound system on the geezer bus.)

The thing with onion rings is, they don't make you invisible. No, quite the opposite...

U.O - re: your post to Annie W-B-H - Hey, I'm game; would love to see it happen! Who wants to volunteer to organize it? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

*Looks around for show of hands... uh-huh, thought so...*

When Dave was on his book tour last year, there was a meeting of some of the California bloglits at the signing in Los Angeles.

And from that meeting, two bloglits fell in love and are now engaged to be married. Mad Scientist and Mike Weasel.

Magical things happen at a Dave Barry Bloglit Meeting.

When Mad and Mike's story started

"The Vagina Warriors" WBAGNF an all-grrrl punk band!

Glowing with fluorescence, Mad and Mike are neon candles in the dark.

Congratulations, Mad and Mike!

getting together this week might be tricky due to the holiday, but i'm game to try.
so cal bloglets - any ideas?
(Unk, you gonna be here Turkey Day?)


Scupper me shivers! (r.e. the Mike & Mad thread link)

That's what I missed when I was on the road with not access, not even dialup ... when I finally got home, there was so much stuff that was already into the morgue files, I just gave up, and started with the current thread ...

Sorry I missed it, and REALLY sorry I din't have the brazen gall and effrontery to talk with Mike & Mad @ Cerritos last spring ...

I'm off to organize the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention of Dave Barry Blogsters in LA LA LAND ... see following posts and/or threads for updates ...

Film @ 11 ...

FEMA did nothing out of courtesy; Michael Brown was working the fryer that night.

Since Bueller is not here, I'm taking over the meeting ...

(Ahem) The initial organizational meeting of the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention of Dave Barry Blogsters will now come to order ...

(Har! I said come ... oops! Sorry!)

Since I do not reside in SoCal, but I do pay taxes here (you could look it up) ... I'll be tolerating no nonsense (? - the lifeblood of the Barry Blogsters!) in attempting to set this up ...

Firstly - I'm only here for a few days, flying home for Turkey Day, then back, and work, work, work ... until Christmas, return here on Jan. 2 or 3 ... and work, work, work ...

So, any gathering date suggested to or resulting from this meeting will be given more likelihood of success if it happens to be on a weekend ... probably late on a Saturday or even on a Sunday ...

All members present or entering the meeting late will be allowed to vote, provided they have some remote chance of attending ...

Date: Any time from Dec. 2, 2005 thru Dec. 20, 2005 AND/OR Jan. 6 thru ... whenever will be considered.

Vote for the best time for you, personally, to be able to attend.

Second item of business: Location.

Suggestions are welcomed. Transportation may be a problem for some (moi ownself included, I'll hafta taxi or rent a car, unless I can bum a ride ...) so ease of access should be considered ...

Relative ease of finding site should also be considered. The following places (used as examples only) might be suitable: One of the many pier restaurants along the beach, Huntington, Santa Monica, Redondo ... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ... or other restaurants such as some of those nearby ... Venice Beach, yadda, yadda, yadda ...

Other suggestions as to site will also be welcomed ...

The floor is open to discussion ...

OMGWTF! Imagine my surprise when I clicked on this link and found.....my local newspaper! I actually have eaten at this drive-in, and their malts are the best. Never had the rings, though. And my bosses are assistant DA's here. Maybe they'll get to prosecute her!

Hey, U.O. - great idea. I'm booked through Kwanzaa, but maybe January? I'm up in Ventura County, but I'd go as far south as Santa Monica or even Redondo. Worst case scenario, we can jam with the RBR's in April at UCLA.

Annie W-b-h ...

Nothing personal, but I'm hoping to be out of SoCal by the time the RBRs get here ... Of course last year I thot I'd miss Dave @ Cerritos, and I was still here and I went to see him (-- and met him --) ... but even if I get moved out to Palmdale or somewhere, I'd find a way to get back in town for that, if I'm not totally gone to ... like, Arizona or New Mexico ...

... um ... fergot to mention ... January is fine with me ... deus volent, sans aqua non elevatum ...

Let's get some votes as to "best" time, and then decide on venue ...

I can only attend Blog Meetings ( from now on refered to as BM's ) in and around my area, L.A. ( Lower Akron )...GO BUCKEYES!!! YAY

Sorry, folks, I can never travel. (as if anyone cares)

I'm just around the bend, as it were, from Redondo, so that would work real well for me. However, I realize this ain't about me, so how about something up near LAX, maybe Santa Monica? U.O, if transpo is an issue, where are you while you're in town? Maybe someplace close to you? (wait a minute, birds are suddenly appearing... where's my .410?)

Of course, you know LA has a GREAT public transportation system... just sayin'.

I vote we (sorry in advance) knock so. cal. into the ocean, and hold the meeting in so. az. instead! ***hangs head in shame cause she's jealous that she can't go to meeting in so. cal.***

Azred - for shame. We'll post pictures. And just wait long enough; an earthquake will eventually grant your wish.

IBW -- why, for heaven's sake, not? (U.O hopes this is not too prying a question, and will not be offended if an answer is not forthcoming ... merely curious ... how much distance is ... "travel" ... ? ... reason I ask is that a friend of mine had an art director who suffered from FOW (= Fear of Wisconsin, which meant he wouldn't leave the Twin Cities ...)

Mr. C -- I'm usually staying in Pico Rivera during my time in the LA basin ... handy for the day's start of work, which takes me as far south as Costa Mesa (? think I got that right) and as far west/north as Long Beach areas ... I could learn the ride the public T, if someone could make certain suggestions as to which bus/train to ride ...

Other than that, my reaction to the responses (so far) is ... H0ly Cr*phouse Mouse! This might be gonna actually happen! Wowser! (And, it was just a weird thot that whistled thru what passes for my mind, when I brot it up ...)

Continue discussion ... please ...

azred -- I forgive you ... I, too, am guilty of certain somewhat similar thots, usually expressed to my kinfolk who choose to live in this area, merely to remind them of the jewel on the prairie from whence they (or their parents, or grandparents) emigrated ...

Besides which already -- azred -- if my season of working here in the southwestern part of the country goes approximately as planned, I'll be over in AZ after I leave here ... and we can hold the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention Arizona Chapter of Dave Barry Blogsters over there ...

whereabouts RU? Tucson? Phoenix? Flag? Wilcox? Yuma? (Our company likely gets to most of those places, tho that doesn't mean I would get that duty assignment ...)

PB, my brother used to sing that song in a band...I wish he would have had those words at the time...great job.....

Now...are you a musician?...and if you are, why are you not in Dave's band? Dave..you might consider using PB words in a short skit...of course, he SHOULD get royalties...

Gosh..I can't make it to a meeting..I'd have to wait until gas prices went back to 99 cents a gallon like back when I was just a mere...wait I was NEVER a mere anything. It is an ambition to become a mere blogger...who could make up lyrics..how do you do it? My other ambition is to pick all the weeds in my front yard next year. I always aim high.

U.O - what about Pasadena? Straight up the 10 from you? I think Mr. C mentioned he was in Cerritos. Maybe he could get to your place and carpool the rest of the way. Or the train is pretty cool - we could pick a place near a train station.

I believe ivory-billed woodpeckers are endangered. If he travelled, he might need protection.

Yeah, PB ... that's a talent ... all I can manage is a parody of someone else's style, tho not as effectively as you ...

(and usually, the material I pick is so old that it takes a geezer qualified to ride right behind the bus driver [moi ownself - blush, blush] to even catch the reference, let alone know of the original song ...)

A. W-b-h ...

I've been thru Pasadena (on the 5, I think) a time or three -- on the way to Modesto, once and again going to or from Palmdale ... I could find that ... and of course, as you say, there's always the Metro ... whatever ... if this all comes to pass, and I'm physically capable --

(did I ever mention that I took a $200 cab ride last spring, from Palmdale to ... um ... downtown somewhere, and back to Palmdale? That's another story ...)

... and if I'm not forced to miss the fun due to work, which is why I mentioned later hours (after 4 p.m. local time) on a Saturday ... I don't always work Saturdays, but it has been known to happen, and I can never predict when those will be, with the weather and other factors influencing my schedule ...)

Due to all the holidaze, I think the April book-fest is better for me. But can I wear my USC BCS sweathirt (Sorry, I see the future) on the grounds of UCLA?


PB ... I admire your tenacity, and your boldness -- tho I find it difficult to argue with your logic ... the BCS sweathirt (your spelling) would seem to be as close to a mortal lock as one might find, this early in the season ...

Other than that ... our likely plans would seem to put me out of the photo that late in the season, tho I would not be offended (merely jealous) if that timing is what evolves from this meeting ...

HOWever, if the actual event transpires in the January-February time-frame, then all the alumni of the gathering could also reune @ the book-fest, for even more fun ...

again, whatever ...

and, continue discussion of plans and goals ...

PB - sure you can wear a USC BCS 'sweathirt'(sorry, I see typos)- they'll probably be on the clearance rack by then (not sure exactly how I'm insulting you, but it sounded good). I'm going to wear my Yankees shirt, but I'm having trouble accessorizing, and I only have a few months left to figure it out.

U.O. - late on a Saturday is fine with me. I'll need to get a sitter either way. If you are familiar with the 5 fway, we could meet in the Valley somewhere...or Pasadena. Just throwing ideas out there.

PB - sorry about making fun of the University of the Spelling-Challenged. U.O. beat me to it anyway.

OH! Annie!

I LOVE it!!! (U. of Spelling-Challenged! -- Excellentamente!!!

(BTW - I have a daughter named Anne, who has never let anyone but her mom and I to call her Annie ... her birthday was yesterday, and yes, I remembered to call her ...)

Annie -- I din't say familar with it ... I've driven it a few times ... but if I've survived out here up 'til now, with a little help from my Thomas Guide, I should be able to figure out where I need to go ... along with some help from locals who might tell me which exit, and such ...

OMG, this sounds like it's gonna be fun ... I just gotta make it work, now ...

OOPS! One other factor that influences my attendance!

We normally work a 4-5 week stint, and then fly home for a week of R&R ... if I know a specific weekend, I can schedule around it, but I'd prefer to have a fairly solid date to circle on the calendar, by ... oh, mid-January perhaps, at the latest ... then I can sked with the home office accordingly ...

Otherwise, no problem ...

Please ... continue discussion ... we are nowhere NEAR a floor vote yet ...

(Besides which, all the blogsters who don't log in on the weekend will hafta provide some inputs as well ...)

To quote from _Pale Fire_, one of my favorite books:
"Life, everlasting, based on a misprint."

or perhaps:

"I shall be...avenged!"
Khan, in one of the Star Trek Movies

(Who works in the San Bernardino Valley until 6ish, this making trips to that *other* valley virtually impossible during the week)

Editor's Note: Did you know that there are actual *cities* east of the 57 freeway? Honest, there are!

Sniff, Sniff. Can't there be a blog meeting in the Northeast? Which is better for people on this side of the country Dayton, OH, NYC, DC or Syracus, NY? Oh, wait I think I'm the only Northeasterner that is on the blog this late.

IBW: If it had only been an all grrrl punk band. Instead it was a creapy little guy that behaved like his only excitement was to write mmmmmbatory poetry. Then tonight I had to take photos for the campus newspaper at a talent show where one act was mimed lapdancing. Even if you like that sort of thing it was bad.

U.O. - sounds good - let's see what the others say.

P.B. - Yes, I've heard of these mystic cities to the east. I used to go to palm springs every week-end.
Famous heading from a Chicago area paper (as a lesson about how critical spacing can be)-
"Johnson's Pen is Mighty".

PB --

I gnu that! (r.e. "cities in the east" ...) -- heck, boy, I even stayed there for about a month last season, driving over here (and back) every day ... I do not envy you the commute -- tho, after sixish, it might be a little better than @ threeish to fiveish ... (that's also why I suggested either Saturday OR Sunday, for the benefit of us working folks, who might not have as much time to spare for fun running as others might (not a slur or a slam, merely an observation that some have different work skeds ...)

monkeyshines --

didja HAFTA take pix of that entry? (Well, yeah, in case it won ... however, from your description, that wouldn't seem likely ...)
So ... you're a shooter, too?
Joined NPPA yet?
(I shot sports & other photojournalism stuff for 17+ years ... it can be fun, but some of the assignments are ... less than exciting, shall we say?)

Annie -- We've got until at least Christmas to allow these ideas to jell into something resembling a plan ... it sounds as if it would be so much fun tho, let's not let it fall by the wayside ...

Y'all others out there (from SoCal, at least) ... let's hear from vousall ... OK?

U.O - Holy crap, I grew up in Pico Rivera - it's my hometown. I work (currently) about 5 miles from there; I may still be working there in January; I'm working as a contractor with no definite end date.

I live in Torrance, which is in the South Bay area of LA, basically south of LAX. Where do all the other LA bloglets live?

Mr. C --

Wowser! I bet you know all the good spots here, huh?

I work in Torrance -- sometimes -- I think -- I gotta look in the book to check for sure, but it seems as if I have some spots there that I've been ... the name is familiar, but mebbe just 'cuz I travel thru it on the way ... whatever ...

Yeah, it'd be kinda interesting to get a general overview of where the other LA LA LAND bloglets live ... just so we could put little red lights on a map, or somethin' ... (are you getting the idea yet, that I'm pretty much not doing anything classed as "real work" ... until Monday, mebbe, at best ... ???)

I'm not really totally familiar with how you locals refer to certain areas or zones, but I'd be sorta curious about how many are in "the Valley" or Topanga, or Malibu or Huntington Beach (or Park) or Brea or La Habra or ... well, whatever ... just a curiousity thing ... in Nodak, people mostly know pretty much about most of the state ... and prolly have relatives or friends wherever you mention ... the whole state is really just a small town, spread out over 70,000 square miles ...

Hey monkeyshines, I'm in Akron ....Ohio....That is northeast, yes ? We have some serious funky hangouts up here for some cool blog meetings..( BM's)

U.O.: Heah, heah, no I didn't take picotures of the dance (Mama didn't raise no fool). I went back to the dressing room and got a group shot from the waist up. There was a hair styling theme to the whole show and it is after all a school newspaper. (oops I mixed tenses)

I honestly enjoy most assignments and find it funny the excitement most people have when they find out they could be in our little school newspaper. Not being sexist but the guys that think they will get dates from being pictured in the paper-does this work? Or is it like arm pit noises?

Sean: that could work unless we needed Dave to attend then currently we would have to pick one of the places that I mentioned. By the by, I was born in E. Liverpoole, but lived most of my life in PA.

monkeyshines --

Excellentamundo! Sounds as if you're well on your way to learning how to deal with the "difficult" bits of the bidness ... good idea ... (don't worry about mixed tenses ... your copy editor will catch that -- (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! -- does anyone in journalism bother to proofread any longer?)

Yes, that's normal ... the excitement and interest folks have in "getting their picture in the paper" ... kids (boys, mostly all the time) would always come up to me @ games and say "Hey, picture guy, take my picture!" or some such ...

As to how well it works to impress the girls ... you'd hafta ask the girls, I guess ... my estimate would be that it would depend entirely upon the context of the photo -- sports "hero" ... goofy doofus ... grip and grin ... angst-ridden feature/news shot ... and, of course, the quality of the pix -- which greatly relies upon the skill (AND THE DAL FACTOR) of the shooter ... and the photo editor's interpretation of the news value [I've heard some incredibly silly/stupid stories of how "editors" choose which pix to run] and other factors ... or, mebbe just the "cuteness/coolness" of the guy in question ...

DAL = Dumb A$$ Luck -- betcha that's one they don't teach in every photography class, eh? -- trust me, there's always the luck of the moment, tho experienced and talented shooters learn how to manufacture about 90 percent of their own luck ... or how to compensate for lack thereof ...

Keep shooting ... it can be a great deal of fun, as well as giving you a lot of satisfaction for a job well done ... even if your best shots don't always make it past the "editor" ...

U.O.: As a girl, I've never found any type of news picture of guys impressive, but that's partly because the local paper's photographer lived down the road from us and as my family showed animals in 4-H, I was in the paper a lot. A typical teenager, if my mother wanted me to do it, it bored me.

Do you still shoot? And what's your equipment (hee, hee)? My equipment (there, I'm a girl and I have equipment) is varied as I recently made the switch to digital. My vision blurs too much to get sharp focus with a manual.

Shucks now having talked about photography I have more reason to set up my web page. Definitely after the trip to Italy.

Dave Does Cleveland..We RAWK !

U.O.: Not that I am unimpressed by all photos of guys. I find many photos that Judi posts impressive but to really impress me in a photo it might take photo 1 or 3 on the following site (sorry I forgot how to link. don't be scared though it's only my other favorite Barry and the lighting now that's impressive can you imagine that equipment, prob. German lens, sigh)

Sean: I could make a Pittsburgh Cleveland comment, but in the interest of Barry Blog Peace and football apathy I won't. When is his Daveness going to be in Cleveland? I know RBR played for the Hall of Fame inductions last (this?) year.

monkeyshines -

Yeah, I still shoot ... tho mostly for fun and personal enjoyment/capturing the moment stuff ... with my present work, I only shoot a bit for papers about once a year or so, when my comp time matches with some small bit of events (usually sports) in the area ...

gear? Well, with me here in SoCal (1,900 miles from home) I have a small digital (my first foray into that field, after several years of learning bits and pieces about it, and finally making the jump) with 3.something meg of memory ... essentially the minimum for me to be satisifed with reproduction quality ... and a pair of Nikon 90s bodies along with a few lenses -- an 80-200 2.8 as my specific favorite, a 35-200 cheapo that works well, and a 400 5.6 ... along with an SB-28 ... Now, if you know Nikon stuff, you'll understand that ... otherwise ... just keep reading ...
I also just dropped off my second digital (4.0 meg, 12x optical zoom), which puked on me about a month ago ... I got it in anticipation of potential whale pix in Hawaii last Xmas, and it served me well ... until the finder went all red and blue on me with blurry scratches instead of images ... still on warranty, but when I get it back I think it's going to the trade-in bin, for a new Nikon D50 ... all the camera I need, really (and My Bride says I have too many now ... at least six or seven film cameras, including a twin-lens reflex, and another small digital she carries) and the price is down there where I can pick it up for less than an arm or a leg ... or two tanks of gasoline ... since I don't have the full-time work to justify anything fancier ...

Still, the newest generation of the digitals are about one-twentieth the price of the original AP Digital camera that went to Gulf War One, and they'll do five times the job that one would ... so, that one will do it for me ... until I drop it in the lake, or on the concrete ...

as to your web page ... I thot I'd do it too, and never got around to it ... someone told me about the various pages available, and photobucket.com is a pretty fair deal, and easy to access, and basically free, until you get time to set up your own ... I've put a few of mine there (VERY few), mostly so my kids or friends could look at them without me cluttering up their mailboxes, or forcing them to get a newer printer ... If you wanna see them, I think I've got it listed under UncleOmar ... it's been about three months since I even looked at it ...

Sheesh! Don't get him started on photography!

Final item: You may have been around long enuf (here on the blog) to have seen me tell it before ... but, if not ...

How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb?


One to change the bulb, and nine to stand around saying, "That was really a great job ... but if I'd ahve done it ..."

ms -

Yeah, that's a NEAT-O site ... I like the #3 of Misha ... it shows another facet of the whole genre ... That #1 is pretty decent, tho you know it's old enuf that today's equipment would have made it better ... still an impressive image tho, despite the "lesser" quality of reproduction ... the isolation and elimination of background is what makes it ...

Some of the others, as well ... older, not as good film, poorer lighting ... tho the capabilities of the photogs get everything they can from the existing light ...

really, it's not so much the equipment of the time, it was the film ... today's stuff is SO MUCH better ... and digital -- if you know how to use it, especially in those conditions -- could be as good as the best film, or even better, depending on light ...

It's all about speed ... bigger lenses (for boku amounts of bucks) with bigger f-stops ... higher speed on the film, with finer grain ...

Altho, with 100-speed Fuji transparency ... I think that might be the best one could get, for overall quality ... I'd hafta see the digital that could beat it ...

OTOH ... T-Max pushed stop or two would also work ... 'cuz the artistry of B&W sometimes is even more powerful than the color film ...

It's a crapshoot ... take your choice(s) ... keep shooting ...

the rest of you blogsters, now that you've audited the photo course, you can get back to your regular discussions ... SoCal gathering, poop, boogers, squirrels, snakes ... whatever ...

(And tnx 4 your indulgent patience with me ...)

U.O.: That got a chuckle. And I was just cleaning up my email a little and realized that I blurked (hope that's the right term) for one year in Daveland before I started posting.

I have a TLR too. My 35mm's are a Fujica and a Konica, both very able cameras. In fact I need to sell the Fujica. But...my new baby is a Canon SureShot S2 IS. 5 Megapixels with a 12x optical zoom. It's one of the most advanced point and shoots that Canon makes. I shopped for over a month and asked the technos in my family for advice. The only problem is that it has so many features that you can combine for incredible shots I am still learning how to truly use it. The high speed modes are great at sporting events. I don't even like sports as a spectator and I enjoyed the events I went to shoot.

I should probably take a class sometime. I've had numerous design and art classes, but never a specific photography class. I started taking pictures to record my artwork then moved to pictures to record the way I see landscape, natural, industrial and architectural. I then made the move to digital because I went on a prolonged trip that could have damaged my cameras. I started really cheap ($20 pen cam, which my illustrious compadres broke. "Oops, sorry, it still turns on") then moved to a low end digital that I had lots of fun with. I bought this one because I started taking a medicine that causes a slight blurr to my vision. I'm having more fun than ever.

Okay the food I was cooking (Beans!) is done. So, goodnight to all and great chatting with you, U.O.

Is craving oinon rings on a Sunday morning a bad thing?

Orbital? Only IF you want garlic ice cream with them!

... um ... do odd cravings still go with pregnancy? ... just wonderin' ...

... then it'd be up to you, orbital, to decide if that was a bad thing, or a good thing, or a miracle ... depending on your gender, and a few other factors ...

... just trineta help ...

Sorry U.O., inverted your initials on the last thread. "Uncle O" wouldn't have had that happen.

kibby --

that's OK ... no blood, no foul ...

(Yeah, he would ... but sometimes he catches errata [and nothing else contagious] before clicking "post" ... sometimes ... unless, of course, he wants the mistake left in, for some nefarious or humorous purpose ...)

"Uncle O" WBAGNFA "funny uncle".

sly' --

Better "funny" than "strange" ... depending upon your POV, of course ...

... uh-oh ...

Hey, y'all here in SoCal ... just had a scary thot ... (thinking on a Sunday is scary, even in and of its ownself ... unless I'm doing the crossword puzzle ...)

If/when we get this meeting of the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention of Dave Barry Blogsters together, are we gonna hafta pay a licensing fee ... ? ... a royalty? ....

St. Judi? Your considered and amazingly deft opinion is requested on this posing question ... (how about if we invite you? Since His Daveness will not likely attend, you could get the Herald to front the trip, for "research and supervision" of the activities ...)

Just kidding, Judi ... of course you're invited ... [you can BYOB(oyfriend), or troll thru the pickings @ the gathering ... whatever ...]

Ed. & Chairperson Note: This post in no way (not know weigh) foments, advises or promotes any illegal or immoral actions, thoughts or works of art or imagination. The opinions and/or ideas expressed here are the sole responsibilty of the membership of the First Ever (and Probably Last) SoCal Convention Arizona Chapter of Dave Barry Blogsters group, and do not reflect any intended prejudices, lifestyle preferences or marital delineations ... or Boogers ...

HOWever, the question stands (until it's too tired and hasta sit down ...):

Do we need a license (to be licentious, or litigational) ???

U.O - Nothing's illegal unless ya get caught.

Dang! I gnu that!

Why limit it to So Cal? We could have regional meets around the country.

I know there are some from the St. Louis area. PeeJay -- you there? And there are other MizzouRAH fans out there as well.

Then there's the Chicagoland area, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, Florida, etc. AND then there's our international contingent.

What say? Any in/near the Gateway City, my addy is correct on this post.

sly' --

Well, I was goin' there ... (the idea of "chapters" or "regionals" or whatever ...)

glad you brot it up ... I hate to monopolize a conversation ... (HAR!)


This should not be interpreted as an "organization of a fan club" type thingy ...

I don't know that our collective egos/minds can be that ... structured ... or, strictured, for that matter ...

Mebbe just more something like ... an informal and ... somewhat spontaneous gathering of ... blog buddies ... who ... wanna ... have fun ... based (somewhat) ... on a ... common interest ... (i.e.: Dave ...)

We go from onion ring jokes to getting together in so cal to the wonders of digital photography. You have got to love this! only in america can we take dave's blog, and comment it to the point of no real comment on the original idea of the post. This is fun!

Will the beer battered circle be unbroken...?

But fan clubs?! Oh, no definitely not a fan club. Okay I did start to join a fan club once. They post wiring diagrams of antique, vintage or other worthy of fixing fans.

However I think Sean and I might be working on the Ohio/Pennsylvania line. Anyone else that thinks Cleveland is close enough to meet?

"Will the beer battered circle be unbroken...?"
*snork* how apropo.

fan club? ewww.
informal get-togethers sound fun. over-organization doesn't. (oh hey .. shiny)

jus' -

My point, exactly ... (r.e. fan clubs)

[Besides which already, I'm the most un-organized person I know ... IAMNMTU!)

continue discussion ...

I'd be interested in hearing how the FE(aPL)SCCDBBCal. etc. etc. shapes up. Of course, for me, down here in the real SoCal, anything north of San Clemente seems like L.A. to me. (My e-mail is cleverly disguised.)

Well, Scottie ... when you've spent most of your life (as I have) only 14 miles south of the 49th Parallel ... anything below US Highway #2 on the map (you could look it up) is DEEP SOUTH ... just sayin' ...

(Your place of domicile notwithstanding, you're certainly welcome to take a drive -- whenever this happens -- into the northern Polar climes, and enjoy the gathering ... you're already a member ... Heck, boy, I'm a pretender moi ownself ... I don't live here ... I just work here for several months of the year ... )

Dearest "Scott" - the "real SoCal?" Isn't that an oxymoron?

It does remind me of years ago, arguing with my urban cousins about the location of my home town. Their knowledge of geography fizzled at the edge of 'the City'(nobody called it New York City, since, freakin' duh, it was the center of the universe). Their arrogance, however, did not fizzle. From there, if you travelled north beyond Yankee Stadium, there was Yonkers, White Plains, "Upstate" where lots of Indians lived, then Canada. I 'splained that my house in Rhinebeck was less than a 2 hour drive north of 'the City,' and that 80% of the state was still above us on the map. "Right," they'd reply, "You're Upstate," and marvel again how we had plumbing, electricity, and peace with the natives.

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