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November 17, 2005



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It sounded gross at first, but it's actually kinda clever.

Key quote: "It doesn't taste too bad."

Enjoy your lunch...

It tastes just like chicken....poop.

What an inspirational speaker: "Do not ever pretend that you know more than you do."

It’s something that kids want to be a part of when they hear about it.
"Worm poop? Hey, I'm all over it!"

its more about recycling. kudos to the cornellians.

What a bunch of crap.

people have been buying packaged cow manure for years and let's not forget what kind of crap people buy during election years. why not worm poop? i think it's brilliant.

Poop poop poop poop
Poop poop poop poop
Wormy poop, wonderful poop!

Um, I don't get it. What are they selling (or buying, for that matter)?

Crap, I wish I had something funny to say.

Again, ever the curious consumer, I bought the Thanksgiving Dinner soda assortment posted a few days ago. Can't wait for Turkey Day so I can drink the bottle of Brussels Sprouts (True!) soda.

But even I can resist this novelty beverage.

wouldja like some frogs legs with that?


1) Worm castings ("worm poop") as compost = not a new idea.

2) Why won't this woman in my office stop talking to me? I'm ignoring her while I try to type this. Please take a hint, lady.

3) Who would need such a small quantity? Twenty ounces? What? When it's usually sold either in bulk or in 30+lb bags? Huh?

4) Is it legal for them to refill those bottles? It's illegal to refill another company's ink cartridges and re-sell them--slightly similar principle involved, I think.

5) Even with my fifth-grade education, that article was hard to read.

Tamara RWC ~ do you have something to share w/regard to #4? :)

Actually, I was researching just yesterday about whether or not it was possible to refill printer cartridges at home and came across some articles about HP and others winning suits over other companies who were refilling their cartridges.

And came across this! on Rob Cockerham's site, too. ((I luv's me some Rob Cockerham!))

I wouldn't eat it. I'm pretty sure it would make me sneeze.


"Deep Sustainability" WBAGNFAComputer In A Douglas Adams Book...

Sounds like they'll give Vegemite a run for its money.

Rob Cockerham. Tamara said "Rob Cockerham!" *Hee hee hee*

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