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November 16, 2005


Soon there will be no need whatsoever for that pesky and time-consuming task of chewing.

(Thanks to Shannon Schlott)


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C-Bol blogged this yesterday, under the heading Puke Soda - I gotta say that sounds like an accurate description

oh yeah - and for all those blogsters that like to yell "FIRST!" - yer not


That would go great with my holiday favorite, pork nog.

So, where do we put the mayo?

I wonder what it tastes like coming back up?

What, no fruitcake flavored-soda?! Cowards.

well, sorry, i don't read c-bol's blog. no offense, c-bol :) just don't have time.

Zager and Evans anticipated this:

In the year 4545
You ain't gonna need your teeth won't need your eyes
You won't find a thing to chew
Nobody's gonna look at you

I should like to be the first to say EEWWWWWWWW!!!

judi: i wasn't trying to criticize or anything - i just wanted to use the "puke soda" reference, and thought i better give credit to the author

Okay, I sent this in too, with the same comment! I don't get no respect, no respect at all....sigh.

Between this and cereal and milk in a can, how 'bout if we jsut fill up the old i.v., hook me up, and then I won't have to get up off the couch until they bring in the crane to drop me in my grave.

It sounds gross, and yet...

chewing makes me have sneezing fits. This (and the earlier cereal thing) would lay that to rest.


As I posted on C-bol's blog, here is a great review.

No need to try it anymore, not that there was to begin with.

I was wondering the same thing myself: it probably tastes the same coming back up.

J(wotbiNZ) - um, chewing gives you sneezing fits?

I guess I can understand that; Cheez-Wiz makes my eyeballs itch.

Mr. C--

Yep. Liquids, soups with no chewy things, borscht with no beets in... all fine.

Give me a sandwich or a salad... well you'd better give me some tissues, too.

J...NZ - I feel so very sorry for you. That really must be a major bummer. No caramel apples, no Twix bars, no fun. Can't a doctor figure out what triggers that?


Tell you what: for today we'll trade. Here's a beer. Got any caramels?

J(NZ) - Wow. I assume you've had that looked at? I'm thinking there's a facial nerve out of place or somethin'.

Can't imagine not being able to snarf a Porterhouse without blowing sauteed mushrooms all around. Of course, I can't imagine having to eat borscht, either.

My sympathies (and a box of Kleenex)!!

I like that site, Leetie!

I'm going to regurgitate a line I used in a previous post, but if it was ok the first time around, well:
"Puuuuke....I am your fodder!"

Annie (WBH): Stop it. Right now.

hmmmm....somebody's having pun envy.

One of the safety features of this product is that since it's a liquid, when you snork at a joke on this blog, you don't get any nasty chunks coming up - just puree de snork.

puree de .. oooooooo ..
tyvm for that mental image.

and i can't think the dessert flavors would be too bad considerin' that pumpkin pie shakes are yummy.
but i'll just be d*mmed if i'd ever drink brussels sprouts.

ew... smoked salmon aroma...

Snapple has a new drink called Snapple Pie, and the apple pie flavor tastes exactly like apple pie, it's actually very good.

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