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November 16, 2005


The Sewer-Menacing Toilet-Disposed Mobiles


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Well, guess that's why so many of my calls go unanswered.

.... and I thought it was caller id...

Mobiles and torches and teeth, Oh My!
Mobiles and torches and teeth, Oh My!

"Can you hear me now? Hey, what's that? It sounds like rushing water! Hello? Hello? Dang, this phone's a piece of crap."

Wondering just how big the pipes are in Finland if cell phones and torches (which I assume are flashlights here in the real-English-speaking world) and so forth can fit down them.

Once, while sewer fishing in Finland, my sister was bitten by a moose!

Dang, this phone's a piece of crap. *SNORK*

"Can you hear me NOW?"

For my money, "dropping mobiles down the loo" is not only a better NFARB, but an activity to be encouraged and/or rewarded for every twit out there who's vocabulary lacks the words, "Hey, I'm in a crowd of people, let me call you back".

(Of course that's easy for me to say; I don't work in wastewater management.)

Of course the other possibility is that the other patrons of the public washroom grabbed the phone out of the hand of the person talking on the phone and tossed it down the toilet rather than having their bodily functions broadcast to the world. I've been on too many business conference calls where you hear a toilet flushing in the background!

This story so hits home.

My hubby is in his 3rd straight week in Helsinki trying to get Nokia (the cell phone company...)to buy his company's software. :-( They keep telling him they'll decide "tomorrow".

So last weekend he said the city had 2 huge sewer collection trucks in front of his hotel. They were sucking up sewer contents for hours on end. He said the stench was, well, what you would expect.

So will he join the legions flushing Nokias down the loo, blocking the sewers? At this point, I sure hope so. Grrr.

Mr C: maybe torches = lighters?

Also, Most mobiles apparently come a cropper as a result of tight jeans.

One question: "Come a cropper?"

Like, "When my dad saw what I had done to the car, he nearly came a cropper right there in the driveway."

Brainy - Re your dad: *SNORK* Re lighters = torches: Maybe, never thought of that.

Kibby: Møøse bites can be quite nasty!

I still don't own a cell phone. They just don't seem to me to be worth the money. After reading this, I'll be sure never to buy a used one--EEEWWWWW!

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