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November 18, 2005


Sport Beans.

(Via Gizmodo)


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does it help to lose weight and remove wrinkles too? I gotta get me some of that!!

They've got a trademark for "portable power"? Next thing you know there will be a trademark on "Honey, please pass the salt."

No freaking way.
I remember seeing a news spot on sugary breakfast cereals. The angle was that some parents believe that it's good for their kids, after all it's "vitamin-mineral fortified!" The expert giving her advice said it was the equivalent of sprinkling a ground-up chewable vitamin over a Snickers bar, ".. would you give that to your kid for breakfast?"

Interesting marketing twist (spin) for, basically, sugar products!

No worse than gatorade, or powerade, or any of the other "sports drinks". They are basically sugar water with a tiny bit of other stuff.

As a marathoner, however, let me say that these products do have a place - just not for most couch potatoes. If you are excerising 'hard' (heart constantly in or above the aerobic zone) for an hour or more, they can help with endurance.

But otherwise, no.

MOTW, umm, yeah. i would give that to my kids for breakfast. but only if we were out of donuts.

i know skittles have a full day's supply of vitamin C, i'll have to go check the E factor to see how they compare.

crossgirl - just reporting what I saw, not passing judgement. 'sides, I have a diabetic daughter and an ADHD son, so I have to limit sugar in the family diet.

"All right guys, two minute drill. We're down six, and we need to go 86 yards with no time-outs. Everybody grab a handful of portable power sport beans and let's go kick some ass! Hey! Who ate all the sport beans?"

"It was Adam."

"You bastard! You're the kicker! What the hell do you need portable power for?"

"They're just so tasty I couldn't resist!"

"We understand."


That's a wrap, fellas. We're gonna be SO RICH!

MOTW--how'd you know what I eat for breakfast?

*warily looks around for webcam*

"Dude, did you hear about Adam, a random urine test came up 'syrup' and he was fired for 'beaning' ."

My sport beans are made by VanDeCamp.

They've got weinies in 'em too.

They give me that competitive edge to go for the gold in that gruelling cover fluffing competition.

wonder what the noise and smell levels are.....

Do sport beans make your farts smell like Gatorade?

C-bol - dayum! ROTFL
rita - not webcam; super-xray-vision-satellite \(^.^)/

I'm gonna miss y'all. Leaving D/FW today for Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with my daddy! It's a 11-hour drive with the fam'!!! I can hardly wait! R we ready kids?!! Let's sing a song to occupy the time!!!
Ten million bottles of beer on the wall
Ten million bottles of beer ...

well that's all fine and good, but can you smoke 'em in a pipe? I didn't think so

*goes to get his water pipe to try*

I know that whenever I participate in a sport, I always scarf down a big ole can of Bush's Baked Beans (the only good thing named Bush in this country, nicknames for body parts notwithstanding) about a half-hour before I begin. I eat 'em cold, right out of the can. Gives me that extra-competitive edge and keeps the players on the opposing team well away.

"I have never taken any performance enhancing jelly beans period."

*shakes head ruefully*

(obviously, kibs missed the comment involving syrup)

Mr. Completely: all the Bushes aren't bad - for example this one's kinda nice to look at

TCK - Dayum. I stand corrected. Thank you, sir.

I have had sports beans - they're not quite orange tasting...Or they don't taste like "normal" orange jelly beans. I always get them at Drugstore.com - it evens out the amount for free shipping. :-)

*zips in*

I love to shop at drugstore.com but I've never seen the Sports Beans. I'll have to check it out! I always have trouble getting up to that free shipping amount.

Good tip, Kathy P. :)

*zips out happy, having found another excuse to spend money*

I've had them... they taste pretty good, but did absolutely nothing for my energy level. I ate a pack and then promptly fell asleep. I think the power nap did me some good, though! So hey, maybe they do have some redeeming qualities!

oh, and IBW, they don't make your farts smell like Gatorade... still the same old fart smell. like my coach.

They certainly are the magical fruit.

But, hey, accordingto Ben Brooks, pro cyclist, they give an energy boost without all that "sticky mess" caused by so many other....energy boosters....

Not sure I want to know.


A Bush with a Rack (albeit, a small one) ... will wonders never cease?

It would be fortunate in a race, as the "beans" might give you that self-propelled edge.

the edge can come from giving your all while in training. The edge is a very vague term, really...and encompasses quite abit

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