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November 15, 2005


We report; you (burrrppp) decide.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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first. obviously i agree, since i sent you this article about 3 hrs ago. pass the hops.

Didn't they say more study is needed??? Time to do some "research"...

dark chocolate has already been researched.

The line for the study forms to the right, guys.

Budweiser - very little benefit.
Sam Adams - will make you immortal.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the last time I drank a beer (about 11 hours ago), it had a lot less to do with potential health benefits than it had to do with that annoying bartender shouting "last call for alcohol!!"

Do we get paid to be in the study? Never mind, doesn't matter, I'll study for free!

Beer neutralizes free radicals. Call the White House immediately.

Where do you sign up for the "more study"?

Let's be honest, the only time beer tastes good is on a very hot dry day, ice cold. People don't drink it for the taste, or the health benefits.

IPW: if you think beer only tastes good on hot days, then you haven't tried the right beer. wine, on the other hand, only tastes good after drinking a couple of beers

IPW - Beer tastes good anytime! Especially lukewarm beer at 8 am on Saturday morning after a serious party when you use it for the "health benefits" of washing out your hangover. Good times!

Federal Duck: I prefer a shot of JD to wash out my hangover - if it stays down, I always feel better - if it makes me puke, I still feel better (at least after the puking part's over) -and it's made from corn, which is a vegatable - which, according to my mom, are good for you

I am a graduate of that fine institution of higher education, and I can testify that the study of the benefits of beer has been ongoing in Corvallis for many, many years. There are many experts among the faculty and the student body.

Ethanol shmethanol--I prefer iced tea for my antioxidants, Earl Grey most of all. Chocolate is good, too.

Ivory Bill: I like iced tea too - here's my favorite tea recipe:

1 shot tequila
1 shot rum
1 shot gin
1 shot vodka
1 shot triple sec
1 shot of something sour (lemonaid is best, but Squirt will do in a pinch)

fill the glass up the rest of the way with ice and coke

Huh? I emailed this link to The Blog five days ago.

I'm beginning to wonder if Claire Martin is really David Spade's character from "Coneheads".

You know what's good for a hangover? Parfait.

southerngirl: I like parfaits too - here's my favorite parfait recipe:

1. follow all the steps in my previous post (except leave out the ice)

2. add two large scoops of vanilla ice cream

[OK, so that's really more like a float - but WTF]

TCK, you are welcome to my share of the world's booze; I have no use for it.

TCK - where I come from, we call that jungle juice (minus the ice cream, of course). The parfait I meant is of the Willie N. variety. At least, that's what I've heard.

This is old news. The benficial effects
of the socalled "free radicals", 3 or 4 years ago made Norwegian doctors encourage us to drink
one glass of beer or wine daily.

Ivory Bill - I'll take your share of the world's booze, and raise you my share of the world's spinach -I've no use for it

southerngirl - that's actually a recipe for a long island iced tea (minus the ice cream, of course).

around here, jungle juice is what ya get when all your freinds bring a bottle to the party, and dump it in a (clean) 30 gallon can with a block of ice in the bottom- there's usually lime koolaide in there for mixer (unless we're really bein serious) - this is also sometimes called a "garbage can party"

as for the parfait, i had no idea that Willie liked ice cream - that's a new one for me

TCK ~ that's actually how we make jungle juice, too. But when you're a teenager, and someone's mom is watching the party, she tries to restrict everything to one shot apiece. You really had to move fast to add the rest of the bottles! As for W. N. and ice cream, I was actually referring to your earlier quote "spending time with W.N.", and to someone else's later quote of referring to the same thing as "parfait." Never mind. :)

sourtherngirl - I guess I missed the parfait comment - i will say that breakfast with Willie is an excellent hangover remedy tho - but I only do it if i'm calling in sick - otherwise I go with the shot of Jack

also - are you saying you are a teenage now, or just used to be one? I ask cuz, as the parent of a teenage daughter, i have to be officially on the record as being opposed to teenage girls drinking or in any way associating with Willie Nelson (you know, do as I say, not as i do)

Saying that "Beer has minimal health benefit" is like saying that highways make poor farms. But, on the other hand, saying "beer has minimal health benefit" infers that beer, indeed, has some health benefit. Meaning, of course, that beer is healthy. Good work Oregon!

TCK--Tell Popeye he can have both our shares of the world's spinach.

Beer is yummy
Beer is great
In my tummy
Don't be late!

TCK .. you missed the rest of the thread you inspired?! dayum!

n btw .. the recipe you described, becomes LI iced tea with the addition of dark cola .. just sayin;)

not me: I DID miss the rest of that thread - don't know what happened - probably had something come up (or maybe passed out) - anyway, don't remember which one it was now

on the recipe for iced tea tho - I did say to mix with ice and coke, which, I think qualifies as a dark cola

ooops, missed that last line. phooey.

(psst, TC, .. found it .. nov. 7th, "what happens in vegas" .. kinda "fits" huh;)

vegas - it does fit - and there's the parfait code word - and here I thought we were just talkin' about ice cream

oh well - me'an Willie got the munchies - time to go make a parfait - topped with corn chips and cheeze-its, o'course

TCK ~ Ok, I guess that wasn't too clear. Once upon a time, I was a teen, who on occasion, heard STORIES of jungle juice and parfait and such. Now, many eons later, I am mom of 3, teenage girl, and pre-teen boy and girl, and I am definitely on the record as NO DRINKING OR PARFAIT, EVER!. Ok, that said, I mean for the kids. (do as I say, not as I do, ya know?)NOt that I... I mean to say, is that really the recipe for Long Island Tea?

I've always said it is very important to study, study, study.

Oooh, corn chips and cheez-its!

priorities SM priorities!

southerngirl: glad to hear you're not a teen - I was suddenly very afraid that I was contributing to the delinquency of a minor - which I've tried really hard not to do since I was a minor

that bein' said, what our kids don't know about we do for recreation won't hurt 'em at all (you just have to keep grandma from telling them stories about our teenage years...)

Dang that Gramma! And, *snork* a/b the minor thing. Uuh, you're not really a minor, huh?

a minor? I wish! My sense of humor might be juvinile - but the rest of me sure ain't

Oooh, baby!

oh yeah - and that really is the recipe for long island iced tea

Well, I have a relative who is a faculty member @ OSU ... I'll see if I can get this straightened out ...

... off-thread, mostly, but related due to word choice:

technically, as part-time assistant to Mr. Language Person ... (meaning that I criticize misusage of words, unless of course, it's done for the humor of it) ...

The term "Juvenile Delinquent" is a contradiction in terms.

Analysis as explanation will follow in a day or two (perhaps) ... my battery in the laptop is running down, and I left my charger in Nodak ... I should be able to get one in SoCal when I get there ... perhaps by Friday, I'll have time to do that ...

End of today's lesson.

Resume beer benefits conversation ...

I'm thinking about applying for a research grant.

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