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November 21, 2005


Episode 9: The YappyNappings.

(Thanks to Cyndi Schoenbrun)


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"Howling", "collar" - gotta love that writing.

Chihuahuas must be pretty smart to learn Japanese. I've tried and it's hard!!

The first person who couldn't get their Taco Bell on demand probably started the whole "I'm angry" thing. Can't see who else would be upset...

*Sigh* I myself have become very emotionally attached to dogs- dogs can be people (Note: "Human" does not neccessarily equal "People" in my book). However, these are CHIUAHUAS!! Hellll-ooo! Little yappy lap pets that are only fit to be "emergency backup dogs" in DB parlance.

And in Japan they now sell for $2000 a piece? *Shakes magic 8-ball* I see...a massive rise in Aibo sales coming for the holiday season.

"My wife stopped work and went back to her mother's because of the shock."

This guy's alibi for where he was at the time of the theft should be investigated very closely.

ps: Yo queiro Japanese chihuaha! Not AGNFARB, but fun to say.

I tell u what - if my hubbie were wandering the house calling "Michelle," I'd head back to my mom, too!

I meant, of course: Yo queiro Japanese chihuahua!

We use to have a chihuahua name Lucky, but he's dead now because our fish ate him. I don't think anybody would want him now.

Do Not Go Here!!!

I'm so ashamed

People can't hear the little yappers being taken away?

Sarah J - the thieves wrap little twist ties around the Chihuahuas' snouts. It's called 'tie chi.'

"quiero", not "queiro"

Sorry, sometimes I get so excited when I know things that I can't help but point them out.

If I knew more things, I'd just go ahead and remove all but my pointer finger.

The police file for this must read "Doggone".

Sorry, barking up the wrong tree again.


Rockchild -- Holy Cow! What kind of fish was that?!? --- or have I not gotten caught up on the blog yet and there's a thread about a dog-eating fish?



and still Kikkoman does nothing!

I think the fish got Kikkoman, too.
*burp* (not sure why I'm burping...)

I misread the tagline and thought it said the "yapping nappies". I was prepared for dirty diapers to sing at me.

I'm not sure if chihuahuas aren't worse.

I still remember when my chihuahua killed a pit bull...got stuck in his throat.

Ok, firstly, "My wife quit her job and moved back in with her mother because of the shock."
Man, that is weak.
The last time I was in shock?
I had just been hit in the mouth and my rearmost left, top molar had just been shattered.
That's shock.
I only dropped to one knee...
I couldn't see or breathe, but i could still fight.
I didn't QUIT MY JOB for chrissakes!
Damn these idiots.

Also, did anyone notice that these dogs are chihuahuas?
In mexico, wild chihuahuas are more dangerous than pirhanas. They run in huge packs and eat anything they can kill.
I don't know, but i think a lot of people are just walking around mexico bucking off chihuahua heads, left and right.
As well it should be.
See, chihuahuas are not only dangerous in large numbers, but EXTREMELY annoying in small numbers.
So i say kill them all, but some people in Japan who are too obsessed with american pop culture to even be remotely coherent anymore are completely self-destructing because these little yappy devils are being STOLEN?
I think these people are REALLY killing their own pets just for the sympathy because they didn't want to tell their friends that chihuahuas SUCK.
That and because THAT wouldn't make a good news story.
But i sense i've gone too far...

Thank you all for letting me rant.
I hope someone sees this.


I thot that reputable dog breeders/sellers were inserting microchips subcutaneously on/in their dogs, so that they could be traced ...

Don't the Japanese know about microchips yet?

Guess it's because the Japanese, on average, are small. Can't imagine them having a big yen for Great Danes....

Psycho Joe - rest assured, you were seen.

Thank you man, you made my day.
I hope you liked it.

I used to be a regular here, but it started taking over my life.
So, i decided to take a little break.
But i am making a sluggy return, so look for more of my insane rantings.

Also, aren't there much easier and more effective ways to make illegal money?
Sell heroin, and stop stealing people's anoyingly yappy furballs of fire.
Make some real money.

Annie WBH-

That second post was just godawful. :)

Why thank you, Mr. G. I'm a rabid Yankee fan (is that redundant?), so that means a lot. Unless you're mocking out the Iron Horse. In that case, I reach through the internet and shoot you...slowly, so it's more painful.

... um ... apropos of nothing related to this thread, except that it's wordplay that just dazzled my eyebones with the brilliance of its wit ...

... tho related to several other threads and/or posts of recent times, just a bit ...

With all the talk of squirrels chewing thru wires, and generators supplying power during hurricanes or blizzards, I was wondering if the sound of a squirrel caught in a generator would be something like ...

Whut ... fur

(OK ... it's a weak setup, and the finish needs work ... but the puncherootie worked on me like an earwig, and wouldn't leave me alone ... so I hadda share it ... )

*sees a huge operation to round up the wild chihuahuas of Mexico and transplant them.... in Japan*

Next! On Wild Kingdom!

(They'll probably start paying us to remove them.)

Little piranha dogs is what they are... not even sure that they're canines - I think they're a species of rodent.

Chihuahua ga sukii nihonjin wa kicigai desu! Sono inu wa honto ni mendokusai.

I think they are using them for 'butter dogs'. Ever wonder what a yapping chihuahua with throat gonnorhia sounds like? I'm guessing even more annoying than usual.

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