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November 16, 2005


In Miami, nobody would even notice this.


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it's new jersey! fawcryinoutloud.

...could face a number of charges, including theft, criminal mischief and animal cruelty..

The head, along with a penny, a feather and a piece of string...

Ok, if I'd bought the goat, accidently dropped the bag and humanely plucked the feather I'd not be charged?

Somehow I don't think the "authorities" would see it that way.

Key Quote: "Police do not have any evidence that the goat's head was meant as a threat to anyone."

Didn't these guys ever see the Godfather?!? OF COURSE IT WAS MEANT TO BE A THREAT!

Like they couldn't afford a horse?

I think they better talk to Angelina Jolie - she's gone from grinding up bats to beheading goats - RUN BRAD! RUN!

Huh, so that's where I left my bag.

What is 'criminal mischief'?
Is it worse than aggrevated mopery?
Or high jinks with intent?

Santeria? in JERSEY? I'm very confused.

Who let the goat's head out? Who?
Who?, Who?

What are the police probing the head with? Their fingers?

I wonder if Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) had anything to do with this...

Southerngirl - they're poking at it with a stick, I'm guessing.

We in NJ ARE looking for a new state slogan-

I'm thinking "New Jersey-We're Gettin' A-Head uh Yous!"

Sorry, best I can do-toxic waste and all that.

Curious John
Exit 8a

Let's hope, Mr. C, let's hope.

Curious John: I just saw an article about that this morning!

Apparently, everyone's a comedian, and NJ can't get no respect.

"Fuc*in’ goats."

Yet again, I thought you'd figured out what was in the lunch at my middle school....


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